Did the 'SNL' Kellyanne Conway skit go too far?

The controversial skit depicted Kellyanne Conway in a "Fatal Attraction" spoof.
3:14 | 02/13/17

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Transcript for Did the 'SNL' Kellyanne Conway skit go too far?
I'm glad SNL cutting it to god bless. Us. OK I have devoted a lot of bad times and having mom. With the new administration. But they're getting criticized. For putting Kellyanne Conway. And a fatal attraction parity. Take a low that. UNJ. No AM to tell you doing here. So funny part is Jane. This is are you doing. The crazy in my apartment well what was I supposed to do you weren't answering my policy change in number. And I'm not going to be. Oh yeah you may have amassed. And he had the wrong. And it's. Minute. Fact. Expect so that some critics yeah. They that this crossed the line fit. Do you think that this cross the line went out at highest rating in sixty years on Saturday and I know. President Condoleezza talk about those would be interstate I know he's had a lot of criticisms of how they've done this year but I think they're just giving us to its material I think. This tire though it's supposed to be sort of pushing the bounds right is supposed to make you. I'm comfortable I I I think they're well it'll taxes my favorite movie I love my. Idea I was waiting for her to say I believe I speak you know the whole thing. My iTunes. Hey man. Create yeah. Hey can I know you like tasty weapon. But seriously I I I I thought that it was really really well weld them and it's really want to between this and Melissa McCarthy a spicy. Look if it smells picking on you you've arrived so and analytical figure out there you shouldn't like that would I would be loving and laughing at it you can't let yourself you got a problem that's how I feel like that. I Kelly and it's something that. Trump has not been able to do which is she did she did laugh at it she tweeted. G Jake Tapper and I spoke this morning just before brunch time no boiling bunny is on the menu. Dell and Jake Tapper of heat we did not after that before that actually he just wrote. I don't ask okay. It's locally I think it's I think it's a grand thing and every every president. Gets a listen to you you know nobody is immune and you know I know a lot people like myself. Don't like to call love a guy the president goes actually think it is Matt and but I can't statement. Yeah Ambac and he's you know listen the more you fight it. To more fun it's going to be didn't do it today yes that sense that's.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"The controversial skit depicted Kellyanne Conway in a \"Fatal Attraction\" spoof.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45462116","title":"Did the 'SNL' Kellyanne Conway skit go too far?","url":"/Entertainment/video/snl-kellyanne-conway-skit-45462116"}