Sec. of State Pick Rex Tillerson Grilled by Marco Rubio

Sen. Rubio pummeled Trump's secretary of state pick over his relationship with Vladimir Putin.
5:54 | 01/12/17

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Transcript for Sec. of State Pick Rex Tillerson Grilled by Marco Rubio
Not for a second. The second study is fake former Stockton CL and Al. That I want to say match up golden palace like Blumenthal yeah yeah yeah and it's likely next president for next Christmas could laugh yeah. Kraft knows that he was grilled by the senate yes they especially by Donald's formal rival and possible. Well you know presidential. Candidate in the future senator makah room. It's Wagner who in the work room. Our not use that term mr. Tillerson do you believe. That. Vladimir Putin and his cronies are responsible for ordering the murder. Of countless dissidents journalists and political opponents. I do not have sufficient information to make that point none of this is classified mr. Santos in these people are dead. I just wish he had been as tough want Jeff Sessions. It says that Jeff understands that threaten our nation faces including radical Islamic terrorists within our borders illicit drugs distraught not communities. I'm company it will make protecting our neighborhoods and top priority. Asked about what session other bodies at a place that it went yeah. So I want now. Man united he's he's right there needs and a but it's like true really. Rubio has a tendency to go after brutal dictators he he has no patience for food and he has no patience for the Castro machine he has no patience for people who suppressed. The rights of individuals and you're not what you're not when you say that you're not saying that he. Doesn't recognize it. Jeff Sessions act soon. I can rest. Right there America and think they pick their battles honestly I think that he says you know what it's gotten gonna go after this then maybe somebody else looking out I like fact that it's just yet why I asked him do you think that who knows what crap out the list is long in this world OK yeah he's looking bright but Clinton is on that list this is a guy -- and everybody knows what's on an a level except maybe Gary Johnson but. Everybody knows that there has been another lot and I can't you liked it must honor up like his libertarian Nazis but you know Weiss an example for that's our fans out there unwittingly eighty caught up out. The guy potent. His military has gone in there and has killed. Innocent civilians repeatedly up over 400000 people dead. That political dissidents in jail in in Syria I did what what what leftist. Yes he as a war criminal that's the answer to him and so yeah did anything bad about a foot no it doesn't say bad things about Meryl Streep just sit. You don't like yeah. Be right back and I don't know if I don't too. I was just gonna say object you were discussing Tillerson it and why he didn't come out of Culp who a war criminal and he really can't do that because in 2013. He received Russia's order a friendship so it's the highest award. That that United States. Civilian I'll tell and then get award and the reason he got an award it. This big deal award is because of an energy deal. He is made with Russia about it drilling program in the Arctic. But US the United States are to sanctioning Russia because of its invasion of Chris may ask. And right they Crimea rather and that is why. That act. That's why we're rubio asked the question because he knows all the city also asked him if he would reverse the executive orders. That puts heavy sanctions on those who have already compromised. Our cyber security that he couldn't answer that you don't have yeah totally but that had been verde it's Jeff Sessions and Tillerson. A lot of what this same disagrees with that the head honcho trop now so what happens if you haven't spent she just we'll take president. I want say president Barack. How could America have got hurt when they have to work together exactly because they agree on a none take the next 365. Day and time now yeah. Are seeing now you see if you don't say they disagree say I'm not six you'll have a little like look at Republicans say they'll. Pull them all together they're not this is what you're seeing look blocker rubio Republican holding Tillerson accountable Bratton all. And saying you can't repealed on the careless and have a replacement that day and yes my plan. So please you know just keep an open mind and nobody already got a gun and there are holding a Republican future and elect the affable. Yeah. Just got to ask you out what happened there would help edit point that I nice things you. I could they aren't democratic arrests do not accept for a long time just because you have a Republican future president does not mean that Everett would also want what you're seeing that they're not following you want we'll stay because you know for a lot of this isn't going along well wet this isn't what other things are in effect locker room. Well I'm sorry yeah I'm not a means there's a lot of stuff for me. With these people bad have been shot was sent. That are huge points and to mean that bit that they don't see that that they didn't question Jeff Sessions. As it isn't what makes you think you walk qualified now but you weren't stopped and when you listen award you'd go and find out went. John Lewis and 'cause I'm not gonna tell you it's spectacular. It is spectacular. And we'll put it up on the web site has its way to long for anyone to rehab its magnet does and really didn't neck cover. And John Lewis is somebody who know soon. What this man was like in the beginning. In the middle and now. No most of the things he's segments from was riding don't don't jibe with what he said he has a death isn't isn't the whole thing but you know watching the American people watch him and think where. You know we're Smart enough to see the reality. What it really means not an easy up while stock in the rock yeah.

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"Sen. Rubio pummeled Trump's secretary of state pick over his relationship with Vladimir Putin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44738061","title":"Sec. of State Pick Rex Tillerson Grilled by Marco Rubio","url":"/Entertainment/video/sec-state-pick-rex-tillerson-grilled-marco-rubio-44738061"}