Skee-Ball star strives for greatness after controversial setback

Skee-Ball's Roy 'Brewbacca' Hinojosa is one of the nation's best rollers.
12:03 | 03/16/17

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Transcript for Skee-Ball star strives for greatness after controversial setback
The crazies are to live community. People it's not easy is not something that anything we can just walk in and do. Every there's always some guy. I hope the best this test subjects. And then you show them and they were oh. Yeah. I think. If I want my game. He roller. I got you beat anybody. That's what measures really good yours. A boom boom boom. Blue. But there. For. Constant my wife all our friends are moving away. He's really need to join something to get more. There hasn't behaved. But the Steve Foley starting out. You on the part of our team up again. Three about this game is that you can Trace you can. Enjoy Beers are going to keep you level. His life altering like. Here here here here. As in effect at all throughout. The whole process news net and news from different people. Nation lifelong friends. I don't know what we were done with us and. Early 2009. I had first sign up party for the first season vaults and bruised people. And Roy racial signed up with a friend and about I want to save up they weren't the best right off the I wanna say about half way through. First he's in something slipped. In Roy I really is actually matters a little bit better than he was concerned it. And so I think he in the beginning he went immediately Rachel's kind of benefits they get accurate. Secretly. Searched online scoured. Craig's list define it is he falling apart for ourselves. We found one and practice practice practice practice and my back was jello my legs are shaking and sweating and they're just sheer volume sheer just will I I got better he just said. It to another level right now no one else has to. Just became like one of the top rollers and everyone knew that. When Austin took home the national crown it's going to be Roy. It's up there and I mean using machine. Sometimes when it worked with were rolling together out front of my dollar honest aren't hopes Italy Italy will absorb a little bit about port Clinton machine. The idea is to be consistent and so if you're good forty rollers or fifty roller. You're going to be winning. More times than not. I write my heart's only Alice. Kidd house watching Wimbledon and that we want I was really happy being with money. The price. That township of any potential troop. But they care about. I gave trophy and being labeled the desks and that's in these very important. Little bit about four always won the pre jacket. And I never won one awesome everyone. I want the national champion. Yeah. Zulu. In the yeah. Okay. And they connect. And some rolling. In this whipple's. And so it I turned back to reset. To get undated. Inclusive. Question for the machine rules you know there could not best. Condition and a hit really hard. Sometimes you do that it had double clutches of the sport changes. Listen heading. Registering as a hunter. Members of the 150. Listen Johnson Reuters world standing. Steve. Either you know you're so into it from here just went and landing gear all cheering in. You do your not really adding your head. Most of them screaming I couldn't hear me over everyone else who thought that the score was correct yelling that humanity has the game in the bag. And when it quieted down. I didn't yell anymore because we thought. Detroit he knows what the score is. He knows that that's the ropes or sought to break his concentration right now how many keep quiet because he knows and then when he went with the wrong. I realize that he did but it was the craziness. We'll justice. Yeah. I. That was the hardest thing one of the hardest thing it's deployed by stage. But then. The realization of this reality sets in it's only. The loss. We'll I just remember air getting on stage yelling at everybody and listening to me I gases. That yeah. Pool yeah. Yeah. Labeled it a minor riot. So is lake I have to GE minor and it's about. People. He wanted to so vastly and it was so tragic and everybody. It's happening it's not you know just it was dancing. I thought one. My ear north Texas were my only problem people. Credible fashion. Think you in the next. Next year I lost again. Just another disappointment. Well. Let's talk. Ms. Per share. Time came for a moment of apparent view location. In the national championships and that the and we're playing on a on a battleship USS north Carolina at this point on the motion. My wife's not here for the first time she's making the trip this. Is to make it should should teach class. Because I wasn't going he's gonna win because I'm I'm not there and home. Until Nadine not have me is a distraction. China shipwreck. No I just I was very emotional very. Trying to hold together. In the finals. I played six Elaine who peavy and of that crazy. Thing had happened and it was turning me and I let me threatened. Thought at all. And we keep that in dream. It's true. There's just in the the idea that in the past. Don't. I guess and say I'm the national chicken. And he told people. That was political and they get very. If it's there's an actual changes. How. Something he deserves so long it's such an excellent competitor. That. We all cried and there were tears you know it's fantastic. So. Amazingly. Crowded so Mike just this feeling of finally elect Austin getting its due and business this man. This man finally being recognized collective champion is. I loved to roll. That's. I. My mind. Absolutely. Also role. But find just find myself in.

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{"duration":"12:03","description":"Skee-Ball's Roy 'Brewbacca' Hinojosa is one of the nation's best rollers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"46099696","title":"Skee-Ball star strives for greatness after controversial setback","url":"/Entertainment/video/skee-ball-star-roy-brewbacca-hinojosa-strives-greatness-46099696"}