Sheryl Crow Talks Breast Cancer, Supporting Hillary Clinton & More

Rock-n-roll star kicks off October with some breast cancer awareness tips.
7:07 | 10/03/16

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Transcript for Sheryl Crow Talks Breast Cancer, Supporting Hillary Clinton & More
It's crazy but it's been twenty years since Sheryl Crow smash and if it makes you happy and three years since her last album achieves make an up for lost time because she's working on not one but two new albums as we speak. Please welcome have been very fattening this show craft. There's just so come. It's been ten years since you are. Breast cancer diagnostics. And how you feel about here is breast exam hot I'm ten years how luck I have. So many women are looking okay. I here's out and plan on the I had no breast cancer my family or anything and I just one had a mammogram. And starting authority and they found it on. Regular mammogram and an hour ten years out and the technology so different now we have 3-D some plans that have yet so. I'm actually working with GH three day. And their member of these are three and they can detect breast cancer fifteen minutes earlier Sen to rid care. Early detection via ladies. I don't and it got it yes Yangon it is kind of rests you can get restaurants yeah and then as simple as that. And not have to boys are just a sense that we're being pronouncing. Little hump clinics. And mom demands that this. Not bid. Another cancer awareness month and you're you're now a spokes person I am for this issue. Yeah market logic it's a great company and am the cool thing about. Breast cancer and has not much cool about it that except for surviving. As if it's detected early enough that the cure rate the survival rate is at five years is a 100%. And a great thing about treaty now not that they can they can look it's your breasts like slices like it let him like a book and they can find everything. Which really cuts down misdiagnosis and also can find it can turn around and do the test better without this much. We like to call and booby trapped yeah. It's. Out now if that's asking him. I don't know that your political persons I have and they do Hillary a Clinton supporter I am I get out there with. I. Well yeah I think anything that you're not taking our time here's my thing. Okay this two years as husband. Is and a year it's been two years actually I think Cruz's first Lincoln over two years ago. I am sorry I petition. Shortly after the election for people aside I want everybody in history and assignments and sent on where whaling countries he doesn't limit campaign season and it's ridiculous to. I can't I think I'm just saying six months that's it and congresses and changed it because they want anything. They just. So Alan. BMI what Simon it's KPM against everybody has big outrage. And we have to change it we cannot be dragged through. Another nasty political season. Well yeah it. We will go head to head. Yeah and I wanna tag is you spent some time Wimbledon these candidates which is so interesting how did that come about and what was your perception of each of them having not and in person. And I. Let's let the dogs could and I did travel when mrs. Clinton went to Baas. She and a lot of. It worked for like thirty years for women and children. And I don't care you know I saw what happened for Obama in any sick I think he brought up. Some real bigotry come in the country by virtue of the fact that he was the first black president. I'm just taking my mind here. I'm seeing it was the first thing now is absolutely. And it sickens me and as far as China's concerned I'm man on the set at studio 54 and IRA is there is an. Navy and he was being here yeah Smits is Johnson you know he was. Spent making is apparent that means that it Crawford look I'm trying to look as policy. I. And the best selling my very Madden that you know I'm embarrassed I can't my kids night. Alan that is warranted but. Alan my kids watch TV when he's on it's just. I want to be a want to send my kids being the president United States. Is the most honorable position and it means to go back to that and we music. Okay. Another anniversary here that they won here since you're hit song he. Thank you can charges but I oh yeah yeah. And yeah who had needs some revealing you had some revealing moments when making that Beatty you know. Well revealing in that Israel is very and there are several shots in the black and underwear save red follow up like yeah a day if you don't mind where there as we went through every frank now this is one years ago now days remain going to be a pilot that our entire that it has had an Oregon yeah I'm. Pregnant ears and it you know act in veggie yeah working on two new albums tell -- Natalie about my gosh I'm SATA SATA had just completed a record with people I love that pounds onto her inspirations like Keith Richards. Millions Stevie Nicks the medical college. I now. Fat diet yeah notwithstanding. Johnny Cash to that but we're back. It's a really collaborative record with people I've loved and admired have been inspiring Timmy and use them. New Sonji switching he had actually camera crews some I keep just let that he redness and wondering where this song would you do it in for two days it comes CEOs. And then gathering areas to sentinel fashion journal project records room. Me yeah I. Can't ends. Yeah. Well enough to talk about what you don't lack. That's what you live span. To keep agree on him we and that led to me today thank you think I'm Sarah run heavy for more information on her work was. In math not. It snows. I'm going somewhere and find out what you. Help yourself we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"7:07","description":"Rock-n-roll star kicks off October with some breast cancer awareness tips.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42539394","title":"Sheryl Crow Talks Breast Cancer, Supporting Hillary Clinton & More","url":"/Entertainment/video/sheryl-crow-talks-breast-cancer-supporting-hillary-clinton-42539394"}