Singer and Songwriter Joshua Radin on How He Got His Start

ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews singer and songwriter Joshua Radin before he performs 'Winter'.
10:34 | 10/06/16

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Transcript for Singer and Songwriter Joshua Radin on How He Got His Start
It is clear. About it's that you start at eight. It his career in banking and start really operating completely thirty day there. Pretty much. Kind of grew mostly yes so you here and there just the EU and the shower in the car kind of to. He plays a kid. You know. Grade school. Clone high school news. But I found that was what I was for us because interest is just. I was listening to a lot of players that Paul Simon. To use Taylor. Who Cat Stevens you're young. Just Bob Dylan. Guests that are out there guitar to write about who they were going through and expressing their innermost feelings and I just that was what that's it kind of gets the offices of voice and guitar so. That's what I've listened to a lot and I just thought. There's no accurate view that on micro playing instruments or anything like that. What are you giving up until all sorts of different kinds of things. Besides stick waiting tables and trying to pay the rent yeah. Let's hear New York on and off like ten years and I don't know I guess. Though it and you're always wanted to be the sort of creative life and not applicable us. Go to a job the real job. But so. I don't know if those figures out that eight congress recently as pro. Sold a couple of that it become movies. News show. So frustrating thing. Here guitars more competitive tennis. Courts in between exceeds those renting. I could care services. So crazy. Pick up the guitar thriller the course of the elect and destroy and so chill out to you doing pretty yeah this is sort of the first winner true to do you. Creatively where the audience kind of came to me. Everything else tried out seeking an audience. And you need for children up for. Also. This is that this thing I Contra it. And sort of fell into office. Just always thought there's no look at you know go to concerts. Shows. My fear route show. Is there these musicians on stage in all and strictly accurate magicians. It. And we're just sort of like. You know they're pulling. That's just since that they had never even think about doing and then had a couple friends that were. Songwriters with alzheimer's or groups for fun. Of them said to me. You know there's an age old adage that. Whose treatment. Terrific it's honesty record to the truth. And I Hitler's records. So I just figured. If I'm honest about high fuel right. Maybe people elected. But at first I was ready songs I was reading and thinking if you can hear about my girlfriend. Is there when you well it turns for. It doesn't try to await this is really becoming a thing that their audience willing the first time ever wrote on the periphery now it's cold winter. And it's. Are recorded demo. My friend from my college has like a little crude tools bring his apartment. We and I just played song and its harmony over. After reading screen this for a while. And at bush people in Hollywood movies TV businesses. So. I sent that oh to someone. Created TV show. And he called life. Three weeks later and he says you know you know we always. This is like thirds of the ship Scripps. And he said rose looking for new music. That we can actually afford because this is a time when not everyone was licensing of music that they couldn't couldn't get beatle song TV show it's more commonplace but. Back then they had to find newer artists. And so he called as a few months ago that. Song of yours and in this TV shows to be on next week what it is they're crazy. So that of course is that yes and and then now. Recently wonderfully written. A success it's been if it Lee. Everybody can America has probably her when when there. Knows me it yet but it but that 101. Shows obvious. Things. I don't write them for those things this way the records than those calls us. Is that. It seems. Artist's struggle to. You and I don't know that there. Well that the starving. For a long time to view it different media. News weather computer paper whenever Lewis. Us broke its. For us for a long long time and so I think mark's there breaks on those. There he is. Currently an older. Fully formed belts. Cotton. Can. Expressing myself. You know it's more debt. So it's wrong. He. And I've been writing for so long. And especially screenwriting and painting the author of visual business community and you're always taught. To show don't tell. I don't don't write that the character feels. Anxious you know right that he sweating you know that show. And so I think an obvious that anything is visual. So I think what I write songs nitty. That's Wesley people's views and it. Connected with visual media does that. I think initially went right think about. I red I feel like this right now right about you know. We're not seen or you know he. Sure a great job it isn't easy yeah we're think Reynold Hoover knows this. Talking about music is like dancing architecture. Thank you don't talk about you play it. We have played winter work that's ahead beauty of it well what is waiting waiting for purely coincidence that there is. I think. I'll take a coyote street and. City. I'm now. Home. It on its. I remember this. You'll know. And how much. It's. His. Yeah. Yeah. I remember this. The okay. Along this. Or. There's hidden. Okay neighborhoods. Yeah okay. Yeah.

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{"duration":"10:34","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews singer and songwriter Joshua Radin before he performs 'Winter'.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42615636","title":"Singer and Songwriter Joshua Radin on How He Got His Start ","url":"/Entertainment/video/singer-songwriter-joshua-radin-start-42615636"}