Son of music icon Quincy Jones talks new health documentary

ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks to Quincy Jones III and Feel Good Inc. CEO Shawn Ullman about their new documentary, "Feel Rich: Health Is the New Wealth."
16:48 | 05/03/17

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Transcript for Son of music icon Quincy Jones talks new health documentary
Food and honor to not live here in New York I'm really excited to tell you about a new documentary you have to check out. Coming very soon and we're really excited if you a little preview. And behind his conversation with the men behind it's called feel rich healthy he's the new wealth and joining us here in studio I the co executive producers. Quincy. 23 may twenty meters on iTunes on iTunes amendment into streams on Netflix during the summer fabulous health as the new well you actually said in the documentary it's the most important project you've ever worked on this coming for a man. Who has won multiple awards multi platinum recording artist. Black flies it's important. I mean in all glued documentaries that have done it's always to Niles raised from a father Quincy Jones who always taught me. That have an underlying mission with everything you do now because when times get tough if you're doing a for greater cause. When you get that energy to keep going right. And so you know we've pumped literacy we did a two part documentary where we use is sort of life talk about how many books he read and to get his. Fans into the reading books and literacy and stuff and so with health you know it's the urban communities. Over indexing on on health problems but right now. It's not something that's top of mines that we want to make this documentary. And had to work with a lot of rappers I know that behind closed doors regardless of what you see in music videos their super healthy behind closed doors most of the time. And that's who wanna show so everybody in movies you know back to back to back is talking about same thing is how passionate they are about health. I think is really the first time we've heard them all talk about it. So we're hoping that the same influence they have. You know with fashion and everything else will carry over. It for me it was incredible to seat the range of voices. You guys had an economy that gave you pack show you that everybody. And it semi decent it's the first time we heard from a lot of them talking really passionately. How important health and wellness how part of that. To get the news talk about. It actually wasn't really hard to so you know I've worked with Q before and and we saw that a lot of these hip pop artists were actually living a healthy lifestyle but. There was an a brand aura pop warmer a film that really captured and so that's what we wanted to do in. Once we you know sat them down it was really hard to get them this stay quiet about it you know I think it was something that's so different. It's not the normal question that they're being in the past and so it's something that they're extremely passionate about its that are extremely passionate. To teach the community about it. And so those a lot of fun and a lot of energy use you know we have. Flight over 300 hours of footage because artists just kept on talking and talking and talking. We're doing an interview with our mental world peace you know basketball players and they said you know I got twenty minutes so let's wrap this up pretty quick. Says we talked about meditation and yoga and you can cancel its next meeting. Think you know those slick a lot of people don't know like people like common and Dr. Dre Medicaid's. You know it's it's just. It's a little known fact you know but a lot of these guys I really helped beacons you know. 12 it causes SA the fun thing about the documentary is is that you know. We captured a moment of where hip hop is helping the country get healthy and you're seeing a lot of these artists. Going back and not only talking about it but they're open up businesses in the community. Like you know styles he is opening up the juice bar and and the Bronx and Brooklyn and you know slim thugs got hustle thin Paul crystal wall have you know there mix it studios in Houston so. There's is really exciting movement happening in that's you know with the documentaries about. The one of the coolest things I thought you did was give a little bit of history lesson due to give context to why we're having this conversation why the disparities exist and why did you think it was important to include pat. Because I think a lot of times when you live in the community it's hard for you to zoom out and says see you see it in context with the rest of the world. And so I think this movie will tease that urban community about itself but I also think penalties outsiders about their thing and helped build brands announced I think. Sieve wellness and meditation is one part of who would it was a huge part of it Tommie Liddell that some of the key terms we talk about it is visiting a lot of people out there. Don't even after many airing this and you talk about why the disparities exist. He touched on food test train kept telling. I mean there's there is where the for miles and miles and miles there's no place even if you wanted to buy you know like grow vegetables you couldn't find them anywhere it's mostly liquor stores cigarettes Beers. In a fast food fried chicken so people are sort of trapped in these food deserts you know and I think that you know. I'm if you don't know any better that's all you see so. It's not really something that they can even reach for it's not an Armenian area and some people may not even have the financial means to. To travel the distance it would take to go find healthier food again. So what we showed the documentary is city's urban gardens are popping up everywhere that I see you have guys like Ron Finley who are building you know Irving guardians and and sausage roll in you have you know popping up in fifth ward Houston and and you know you went with stick and and a fee in Atlanta. And then Detroit so what's happening is. You know these free or you know these urban gardens they're all free. And Ron Finley says in the documentary it's like I didn't need to put a fence