Singer-songwriter Lee DeWyze performs on 'Live From the Couch'

DeWyze won "American Idol" in 2010 and is releasing his seventh studio album, "Paranoia."
22:28 | 02/20/18

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Transcript for Singer-songwriter Lee DeWyze performs on 'Live From the Couch'
Hey guys I'm minimize your live in New York for a very special episode of live from the couch. Singer songwriter legalized joins us here in the studio his brand new album paranoia. Is out now Ali thanks so much her hair. Thank you for having me congratulations on us thank you re much very excited about in all about the pretzel as this is mind Katie and we actually. Played we've rehearsed this morning some of these songs for the first time members group and it was a very magical moment. Yes your first time performing these ethnic or well anyway my and I have been on the role playing the man Katie we read I literally we Matt. I'm actually this morning. And it's just been the most amazing day getting to play with them and now we're really excited about it. He. Eight errors I would. But so are. Alia of these like self funding house and there then they've been making me they keep me. You know motivated and inspired truthfully when I'm appears 'cause this the record some new. And for me to hear the songs in these different ways you know it's it's bringing the songs to life now and it's it's been really really fun. So it didn't just out literally in late Sunday is extra idea how to act out your second album. Read about. Yeah I mean technically yes in this get this they feels it feels really good I mean. Unity were canceling for so long and you live with it for so long that if you get becomes almost non. It's you know it's not new to used much but what is what would have been able to do use it said the lack bringing to the stage and playing live and what. Can a hearing. Having knowing other people are listening to it makes you look at it all these different ways. It's it's me this whole process matters. Still coming in that net and it's called paranoia. Rate was kind of like the lot behind that one day additionally about the album as a bullet story does it house. Some I think tell them altogether you know I wanted to get really. Personal on the record and I think that. This is all right or for mine from recent times kind of put this wallop between you and the what you're saying little bitsy keep yourself separated inform me. On this when I wanted to just be as vulnerable as possible I think it is all the songs from paranoia all the way down to the carriers through. They really deals like different emotions different things people go through different you know ways of looking at. You know those things and it was just nice to be super honest on this record and be real and. Life general threat that you guys are hair and can't wait to hear some of those songs and they want for us right now we end zone school apparently. Unless the title trekking there could believe allies take it away. Here minority. Seeing Kim man. Sign. Bash. Noon. Stunning four. V. And. We. Turn the ash is he's. A man. It's they had seen. An afternoon news team. Byrne and me Jews fleeing. You were saying. It is ruins so no confidence and harassed and. Free. We. Mean. Man we made us seen. Braves lead me Tesoro. Was keen. Whose son. Honoring. And this game. Soon close my he's tuning coups and win. I mean. We need now. Here in or name is seen. Berman and I think question. And game. Only you. This game. June June soon are. Moon. Is over and single. And soon. Aniston who need. That it singer songwriter and lead him live his new album paranoia is out now yes. Who need a little bit about and it's been sent albums are not just about what you want to say this her reflection of where you are paying your life. This song paranoia such a beautiful song all the other songs and very thoughtful and very reflect the right answer to the grabbing meet all of the it got very you aren't Tommy looked at about it. Think so I mean. I think a lot you know there's a lot that goes into him. From what inspired by or what I'm feeling I think just you know with the climate of the world it is with so many things going on. Com to say that led to record. That it did in. I think has said vicious. Album deftly lot of stories through it in realities it is yours like conversational. And I am in my goal for the song the songs on the record itself was really in now I want people to two field. Com. How the song sounds. Now once in the live in that moment for three and half minutes performance and that. You know live in that story that's political for mis dishonor. Minority. Writes on so. Hopefully they'll do. You know and likeness and you play this is my field. He Jacoby and they're just amazing enough to excuse them. Ford has reader knows all. Flustered I do. There there at your you know what I did. It it really is a matter of living in the song even more playing it I'm I'm always trying to live in. The moment and it let the song I'm saying it is I think that that's an important part of being honest music connecting people's. We were talking about. A month hearing and oh yeah. You start now from wears it and as personal story. From me usually starts with the music. You know I definitely have those lines and those phrases in those things on my battery that now. A lot of the times for me it's just a matter of I'm feeling something sit down playing our feeling. From their. You know earlier scum and I'm very I don't sit right fast. But I attend to race fans let's into the try to sell myself on. Because I'm like that's it and go back but II really do acted to right. Like in that in the moment very almost in real time yet recordings and times you know the songs I've. Play a little thing here and outsourcing leaders scientists and normally that's a verse right there that's you know so it's all very feel for me yeah field. I like at face value planes feeling that yeah. Like whenever you're feeling right now his way to nothing on the soundtrack for right now it'd be an you're tired you've been I don't know when the play if the. He knew his assumption right now. Now that would be I don't know I feel that I could mean it's awesome on him out here. You know the new records our Al playing music in you know it's. There's