Scary Music Revealed

Shanon Cook and Jason Graves tells us why music scares us.
6:46 | 10/31/13

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Transcript for Scary Music Revealed
Sounds that instantly send shivers down our spines and of course since it's Halloween our friends at Spotify did some digging to find out why some songs. Give us the chills music to -- Beers and talk but playlist is our old -- and cook and joining us via Skype. Is award winning composer Jason graves to talk about the science behind this scary song. So what did you find out about this well. We started to -- a couple of researchers from UCLA one of them is amending Daniel Weinstein to is an evolutionary biologist. And I wanted to know how song scares on a primal level. And these guys told me that. Send this sounds certain elements of music can -- -- because they mimic sounds of distressed schools in the wild. Or perhaps the sounds of -- printed is lacking so they put you on -- Sense of Ohio lit -- you could potentially feel scared but it's important for me to point out that. He's could be happening kind of on it subconscious level he may not necessarily feel scared -- -- -- -- listing to the Angeles theme song Ray Kelly the -- brain might be telling you otherwise I like it or not where Wyatt. To be afraid of these -- This science behind it Jason we're gonna have you weigh in -- -- second but first I want to play one of the songs that obviously makes everyone's hair stand on and. And there from the film like Hannity. Composer is going on her and and from a violent group whose views very -- stabbing sounds that you hear. They contend the person characteristics. Like rapidly changing frequencies and fluctuating entities. And these characteristics that are also imprisoned in screens. Of -- -- who are under extra dangerous so as you're -- to this piece you might be thinking. Someone new -- under attack may be independently. And I could be next so you might -- little -- Is that obviously when you're composing something right. Oh yes totally. So are one of the things one of the things about second it's really interesting -- The composer is actually literally. Trying to make a stabbing -- -- the strings to emulate that knife and one of the things he did to brighten. The sound is mr. -- added. The entire score except for that one -- and they take off their -- -- essentially even more -- and sharp jump in to bring that much more visceral. Steered us to the -- Who I didn't I. It was that complex are at the -- that obviously made everyone afraid to close the bathroom door. -- This is -- class. He's going ideas and rain and snow standing here you can reviews in -- film. The shining in them he's -- -- frequencies that you're hearing these United's name could be found simulating the sounds of -- -- -- in the wild because lodge animals may indeed. -- deep low if frequency sound so you might be thinking OK something's lacking I gotta get out of here. It's the wreckage is adjacent obviously -- play into that kind of fear as well -- to kind of get that very base movement. Yes the slow -- and almost impending didn't pandas managed just keeps moving slowly but surely. Very low and always kind of coming after you but it's quiet. It's kind of the opposite of Psycho it it sneaks up on you that tax piece that was written back in the thirteenth century which translates literally to -- draft so. It has these religious overtones and connotations that just instantly make you cut and feel uncomfortable. So what what sorts of things that you do to -- -- tension -- In in your in your come in your compositions. -- I didn't hear it. What what -- with one of the things that you do to create tension in your compositions. I -- -- and it is all about. The fear of the unknown as is Timmons I think. Scariest thing that our men and nations can think of is something that we don't know what it is it's the shadow under the -- and orange Dirksen. Underneath the -- -- so musically speak in. -- more unknown the stones are I think psychologically it affects us as thinking that it's even scarier so. Abstract sounds or clusters of sounds sounds that make. Animals. Animal kinds of sounds coming from musical instruments are really. Like this base scare factor bubbles up in our subconscious whether we realize it or not. I wanna play of one of the other pieces that you wrote from Tomb Raider video game -- listeners and Hummer going to be seeking identified -- that's used in this. -- -- What -- that I had no idea. Senator that's actually eight. Instrument that I have made specifically for began to sense of. Different sounds that no one had ever heard or does the Celtics as the beginning of the game and you're gonna KO. And it's scary don't know what's going on and the easiest way to Dirk correctly make these things scary an unknown was to literally build and -- instrument. Bitten one no one could possibly know what the sounds -- because it was the specifically. For the -- You -- have an imagination clearly obviously -- -- -- -- the instrument itself looks care. Torture device thirteenth century art Massa would keep making reference of this obviously the theme that kept -- -- out of via -- -- mean we've all -- and we all know what days. Dozens represent and that's -- -- strength might represent kind of what I was talking about before lunch predator -- in the wild because. Small creatures come sing bass sent via the animal below the frequencies that the -- -- the sound. Answers why Jason we stay in shallow water clearly because of this. Exactly. Janet Jason thank you guys so much appreciated a pleasure as always smiling happy -- --

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{"duration":"6:46","description":"Shanon Cook and Jason Graves tells us why music scares us.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"20743674","title":"Scary Music Revealed ","url":"/Entertainment/video/scary-music-revealed-20743674"}