Singer Michelle Branch talks new album and tour

Singer and songwriter Michelle Branch discusses her new album with ABC News' Andrea Dresdale.
5:54 | 03/07/17

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Transcript for Singer Michelle Branch talks new album and tour
Now that tour. So what can we expect obviously new songs he had in the old songs well you have band late in yeah be I mean we'll Patrick Warwick Patrick's touring with me which is hilarious as I. I've never fortunate enough to see the black keys live because lake tickets were always impossible or I was always traveling and it's it's really. Funny and it never seen alive except for on TV and so he's going to be out with me I'll summer. In group we have a ban I'd during that kind of period of time where I wasn't putting out music I was playing a lot of shows acoustic. By myself and so because of that I was adamant as like I wanna pay electric guitar. On a full band. It's really the first time it now with the full band in. On solo since like 2000 or something crazy so it's I'm really excited to put the other show with. Although old songs and sprinkle the new songs and then and see how. If Philly Waring has changed so much from when you started to what is now and then. Talk about how you've grown as a performer through everything that you've been through and the you know you with an anger Connecticut's harrowing 6 PM and with the records. In the whole country field and now back into rock pop it's like. You've had a lot of experience in a lot of different. Arenas and venue she must be able to handle any kind of now right outperforming for me is always kind of a fake it to you make it thing. You know I plead and restaurants and bars with my his guitars a teenager and when I a made that first album. I didn't expect for things to blow up the way did and suddenly it was like OK the train is leaving the station in your on every hour and it was just like me doing I never had a band before and suddenly I. Hired you know all these guys who are older than me and I was there Abbas and figure out what to do so it was really. Kind of learn is ego thing and the records was a blessing because I had a partner in the records I could step back and feel like I grew. Most as a performer when I have the records that had that kind of safety net around me about having another person abandon and being able to sometimes step off them I can play guitar. That and we we had an intense. Kind of run of Torre and toward more than ever happen that they and so. Now coming back. I feel more confident now as a performer than I definitely did early on I feel like. My knee my voices changed alive and I've learned how to and seeing over alive and a lot more than initially but I think it's just like. He you know in the old days Dan ceased to. Before they got signed records they had a lot of shows and a lot of experience under their belt and because I was so young scientists didn't so I I kind of had to learn and for half a defect free vanity. I I you know it's funny it thinking in different universe if you had come along just a few years later you would have like been trying out for American Idol yet voicing counting right god. Odd that didn't happen as I I honestly I. I now I aim I'm a singer I I don't consider myself like a singer where that Kelly Clarkson could literally you could. Open a book and she could sing anything from and it would sound incredible. The singers and I love her. Are not necessarily known as singers like I love Neil young and led his kind of imperfect voice and levs is storytelling and eleven. The vulnerability and it's I've always been kind of that kind of singer. I've never been one to lake. Belted out being voted out so I know if I had weeded a few years. I I would have been a too onerous to try out for one of those things and I would've beefed Health Minister going to be food so could peek at what's been around. We will seen multiple generations when you go out on tour you know you're you're gonna see people Yuri Unionists the who have their kids and they're gonna bring them because you know they probably. Raise their children may have to listen Gerald copies of the spear through whenever I be wild it will two because I. I know for sure that my kids my daughter's age at hurts collect they don't know who I am law says it's it's interesting to see. As people discover music who's who likes it and who doesn't so I have said this is my final question for you. For those people who were huge fans of yours. What do you want them to know about this album in connection with you know your first out like you can't like me when I was sixteen. This mean Al what what you wanna tell them about the album I think as having said earlier. Time is past drinking. The production. Is more modern and liens of at Barack but I would say. The my voice is still there it's all still been. All the lyrics really come from. My perspective in so I think as a songwriter that's kind of kept everything. In the same vein and where I was writing songs on the spear rumor hotel paper about love is. Teenager and early twenties. But the truth is at 33. Still trying to figure and I think a lot of my friends and people who are my age do you feel that way think we're always waiting for this moment where you're officially an adult world kind of you know paying bills and and paying rent and doing all of these grown up things but really deep down we still don't feel. Think you're an outerwear adults yet and I don't think that ever changes so in if it does this well but let me know if that's kind of what this album is like it it still has a lot of those. Feelings that I had when I was 1819. By it in from a more grown up respectively as.

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{"duration":"5:54","description":" Singer and songwriter Michelle Branch discusses her new album with ABC News' Andrea Dresdale.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45968364","title":"Singer Michelle Branch talks new album and tour","url":"/Entertainment/video/singer-michelle-branch-talks-album-tour-45968364"}