Sen. Chris Murphy Talks 15-Hour Filibuster, What's Holding Up More Gun Control Laws

Connecticut senator holds floor for marathon speech persuading GOP to respond to gun control issue.
7:22 | 06/17/16

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Transcript for Sen. Chris Murphy Talks 15-Hour Filibuster, What's Holding Up More Gun Control Laws
What can you do. To make sure that we're land. Or sandy. Never. Ever happens again. We deep gratitude to all of those who have endured this very very late night. I yield the forced. Connecticut senator Chris Murphy was a hot topic here and everywhere else after his marathon filibuster. Demanding that Republicans change gun control laws. He's joining us live right now from Washington DC welcome to the show sent an act he. They community academy. Okay now for almost fifteen hours you stood on the senate floor demanding more action like him to gun can now I was it was incredible to watch Franklin. And what has been the outcome was worth it did anything that accomplished. Well I hope it was it worth it into the beginning of the week. There were no plans in the United States senate to have any conversation about gun control and you know for me as someone comes out of the experience of sandy hook who dropped off his first grader at school for his last day. Today I just couldn't accept that we are gonna do nothing that we were gonna. Trying nothing to stem this epidemic of violence and so I got together with a couple my friends in the senate senator Blumenthal and senator Booker and we said. We're gonna shut down the senate for as long as I can stand until we get a commitment that we're gonna actually vote on something that will protect the country and late in the night we got a commitment from the Republicans to bring to measures to the floor of the senate for a vote one that. Expands out the number of background checks that are conducted in the second that keeps terrorists. Off of the list of people who buy guns both are really common sense measures and you don't we got something done now we get it passed but at least. We got its the senate to admit that in the wake of the worst mass shooting in history of the country we can't just be silent. Senator Janet diet dealing here I've been a strong defender of the Second Amendment and I'm just wondering when you look at stocks. Like background checks at gun shows when you look at these federal terror watch list no seem like issues where Republicans and Democrats should easily be able to come together. Why there's such a hold up out Republicans worried about a slippery slope. About other things that may emerge in an amendment what's the concern there. I think it's a great question right because you know if you go into a gun club in the state of Connecticut. You know all those gun owners are gonna agree that if you're on the terrorist watch list you shouldn't be able to buy a gun so. This is not a controversial issue anywhere except for the United States senate. The problem has been at the panel array. Will not support any of these bills and until my Republican colleagues decide to break with the NRA and its going to be hard to get a compromise. Here's the good news we're voting on a Monday but. That has not stopped a lot of conversations from happening today about how to find a compromise and so. You know none of this would have happened if we hadn't stood on the floor and demanded action. But maybe we're going to be able to find way to gather to come together in the coming days I'm hopeful. Senator this is sunny Hostin reversible I applaud you for your bravery. I've Floyd yeah. Now once this vote happens we will know which way our elected senators voted. What should voters do with that information because that really is where the changes as and that rain. That it was exactly right and then again let's be clear what we're asking here we're simply asking. For more gun sales to be subject to a background checks is proving you're not a criminal before you buy a gun and second. If you're not allowed to fly a plane because you suspected of being connected to terrorist groups and you probably shouldn't be able to buy an assault weapon that's all we're asking for votes on. So they're going to be people who will vote no and here's what I want people to do pay attention to your senator support this measure and if they didn't since think about that issue when you go to the polls. Everybody says there for expanded background checks. But these candidates continue to get elected here were opposed Batman checks because voters actually aren't going to the polls thinking about this issue they've got to that's what's got to come from this. Senator Irving this is policy heiress right now and Al a lot of people were surprised earlier this week Donald Trump says if he wants to meet with the NRA and how to break with them when it comes to you. Banning guns for people on the Tara lists three surprised by this letter you hoping that Republicans had a follow his lead. Well I I I have Daley surprises from Donald Trump and so I. Stocks have been shocked at anything he says but his but he actually said he actually said he was going to meet with the NRA. To try to get fair agreements. On keeping terrorists off the list of people who can buy guns I frankly don't want a president who is gonna give the NRA. Veto power over national security legislation but isn't Donald Trump go meet with the victims of violence lies you go meet with terrorist experts I don't think of the generations deep in the room in trying to figure out how we best protect people from terrorism. This jumping from 12 because I thought something. If we took money out of politics. These particular senate isn't congressmen who are in the pocket of the NRA Britain would not be voting Medea aren't I right. I think he's a big part of the story of the NRA has this power that comes to the contributions from their. Political action and you know in the end they are not representative of donors and that's the thing is that right on owners support the things we're talking about not and so we have to figure out a way to make them less powerful. And in one particular gun shop owner reminding so many disturbing details about Omar hot teen at the terrorists to who took the lives of 49 people in Orlando but he actually went to a gun. Shop owner a couple of weeks ago they said that he looked suspicious you know he wanted body armor they call the local FBI said we have surveillance video the sky was suspicious the FBI. Didn't bother to call them back to look at the video so what's the point of having some of these measures in place if the FBI is going to ignored the red flags. But remember even if the FBI had taken that information. And put him back on one of their terrorist watch list. It wouldn't have mattered. He still could have gone into that store and bought a weapon. It would have been illegal for that store. It's it's a stop him from buying it based on the national criminal background check system. Any store can stop somebody from buying weapons they don't think looks right. But there's no ability for the FBI to stop somebody like that today. From buying a weapon because he those names aren't on the list of those that are prohibited I mean that's ridiculous and we should fix. So your new legislation wouldn't have stopped San Bernardino would it have stopped. Sandy would it have stopped or land the legislation proposing. You know it's huge thing did the sandy hook families have been down your lobbying for years on behalf of this legislation which expands out the number background checks and you know why it wouldn't actually stopped the shooter in sandy hook from getting that weapon. A ban on assault weapons might have saved those kids' lives I. But there arguing for. This background check law because they want to save. Other kids' lives so we don't want to get caught in this trap in which the piece of legislation we're proposing isn't good because it wouldn't stop the last mass shooting. How about stopping shootings in the future. I. Weather watch it next week to see who votes who doesn't correctly. I mean nobody's watching we don't like you guys focusing on this thanks so much for coming on a shell out thanks to senator Chris Chris Murphy.

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{"duration":"7:22","description":"Connecticut senator holds floor for marathon speech persuading GOP to respond to gun control issue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39938896","title":"Sen. Chris Murphy Talks 15-Hour Filibuster, What's Holding Up More Gun Control Laws","url":"/Entertainment/video/sen-chris-murphy-talks-15-hour-filibuster-holding-39938896"}