around this because. I want people to take the physically you can't eat all the food that you know you grow from a guard and so. I think again there's this movement happening it's very exciting to see. You know Ron Finley says we have the best thing is that. Gardens in new gangs. I think a bit like fat lies it's very empowering too because if you don't if you can't trust your food sources you know where this stuff is coming from grows well yes but there's the basic education behind this to and you include the acting innocently 80% of the population live in urban areas now. That something I don't think most people now also just the optics of seeing someone like Jimmy Dupree. Talking do you like sitting there eating like a really healthy green salad right I that was crucial I think at some of the messaging and who. Yeah I think goes really important like not just with yummy like Jermaine but also like seen fat Joseph if you know 24 cared diamonds and precisely sunglasses you know talking about. How you know he just walks for thirty minutes today. I think the important thing is is that you know in wet feel rich is all about is really just kind of blaming the health message and and kind of hip hop. Coulter together yep and and also letting people know I think a lot of people especially in Irving communities there they're intimidated by getting healthy they think it's gonna require this huge life change but you know fragile talks about he said all I did was walk more. And I cut out. Starts and replaced of the vegetables. Hundred pounds you know I think that's one thing we want people take away from this movie is that it's actually easier than you think it's not it's hard and it's cheaper than anything. Well this is the other thing that you're talking to guys let's be honest they're all really well established right they've been around for awhile. It's part of this just sort of the maturity that comes with age that they they all had the chance early in their careers that do it they wanted to do half behind punish their bodies and now I think is when they're taking. Can control what they found this is that so when they became healthier yet. Their business improved you know they looked better wake up an endorsement absolutely. So if if there's no other motivate or let that be it. I'm not helpers knew well. That you all showed he she'll guys in. But the ECU patch I was talking about the treadmill and they used to eat him on the treadmill today and into the game with an Alley to mix up my workout routine and eat him on this hike. Mountain waterfall human. Who did it happen. I felt like he was very they're very vulnerable you know vessels following never we have muscles and stuff it's the kind of the opposite of which you expect the bravado. Sweating it sorted not a physically they've had sent it themselves and their careers. Is that at. Culture shift that with this just specific to this topic do you think they're willing to do that. What we wanted is that you know I think that rappers think that maybe. If they talk too much about being healthy and drinking juice it might hurt or street cred. So what's happening with this movie is there all kind of coming out of the same time commitment saying that there's. Their health fanatics and enemies in this I think straighter and numbers and come together and our hope is that from here on its OK and then becomes viable business plan for hip pop as well. There is asking about this though because we the talk about wellness and meditation and a few of the voices you interviewed. Talk about how they learn over time that the materialistic side is something they need to shunt for their own personal. Wellness but there's a lot of that when it comes to hip hop and what it's built on an a lot of earlier X and the messaging. Can it really move away from that. I think so because you know if you look at his hip hop fashion. Keeping it real was the rule and have 56 years ago right. And come here for over ring skinny jeans and they got ridiculed now you get ridiculous iTunes and baggage. So changes can happen if the right people are speaking. And putting the message out that I so that's what we wanna do this definitely feel like there's a shift. Captain in hip hop in and that. Health is becoming more. Of an apparent kind of topic mean you always had. Russell talking them Russell summits talking about yoga meditation now you have people like stick man from Atlanta who from dead Prez whose. Creating all of a whole new culture of music called ship pop and you know he just released an album called the work out words like twelve tracks. Yoga meditation and working out running and talking about being hedonism and the beat surveys and so I think you're gonna start seeing more and more hip hop artist. You know explore this avenue. Do you think it's coming as a result of like immoral in contests or is this like you said it helps their business to so just I think if you go to any urban community around the world really. Over 67%. Of those households that children are being raised by a single mothers so rappers take on exaggerated role. So I think that anytime when you have multiple people with influence from specially from hip hop. Saying something you know kids take it. They've taken cues from that began almost automatically because that's who they can relate to if you don't know fathered on new look it's easier to me and Dupree of whoever might be. So I think that effect is very strong who surprised you the most in any of their is that what they chose to revealer what they share. I would think pawn crystal. You know they they were so. Authentic in and real you know and allowed us into their home with their children. You know Paul is very open about he had to have gastric bypass. Surgery because of you know kind of the hip hop lifestyle that he was you know live mean. And it was really interesting to see that once he got healthy and crystal got healthy and now the kids are getting healthy and now. You know crystals leaving a huge movement in Houston Texas. You know helping you know kind of this this that a community get healthy as well so I think the walls are you know we're really interesting story just because they they were so authentic and and. Willing