Soccer Star Brandi Chastain Calls Diana Nyad 'A Great Role Model For Girls

The World Cup champion credits Nyad for not being "hung up on naysayers"
8:26 | 09/13/13

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Transcript for Soccer Star Brandi Chastain Calls Diana Nyad 'A Great Role Model For Girls
She went down in history with her World Cup win in 1999. But it was that air in celebration afterwards that we will never forget. Now after two women's World Cup championships to gold -- -- an Olympic silver medal brandy chest pain is paying -- forward she's burdened with US youth soccer to help families get acted together. Three soccer programs and she's here to talk to us about all of this today -- Randy thank you so much so good news in the men's soccer world yeah it is they beat out Mexico heading to the World Cup 2015. Huge huge huge news and it's very exciting because. -- qualifying it is very difficult and it's over time and so for this team it's been a long road but. Now they've done what they set out to do and now the heart now. Even more hard work begins. Getting prepared for the World Cup itself and any certainly you've been there and we have that they really thought about that famous or is that -- ten years. Are you second thing no print -- moment or do you embrace it and and what cost her mind when you know -- when you've just achieved something so great -- number one. You know that moment was. Not only not one person it was you know a team effort but I think what. Now as a mom I look back on that moment an -- what I see in the picture is. That we should celebrate the good things we do and that it's okay especially for young girls you know. They usually do me your and they don't want her name was feelings by being really grade and but I tell them all time is if you can't feel good about the good things you do nobody else can and you know be an inspiration and find an inspiration inside so. That's a really good moments good for soccer it's and it's good for. It opens doors for reasons why we're talking today -- you know. -- -- trying to get more and more kids involved in sports soccer in particular. What are some of the benefits especially for girls you know what was so great about it for you to be on that team. There's a lot I -- there's the list goes on and on but give you a few that I think are critical to young people developing into the adults that they want to become. You learn things like leadership skills communication. Time management. How to deal with pressure. And then ultimately teamwork so these are things that are that transcend the lines of the game I think beyond the physical things that you get you know -- It's really important for us says individuals to take care of her own health and wellness and sports can help you do that. And you're working now with two groups yet to make that happen. Yes so it I am an ambassador for soccer -- wherever I go because I'm so passionate about it but I'm also a mom I have two boys and I'm very interested in. Then being active them staying healthy so along with USU soccer and Merck's consumer cares active family program. We are working together to encourage families to get out and playing. Go to a local park get their neighbors to join them make -- communities healthier places. And -- were asking people to do is to go online which we hauler. Tethered to work like where do that anyway why I have more tethered to our computers anyway so if you could go on FaceBook dot com slash -- -- projects and like us. And like us like as alike as until -- friends alike yes. The more people that like has the more armor will be donating soccer kicks a soccer -- is goals soccer balls. Cones jerseys things that. These communities need to help their kids the active. And if anybody needs any more information they can go on the web -- an -- and we project dot com. -- -- -- you can click on and see where the soccer fields are across the country from Los Angeles to new York and everywhere in between. And maybe there's a place you can take your family and play there's tips about things you -- do with the park and you know for for my neighborhood we have a great thing that happens in the spring in the fall in the weather's very very agreeable what's most time it is in California. We have a potluck in only play parents vs the kids in with full -- -- football -- soccer. Getting families -- -- I just have -- home -- fun you know it is sports can be a wonderful. Obviously career path in life they can also be very difficult and we see time and time again athletes coming under fire and and sometimes people feel perhaps women athletes coming under fire we -- that Diana and I -- woman who just made that she's a fabulous win. -- some people are doubting her speed and saying maybe she held on to the boat. What do you make of that. But it is always it in -- if this -- -- You know people like Diane they're not hung up with those people they're just about doing things and about making things happen you know great examples -- the Billie Jean -- -- the world. You know -- people were saying women tennis wasn't good enough she says. -- -- show you you know so. I mean I'm never bond -- those people let's kind of like the 99 inning with a celebration there was 99%. Great feedback and of course 1% -- like why. You know you answer the questions and it's good for debate but ultimately. There's a lot of positive out there and I think you know women in sports are great role models they're great ambassadors for young girls. We need more of them in my opinion -- you know out there in the public we need more of that in the media. There's a lot of lessons young girls. Are now starting to get because of title nine. Right because of title nine is -- the fortieth anniversary. That they are now getting a chance to participate and learn the lessons and ways of always -- than those of the things that we talked about some of your role models female athlete role models has -- my mother you know my mother was a businesswoman before that was invoked so to speak and -- she would embarrass me and at least in Hong kind she's like no. You know if someone says no -- -- just find a different solution and she's the probably the person in my life that I look that I would look to for answers. But Billie Jean King you know I was it was a remember I grew up. -- -- the sixties. Babies so. You know there weren't a lot of teen sports out there I was actually watching NFL and men -- team sports I was thought I would be in in the -- That's -- on -- Because -- word that I see women plane heading that way. Well it will -- -- -- let you know I think it's important for women to have their place in professional sports because not there might not be. An excessive amount of of women out there who want to strive to be a professional athlete but maybe -- -- -- be the lawyer for the team when the doctor for the general manager of the owner. And those should those opportunities should exist. To get frustrated when it seems like a lot of young girls today kind of get caught up on. Appearance. Fame celebrity that kind of thing and how would you suggest parents -- them into. Getting interest in sports when they -- -- Well I'm you know I'm not a professional on in this area but I think what I've learned through -- my own experiences that sports make you feel good. And when you feel good about yourself you can stand tall you can have a big voice you can make a difference. And it's not it's not a bad thing to feel good about the way you look or or. You know go out -- and be a big big presence I think that's great for girls but it's not the only thing that. Girls are more than one dimension and I think. Now they're starting to assert themselves because they're learning these lessons and sports there. They're speaking out for themselves are standing talent and I think that's why for me as a mom even on a mom of two boys. And I run a nonprofit for girls I think it's really important for all kids to have that lesson. -- you have to stand up for yourself you have to be strong and you have to fall down sometimes and make mistakes but you're gonna get through it. -- -- were female generation of athletes -- any one of them that you have your I think perhaps she's she's great. Well you know I'm partial to -- into the US women's national team so -- -- of course she just broke me -- all time scoring record. And I've known her for many years and we've played together she's a wonderful example Alex Morgan is another up and coming player with the US women's national team. You know not only does she play well she's educated. She she has a really bright future I think she understands -- responsibility that she's given as a role model also. Those are two specifics that it. I think -- will make a difference branded test and it's been great -- -- good luck with -- thank you never like us like this kind of hanging out I can't thank you some --

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{"duration":"8:26","description":"The World Cup champion credits Nyad for not being \"hung up on naysayers\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"20252922","title":"Soccer Star Brandi Chastain Calls Diana Nyad 'A Great Role Model For Girls","url":"/Entertainment/video/soccer-star-brandi-chastain-calls-diana-nyad-great-20252922"}