'Small People and Large People Equally, They Want To Be Beautiful'

Tadashi Shoji discusses his design approach ahead of his runway show at New York Fashion Week.
4:51 | 02/12/16

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Transcript for 'Small People and Large People Equally, They Want To Be Beautiful'
Here here with the designer himself to actually do you think so much for joining us and ABC news aired live right now maybe you dot com. I'm so let's take a little bit about injuries. We see a lot of Japan India and Japan in your sign not so much this here. We will I have never been 51. This is Stephen though it is it's small type Tutsi. We'll be painting. And local it's. An exclusive I think we've got changed anything via whale. Audiences. In the Nikkei you can nine you can you know. I didn't see anybody did any one of the month striking. Aspects of this election yeah not. We couldn't do good exactly with a with a bloodied the U and then we can. London it takes to make something like. I'm very a lot of times you can get. Good within. 31. Cooking together it's. Yeah yeah batting. Do you. Yeah everything that I see just a lot of celebrities. Did you see any celebrity client here's in this. Maybe I think. Nowhere in the middle awards. Addressing number actresses and singers at the rent and I'm who's your favorite. Well good luck your fifth I became friends of you. This season zooming. Another case. She became. Good thing. By this season twenty. Well if it. Its. It's. Big news. But I have about his company. Its impact was leaving. It's very. He's been together. You mention that you can't dress Michelle Obama and First Lady Obama and most famously. Prime minister. His state dinner yeah. Yeah that does that work. I think puts. Given being a good pick up Japanese. Topic on the ninth and about celebrating jumping the defense. Do you we'll if you can. The White House's value. And you picked out of the account that you. I know there is no. Weekend. Live and then they. They've picked up. Like before different style and then they big if miss him and everything. Uploading me in the right. We have the same. But we couldn't I couldn't in this with a fifteen. NJ she has her very own team for that is. Ask questions here also known gore campaign. A design that worked great number of bodies I yeah plus lions not many. And what you think it's important to women all night. We made the all different sides. But I think right he's been made about giving us all deeply about people confident he Cody they want to be. We can't get to him and then I'm confident you. Breaking so I'm pretty confident this. It's. Do anything you to its people in the Coca. People who. Maybe. Coming back. We believe its move but it. Like everything from. We're standing here smiling and it's in. We're in the fifty look forward looking back. In their vehicles. If it's tough but we'll. I think so much for taking the time I get. Yeah yeah.

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{"id":36904562,"title":"'Small People and Large People Equally, They Want To Be Beautiful'","duration":"4:51","description":"Tadashi Shoji discusses his design approach ahead of his runway show at New York Fashion Week.","url":"/Entertainment/video/small-people-large-people-equally-beautiful-36904562","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}