to show everything for me it was everybody I spent my whole life working people like to drains you and all these guys. And it wasn't until we made this documentary that I learned this other side and would ozone related. And that proves it a little secret club vehicle that. And it each person currently due to some when you like yeah. Exactly in the year so haven't been in have thought my whole life this reinvented. How you and I see it. That's how powerful sort of this this movement as you know it's it's I think it's gonna have a huge. Interesting impact on people because they're they're not gonna see it coming you know content movement don't wait what would you like to see happen look at the fact he thinks he can. That that the light I mean when I've watched the dock for the first time the rough cut and tonight I couldn't believe seeing my culture coming back in this way right it's a whole new version of it. I think that's what we hope people take away from and is like they can see a new. That a new part of himself. In the film significantly to these characters. And I think that I think it would be very difficult. For people to hold on to all the statements that they haven't had about hip hop after the questions well. I mean fat Joe's speaking in extremely intelligently about health you can tell he's educated himself he could tell he really cares is really pass and I think it will give. Hip hop. Back its powers you know it started off as a messaging platform and we kind of moved away from that it became more materialistic this is bringing back the substance. And I hope people see. In documentary and spire like about a health hustlers ligaments help us yeah help parents limit like advice for young entrepreneurs out there who realize that. There is an opportunity to create. Not only just a lifestyle that businesses in the community around health problem. Smith and help helping communities Erica let's just touch for second on some of those disparities that you guys cover so well in the film. In African American pennies their two times were likely to suffer a stroke than in white American communities. If touted BC trends continue this could be the first generation that does not live. Longer and better lives than their parents which is striking. To hear that come across scared see Aaron. And do you think that that's starting to resonate now let me deep that the guy he talked to were they aware a feast that there was a personal choice that they're just following through on. I think there are aware of it I think there's a shift happening in the communities in in the culture around health and one on this. And that you're seen the community now or this generation trying to break generational bad habits. Now we're kind of laid from you know from previous generations. And they're looking for healthier options and they're looking for ways to live a you know more kind of I guess the filled and then and happier life span so I definitely feel like there's a shift happening in the community. And it just about the documentary I mean this is sort of the starting point a lot of people entry point but feel rich ink and is a whole external threat based on mammy in the whole world is multiplatform than so we have to be everywhere they are otherwise. You know we may not do get the masses to everybody's. And just about this idea feeling. Good that comes up again and again was it something you came up plant and seeded out there with a something you were hearing from people because a lot of people talk about this town. Will the notion of terrorists I think is that it comes from inside and right now we're pursuing a lot of our well being from outside you know we're drinking smoking. You know buying new clothes expensive things but it doesn't actually change how you feel so that the notion of feeling rich is is that it comes from inside and I think that's what we want to. These people yeah. Matt I would say were a true millennial company that. Our message is really that health is the new wealth and it doesn't matter if it's. The documentary are live events that we did it the Super Bowl you know we put on the first ever fitness concert with the NFL and Super Bowl in Houston. Or if it's our social media outlets we're really pushing the masses. You know that it. That you know help is the new well. And you know Q and I worked together for her fifteen years and and I saw these tipoff artists really living a healthy lifestyle. So we came out with the idea and we wanted to name that was. Kind of sexy and you know patchy and it was about feeling rich inside but it's also named after my parents Phyllis and Richard. That victory can the united Atlanta yeah Andrea logo are you seeing out there you go to Brian plans and design manufacture and Braylon that. And didn't hear a little bit. That is the way. That's critical eye. Just a person I could listen to comments speak for ever and Vicki that something close to the area that really struck me about how. Taking care of yourself and taking care it was showing yourself and yes in some way that was the most powerful. Self love is the masses of the film. And you know. That's that is the message that's the take away and that it's a lot easier than you think you know and I think you know single mothers. Is it is a big part of the target them all because they. Really are the ones raising the kids so they have influence. On with me. Well congratulations. There aren't enough so everyone they're good to see it may twenty ferry. On the united dreams and Netflix in the summer may 23 2008. There it is. Until Rick Clancy amen thanks and thank you and went for thanks to you at this hour you can always go to for more. For now I'm on the net some feedback here.

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{"id":47184170,"title":"Son of music icon Quincy Jones talks new health documentary ","duration":"16:48","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks to Quincy Jones III and Feel Good Inc. CEO Shawn Ullman about their new documentary, \"Feel Rich: Health Is the New Wealth.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/son-music-icon-quincy-jones-talks-health-documentary-47184170","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}