nothing about it and now I mean that's that's. It is an honor and blessing feels it sing songs and play music for a living and I love doing it so much so. I'm keep doing. So how. I love to plea and others on paying that much water any this nonsmoking areas through and runnerup to sign it was much different. In. On the records it was kind of fun to you. Finally it was about the song that heated and fix it because I couldn't get my mind around just don't like it. It was just the way I did it in I stripped everything often. You know got word isn't so I'm I love the song it's the last record. Let. Food and in see. These base is a long. Family you fine. Three million. You play in. Us. Are not only do. He's still be. Aliens. Who. People then leave Rudy. Oh you only hear me dying. Moves. We. We'll. Yeah. Aurora share used to do. Can. Read your. I. Or I'll candy hands through. We are live from the couch with leads and why is. I got to ask has so many people so mean more people. Came into contact with your work after you won American and it had been performing and recording a well before right yeah throwing out an Illinois were only about. I I servicing. And writing. My play different instruments and I was a kid you know I knew I want to alien when you're super yacht I knew I wanted to do music because I just knew it and I don't think that I was selling at all my dad my dad really. I mean to music area is actually I remember the first matters Cat Stevens chief of the Tillman record. And I heard it and it made you know. I was reading the Packers apparently are excellent activists. Aaron reading enormously realizing in that moment like this is a story was telling me in the dawned on me and I am Mike I want to deal. That's what I wanted it was very hung. And sonic chase that as a child and it and I got into the you know Paul Simon in Simon and Garfunkel on all that stuff and I'm I just fell in love with music and I and I always wanted to do it it's like I just felt like called to do music and so. When I you know I tried all the insurance you know I've put a little drums and it that the piano announced laid down on a group activity retirement mr. rein in my own songs and Thomas south Austin. You know here I am it. Pat always sort of like yes but says the goal is there any wavering on that like maybe never won him. Well. I mean I didn't know what they what level or where I'd been doing it or how to read and venue in some capacity and always be doing music because it's you know. Outside if you know people in my life it's that thing I love the most and it is it's everything for me it's it really is music is like a drug it really is and him in and I don't know I would do without my music so. I'm I think in one way or another I would've always. Been playing you know but whether it's here or there you know I just love performing and writing. What was believed like growing up as a can't reallocate Fisher near fountain you lie and now now don't know themselves. I mean you know I think you're always specially with what we do it's it's always hard to be. Always sure of everything about yourself and I think you know. First for me I guess is a kid I was more. You know I think when Eisner felt that I knew everything. And older right I realized. It's really enjoyable experience you to learn new things and and so wants account you know as you get older people change girl often. A I think you know I would probably. I would not like to hang out with me at like twelve. And now fox I L is out as I definitely has the stubborn. Covering kids. But there and I don't know anyone that span of like they're twelve you know on a sound like. You sort of Andre. I just picked the most stubborn age. He you know my mom my mom's got a beautiful singing voice why. And my sister saying hello miles grown up in Nam in others just always music on it was just always music all time and so I was surrounded by and I was how pat. They're very proud my Panthers forward you know it's so I'll be here in OP you know. People tell ourselves and to destroy you gotta my parents from the Gekko in the because they knew I was let's listen. If there was never a what's the pack plans situation for me it was. This is what I'm doing and once that once they heard me I would say kind of realize that this is what he's going to do yet. They've just I mean I have very supportive family in support friends and I've always been that way I'm lucky that. You know people only sneakers and keep doing so. They're back on the right now statutory hold him rescuers on the road again on the new albums you gonna go home. You get to tore. Just just there who managers and coaches. The. It's weird you know it's what's really weird is that you know lived in Los Angeles now for seven plus years or ever. If it feels weird to feel like you're visiting like when I come back to LA doing it feels and going home or our language Chicago fuels like him visiting from their very strange feeling yeah. But. You know I I've got a very loving and supportive wife John at home and her family and it's my feeling like mountain. Chicago so it's just homes away from you know. You know him well congratulations on the new album Houston Harris is out now available in outlook on the tourists to Clinton I think in this interview it is. Today after an estimated at a las taxes weren't buying it back room I got one more outbreak I would looks. They notice on the song is the single it's called the breakdown. Yeah who has always been. When we. Skis he heroes our own. Ski. It is. And I was much more hook kids and then. A. On Enron's CEO. Yeah. Yeah. In the final. When a song that she did. Didn't. Does your friends say two win Atlanta. A man moves to. I'm not seize eight Europe's have. Phones. And see SC Johnson. Found is hanging in. How. She didn't. It is. Alison moons move home is. Then it can Borough. Key he.

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{"id":53228333,"title":"Singer-songwriter Lee DeWyze performs on 'Live From the Couch'","duration":"22:28","description":"DeWyze won \"American Idol\" in 2010 and is releasing his seventh studio album, \"Paranoia.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/singer-songwriter-lee-dewyze-performs-live-couch-53228333","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}