Songwriter Dan Wilson on working with Adele and the Dixie Chicks

Singer Dan Wilson discusses songwriting and his latest collaborations
7:46 | 07/31/17

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Transcript for Songwriter Dan Wilson on working with Adele and the Dixie Chicks
And will spend on live from the couch the new album is recovered out August 4 you are singing the songs you have written for and win. So many other artists I would ask you about that process about songwriting. Do you generally work this. Same with every month he didn't you write songs for other people if you sit down with someone and say what is that you wanted to say men. It's usually more like the last one or sometimes like from of like being a fan of music. Probably. Would be most likely to go in. With an idea of what I will as a fan would want to hear from that that person I say but. I don't necessarily to sleep in and say that's that's what I want to do because I have to make sure that it's a good idea. Like my thought my idea might not be as good lately it's is their idea says sometimes as a matter of just like shooting the breeze in like. Talking about what's our life right now usually are you know usually a first session with somebody involves a little bit of getting to you and sometimes. The thing in a person's life it's most suitable for a song. They almost came to see in Arabic dates can't recognize that it would make a great song because they just think of it as the dumb facts of their own life. Generally means so thank you have to pull that I say it a conversation with somebody that thing you just told me about what happened last weekend. Would be an amazing song and quite often device now that's just my dumb like you know people don't always read away realize that. They're living their own time epic journey you know and and we're just trying to find ways to like. Create music from that people can like. Inhabit them like field for themselves. That one's on you just saying fourth of course went on to win so many award and dealt with asked about the songwriting Experian. And working with view and she described in a very intense way she said that you had her on her hands and knees crying her eyes out. This just doesn't think about you is the sweetest. That that really makes her open. As an artist packing. Well. I mean. It works both ways. For me to like I if I'm working with somebody. For us to get to really intense place. Talking about a song you you have to have a lot of trust happening and it kind of needs to armistice spring up irrigated area don't. That's that's an even force our trick someone into. Has to be like real. And I think. One thing about me and other artists is that I have been. Through the mill as far as like you know having mounds singles and have him around and envy and charging him and you know touring all the all the silly stuff you have to go through on tour and of glorious beautiful stuff like have those in my life and so. If I'm writing was somebody I'm not there in the position of like. Oh I'm just this cold professional who's gonna try to make a hit. You know the material at hand I'm of I'm one of them. So we can't. Identify. Each other. Do this wonderful Ceres where you for forum. Your music and you've had such an incredible solo career to and then you talk about the story behind the song has not a lot of people. Stealing public especially. Regularly so what's the story. Behind someone like you. Half I was probably a bunch of stories com. I guess one story is that. I've done and I met for the first time in the studio this tiny little place in in the Hollywood very small. Has a high ceiling and Scarlett and you know which is our it would really warm. Otherwise it's very modestly in very homey. Not fancy anyway and she him. She one of the things she did that was so funny was she played me a whole bunch of clips by that rockabilly star Wanda Jackson. But this very unexpected cold wind up watching all these hilarious clips from the fifties of this artists that she admired. And I think she wants you just watch out I'm watching this so amazing I like we just ended up watching all these clips tomatoes like so like forthright and like. She wasn't like you know we weren't getting down to business are like you know who wasn't this. She's like so excited about Wanda Jackson that whoever crossed her path is you have to watch foreign objects. But I actually got a started off on an opponent into sing. But because. It wasn't like. Okay here is the hits of the day that we're gonna try to like be you know this is our competition you know this is what's hot right that was we should this thing. It was this craze a league like. Outdated. But super amazing. Artist to you know. I had never heard via Brussels and it was super fun to see. That level of sort of truce and passion and humor Wanda Jackson is very Blake sassy funny intense performers so. But it felt so it really put I think in a way whether it may be a Dell has like a master plan at all times but in this amazing. Frame of mind with that first bike half forty minutes watching clips and YouTube. You have worked across so many different genres you didn't think that impresses me there's no it's not like you only work wins you know ballads or country you've done at all open. And you're missing another song force in just a second right yeah and the Dixie chick yes tell me the story behind. Well not ready to make nice there's a lot of stories behind that to I would say. It was a very. It was a very collaborative sessions with them is that three. Three of them and me so the four of us writing the song. And we integrating a lot of songs together this is a second when we have coverage it together and down. We all. You know basically I think the agreement was we're gonna try to like wrestle with the elephant in the room you know they're they're political. Troubles with the bush administration and blacklisted by country radio and things like that. They'd been outspoken at the time for contacts those who forgotten about President Bush and the war in Iraq when a lot of people felt very strongly. People so they they shouldn't have open them Allison and that they shouldn't they should just stick singing and they they were very much disagreement the band delegation builders are about what they believe and so I I guess are kind of basic approach was we're gonna write something is. As as directly involving that as we possibly can while keeping it like emotionally real like it's gotta be about life it can't be it. Just all about politics has and is just preaching and that's boring. So we try to keep it about life about the experience that they had about Natalie Stoops stance you know it'll. And dumb. Because just process whereas Ariel say is I. The move the morning after our first session we wrote another song called it so Hartmann doesn't come easy. That next morning I woke up had a bunch of espresso and it fell out of this thing that my relatives might say back in Minnesota. I'm not ready to make nice. It just felt like that was what the band was trying to tell me you know in our conversations that they before instead I brought that I did to them they're like oh we. As a combination of air you're Minneapolis roots and a lot of us who has as well my Minneapolis roots Edmonton hanging out with three Texan. Ladies and immutable nominated.

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