'The View': Sarah Palin Considered for Secretary of Veterans Affairs

"The View" co-hosts discuss the onetime VP hopeful's possible new position within the Trump administration.
7:10 | 12/01/16

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Transcript for 'The View': Sarah Palin Considered for Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Well. Snap pain. And I'm. Yeah on air adding yeah. But I'm gene just may get to Washington after all. Reportedly president let's talk is considering failing to lead veteran and bad acts. Pat I'm that they would move saying. You know it's like warmed by people like the gone to win when she's. She comes from a military family and I guess she fits in with Sharon's promise to put outsiders and in his administration. I don't know how Matt's work and let I think but why not go far when John McCain who's actually. Got something else and attempt might riot. He was captured at dodger member. He doesn't like veterans who think. After all trying to get grazing my dad call that's right yeah Seles she was a big supporter of it is so I think this is you know pay back peddle C you have to remember Steve Bannon who just got hired by the to the future trump administration has close ties to Sarah Palin needed a documentary on her. Call the undefeated I sought a dozen documentaries about her Hearst title last as you remember was mayor was governor right but why then why is citing the person's event I mean she feels she's just she's a strong advocate if you were going to put her somewhere actually were unrealistic people you're going to put her somewhere. She has been a strong advocate for the military for reform NBA. She does speak out very much in support of you know battering that the health care access that they have to so I think people on and think the military generally approves of her pretty highly if you look at. Back you know in 2008 John McCain and Sarah Palin holds really well with military members and it was all of the world I shot from the helicopter act. That's the wild down on the what the white wolves should shot. From that none of that would only coming question and she was an environmentalist and did whatever I want to beat Miami Valley and I'll I think it's you know at a union I say I. I'm actually. Can't support that kind of position for or for Sarah Palin I think she. To do the least amount of damage there but the fact did not do the most. Richie can also do good there because. Her son is an Iraq War vet and I remember. There was at issue when he got arrested for domestic violence and she spoke out about post dramatic stress disorder when you are Barack Obama well she she did but she also talked about post traumatic stress disorder and and my uncle and my cousin are bets as well. And aunt and health issues mental health issues especially a really important. To our bets and they don't get the care that they need. At that I have that. This index advancing we'll do that evidence she will be. Very cognizant of the fact that. For single parent veteran house Coles whose taxes are going to be raised. I'm in the trump. Administration that she's like have her I campaigned on that policy as well yes that I expect a really important and I get about the PTS deep. Diagnoses among deployed troops grew by 400%. Again I want somebody cool Noelle was you know what that may seek it's not enough that you were support act. Not to meet. It's like a pay for play in fact that you yield you put me here. I want to make sure that if we're putting someone in in the next administration that they are actually going to make the changes that will end and they are aware of all the different things. That veterans are subject to and how many. Homeless veterans they are and how infections there are cool art. Hidden in their houses not coming I mean I want somebody who actually know it's what's going on. I'm John Kerry John Kerry would be great if he is a Democrat but Ed article Obama put call me in the FBI that didn't work out too well for Ross but. He was 8 AM a bush. A point do you and a Republican. I think it would be nice to Donald Trump reach across the aisle to a veteran like John Kerry who is an award you know he was. Also wounded in the Vietnam not conflict we'll show that went outside and have and I I believe me. He's got he's not a damage but when I hadn't realized is that the Department of Veterans Affairs the largest government agency. With over 300. Federal Opel employees and a budget of a 182001000. What I'm down I hope my experience in Alaska has prepared her for that like that she. I mean I'm trying to win an entertainer purse with her experience. I don't know what she quit in the middle of her terror. Do you member that I mean. And she also had a reality show which made me was so I don't get us out. Incidents not a bad thing. Also for an outsider soccer history art researcher sensibly back in 2008 she took on the establishment of Alaska she's somebody who takes on Republican establish I think he's looking for someone who. If there if it isn't time for reform that's not going to be afraid to shake things up I don't know what shall do all I know about her that she's passionate passion on this issue over and it I had a choice of positions or her. This is the one that's the most yeah. No data yet we're running out of not a sound now. I don't know how can do the least amount and is now I'm not sure about also and some people I am not outsider let's talk about bats. How many outsiders has he actually made. Was she she has about this was not happy planet might end emit not know how did you and I heard an experience she is she is. Right in Marek. John McCain picked church should be. His running mate because she is all mixed up all in Minnesota court aren't outside the embassy not outside an Audi I don't why. An accident outside a Washington the entertainment. Adam watching it and got she wasn't gobble that's Nina that he no items are being more Tea Party only an outsider within the party here is an outsider from the government governor and it's part of the ticket. Presidential I think it's an outsider being someone who is taken on the system so she is someone who in Alaska if you look at the history of Alaska she took on. The status quo in Alaska I think it's people who are outside of DC who don't have. Ties to people in DC and other words to camera doesn't know anybody any favors in DC she's not entrenched in the system found his perspective that I. That I does it look like I movies I watch the movie game change a Grand Prix and the and you see what parents Eric hill finally and that one Finland England flood relief cabinet. That we can all sit behind his this means that Pinochet would be back on it go I'm I silver lining up. I can't audience loved Sarah pale in the glory yeah it misfortune yes could you not remember. If it doesn't it we don't go all up in smoke it's going to be a funny people like him. Not better I am. A little bit concerned as to your point it looks like the president's 2017 budget includes a 182 point three billion for veterans affairs. Yeah there billionth app that's that's what that's a little while like their hands yeah speech.

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{"duration":"7:10","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the onetime VP hopeful's possible new position within the Trump administration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43905230","title":"'The View': Sarah Palin Considered for Secretary of Veterans Affairs","url":"/Entertainment/video/sarah-palin-considered-secretary-veterans-affairs-43905230"}