Shailene Woodley's Daring New Role

'White Bird in a Blizzard' star talks pushing the limits in her newest film on "Popcorn With Peter Travers."
11:03 | 10/31/14

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Transcript for Shailene Woodley's Daring New Role
She just like that I fathers completely convinced her move her. Lease a car she left I noticed that she started testing different. Booing me different. Her clothes gut tight here's. Sex here. Shimbun and many scary. Then there's that night as she wrapped in onion film. Think it's time. I excellent. It's not even more minutes. And I say go to balance. The British I was that she had sounds like ten minutes after the siege. Its a legislatures they show. Tribute Davis which was doing what we're putting our show. Took a premier verve. Oh. Fire everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome popcorn where we tell you what is going on at the movies and there's going on now called white bird in a blizzard it start shaving would be. But this is a different kind of saline really provocative scathing. And I don't wanna tell you anymore about it because she's here. Say well done well. Yes. So what is this you know this is a year free. I mean Disney convergence. Yes and our stars. Now white Burton blizzard it you can't go anywhere and not find she leaned Woodley movie dissing. Town blue red you can stream them. You're everywhere in the world. And yet this movie because it's a great aura he beat. He's really different so tell us a little bit about who you polite. A young woman Kong. But it seems right yeah looking pretty evening the young right hand woman named. Her mother disappeared and it fell. These tracts cats experience. At all means coming of age in who she is. That dealing with consequences and repercussions. Not really having a president. Mother and father emotionally. And they knew it you are going through major experienced as yourself it's cat as intact there. Is having a kind of make Albert transformation. Isn't yet and it it Alice Harris follows her it's hard to their school and then. And they're sort of at a time and he hurt college. And I'm at some of of the character because it's very rare that you get to explain both of those aspects coming of age Communists. The adolescent Tanzania woman. Part of our and I think that a lot of well coming of age films don't really died deepened to. Young girls. They are sexually and they think that that's big theme that actually acres in many high school student Glenn. And I like that Greg. Doesn't and isn't afraid to sort of see this young woman. Project who she was assumed her sexuality even knows you know she's sort of forced bravery and she forced. Courage and make yourself in the files provide in that sense. In China the old game and miniature and then. As she did progress at age in the town actually you sort of see what those walls did to act if they shelters in. Interior emotionally broken child. So what was that meeting like that first meeting you in grade ten we're missing I wanted to be in this. I nine and that we've known each other for awhile and then when this came around teams like thrumming meet up again. Discussed this project that man. Absolutely it showed up and he gave me description and stronger reading it is soco addict that way that he writes in. Philly and you within the views and looked like before I read it straight filming until right. In the songs that he wants. In certain sequences in the fountains that say this is set in 1988 cent 1988 and nineteen and you lineup so much about kindness much and silence. But is pray and and you know he's really. Greg is he's one as lawmakers you know is exactly what he wants so he makes street that he takes the time to get all of the right and necessary pieces involved. An ailing parents say he gives you the freedom to play and he feels so much trust from him. That you're not afraid to take risks are to do something that maybe you wouldn't do if it was a different director and a navy service tray a little bit too off. Up cantor a common hope that you're right back on the path. What happens to you emotionally. When you have a US. Where. Divergent is a block bust. It's funny because you know you sir is just. It's all relative compliant Reno. How my life as it exists when I go to sleep with in my head at night and I'll wake up with nine. You know in my head the next morning and for me I feel really lucky because when diverging and follow that craziness assorted transpiring I was working on insurgent and so I was in. The bubble that is a film set. So I didn't know. What the world was sane or what other people overseeing your rooms to an event can really shut that world absolutely I mean when you're when you're moving up. You're working on movie news here were in really long day isn't. You know on the years ousted Munich he dinner and learn airlines for the next game go to sleep annually at communal thing ends there's not. Any time to really hear all of that access and be. I don't have any interest specifically in looking. And so is nice to sort of be. In that again bubble. When you started to do and waitress in divergent and now have you finished insurgent number two book. Outrageous things tonight you've got a third you've got to region to do tips and yes and that's two movie team and if so that's you living with that character. For a long time. I get to limit their for five and a half months and then she gets seriously. Thief. There the literal truth puppet. Actually that she could talk I did it out examination and a full when you before you signed on to do it you called Jennifer Lawrence who did hundred games for advice that. I did I sent turning announcers just asking him how Hungarians. Had affected her life and and change your life and if she was happy with their decision to do it seen how she went from indie films are this big studio world. And she said yes absolutely so much positive you'll come from something like this and if you look at character and you love me you should absolutely get it. When something like fault and are stars comes out which is also could be considered young adult you need only think whoever it is except that would. John green is written in that book has touched people. All holy place you know how can young adults not touch him in their sound. There's something so. Beautiful about. That age because you haven't gotten into the sea of the world's you know you're selling your tiny pool of your suburb rhythm of life for your small city year wherever your from. And I feel like every adolescent a matter story our circumstance we a motioning sort of go through the same thing and so when you have a coming of age found. I think the demographic even if it is a young adult some demographic is infinite from from really young to really old because. That specific time period is so relatable to all of us. That's what she's dying this is a character who is going to be around for law and so that's touching. And yet if it's done wrong it can just turn us off because we feel we're being manipulated and that doesn't happen in fault and stars. Yes I mean I think the book is absurd me. Sunny and beautiful. Heartbreaking and it celebrates life at saint tastier and fresher look mr. and screen Anderson a beautiful job at adapting the book. Sort of went forward aggravate him. When. In getting it touches people so much that I think when you come out of that bubble of work that you're in and you do go out to the world. What is it when people see you on the street or at restaurants or some. What is it that they know you from the most what is it that they talk to them. Fun and I status thinks that because its beak you know that thing though its filed is it's just it's so healing you know I don't know one person who wasn't. That's what I wanted to data merely because I felt so affected by it is a human being at Natwest Australia an actor joining. Obvious they wanted to act in but it wasn't it income that places. Artistically wanting to do something really think that it sort of came complacent about this story touched my own personal life so much and really made a lot of changes. For how icy the world times as Nolan and to be able to give that to the that will but the plan and on and visual level is so exciting. You're a friend a miles teller was here a week ago. And well he's. One of my favorite movies that you've done a spectacular now that you've done with him never really found that audience that I think it wolf I don't. Suntech expects an Allentown layers of people that. It. I think it it's like this low engine island Connecticut and Jessica that's why I think it well but this show always incidents. Various things. You know I'm last time I saw you with miles and you deed consider yourself. And it as an amazing two when he was here he kept doing guys adopts but I want to come from you. On one. To be what's in your heart. Using unless all sing with if I know what you're saying you pick a son listening. Good morning. It marked just stood alone and good luck man. And embarrassment for all Cobb are yet get minding. Yeah then. Every day. That. Hi day. And then you say good morning. TU. A I don't know next time I want more you got my little preparation. And my singing you're going to have to do that yes he's unstoppable. Yet even when he doesn't know the leaders he invents its kind yes he just keeps to itself this will be contained the net for debt. The thank you don't think great.

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