Soulja Boy discusses 'Marriage Boot Camp,' his recent drama and music

The rapper joins ABC Radio to discuss reality TV, speaks out about Kanye West's recent actions, his comeback into the entertainment industry and his upcoming film.
18:07 | 01/16/19

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Transcript for Soulja Boy discusses 'Marriage Boot Camp,' his recent drama and music
It's canceling an ABC radio and I'm very excited because I have V one the only eat. Eligible AK man Phillips so demand that's right back and yet. I you done. Good gut OK so you have been making headlines. After only gone up the blog gets all that but right now want to touch on why we're really here today which is talk about. Mary aides who can't attract the hip hop edition and Thursday January 17. Apple and on on this show all my goodness first stop I have to ask you don't want to be a part of this. Eyes on May munger have yet to do show her or problems within residential phone town increase so with love and impala. Hollywood so he knows who want to go to do they have he would do with who have done using those who went may have the senate as acting V inductees in known entire we TV. Announced you know it was a fun time. Right now you as you mentioned it hasn't been a relationship. For like ten hours on off on that's one of the things that you know everybody comes to understand and observers say okay for August timely way together. Why not get married you mean you might you are like a longstanding couple. You know and of course we're talking about this ms. Reilly the beautiful very talented woman that that you are have been with. You know. Why why wasn't in that period EU LD I know you kind of wanted to be married but why he felt like it never and they act. Unknown pain as I'm being an artist we see young been catapulted into stardom and dozens of fame and under the age becomes would lie in Willis is slated goes on mineralized groupies in my -- excuses though by this though. You know Kansas I was young to run mountains is. Being young London you know mess would every bureau in to see how many because acting here. Now saenz is. You know he abusing my fame is amount piling on Simba. As as me being young and only know nine grown. Neither woman. Seven man whom fan know. You gonna. At the end like us that dad for its hard you know her child knew I had that taught you any. Lessons on being a father. Being who knows though who loses. Santos mats. As thousands of reasons this is fun. Yeah now this experience I feel is real key. Will give you a crash course in a lot of things they don't relationship. I I I know that this is a show where you kindly it all out on the table. What do you feel has been the most eye opening experiences. From marriage. X. Now licensees community unit of stuff that I'm saying that I learned is this just like on the show. And you go like to balance the last man two you know mean you know rule violation issue. In the hill knew my career this is a person and and in no it is eight millennium but I learned to live though definitely. Yeah now any of that knowledge you have some I think there's. Any of that knowledge. Did that now make you think OK I know what I need to duty keep this relationship intact and on market. Yeah. Here you know had some yellow emblem on seven you know about. NN I'm glad it a game. And this is means that everybody don't get to do because. On the celebrity in Nome famous so I can be on TV show cause men who can only have views are prone. The average person can do that taking Colombian TV show invert their. TV show. You know who. I'm joined. Now I ask am I know we gotta to an end. January 17 please do not miss this because he's been bringing information to what would what. And all the actual people that you are starting at we got block a flock Amy were there. Now we know big bear in Mary it would not mall. Little thing is needed just like political line. On the learning about their experiences. Change your mind and in any mean or make you feel a certain way we've been out OK I know not every -- act or out what they went through. Really makes me look at. Relationship and love different. Yeah I think you're buying them from each other and you know mean in particular the couple's. You know situation. And you learn from me you period TO it and you definitely. But the real feed a feed children who have while it was in the house we often enough vision in his letter from returning. You know yeah. Our wedding bells in the air. Realizes. Whom. January 10. And how right now how understood to be in vain and just tune in we TV 10 o'clock retain a nine. Management community apart in addition. A while boot camp and you know even just the fun that was going home and Myanmar and attention. I talk about relationships you have a lot of friendly relationship with you know all of your colleagues in the rap game two doesn't choice words over the next last month. I just touching a briefly on some of it because. You know I think a lot of headlines and I'm just curious where all the stuff stands. One senior recent thoughts on kind he bless I mean you know. Technically speaking you'll definitely were a spearhead in the game we acknowledge and become wants old boy you know everybody with a man NA we give credit where credit is due. Because I'm young young I'm younger. A package of a better this way so you know Oda are his they western union's in the machine understanding. Eight to secede was it was Nixon was known for some really high here every day on ridden. And home. I can wrote a whole shoe company call your arms and I was. Says a teenager soda from noon seen enemies those like. I'm the first rap they come out what is all video game costs. I came home owned video game console kind you know we did it. Miller says so is lightly meanwhile Disney's the job uses radio. As a zoning views and I think he doing with its front man mountains like and now everybody that they on the team and has heightened do that to people. No we've been doing know my granddaddy vent to my great men and migrate Ramon was a slave in Afghanistan and into slavery name on the Mississippi where racism is you exist unanimous and hoses like yield. I feel like his voice is to being as too big of a platform that uses his voice moves mountains you know and since those like you put that front and on what you just confuse Navajo community unanimous in is that did you do was let it. For that we room. Feel betrayed now Sam for and Ireland against childhood trauma no samba at saint you don't. He don't stand for what I stand for being on a saying he separates people. Ends like I'm. When I can't RS is seventeen years old crank missiles would have song was to bring people that he you know you see are people knows this and together the basketball and football games in the parties and you see day light black white men stare right came together you know. And I feel like it's front is like you know stand for a stand for he separated people eat some of the Milan the mystical. And compromises you sound like crazy stuff and enclave for him indoors getting close I'm just confused don't wobble Chris. Don't need the money you don't need to cut you Ari famous light why are you doing these unanimous and so does is gonna confuse me in a filet. He just auditions at fleeing on semi hiding long run on stage. And taking Michael to those who have been our. Her MTV is certain speed IE do it. Active president I have done my lows those who know them problem now is an imagined my muscles of the use of an award and in used to run and can't read my from. Final world million and there's an idea that's not right and and a standing USO skews because I was struck on him see. Does not good little brown you know. Upsets you the most is that the fact of his political views 'cause some have said OK it's our. Because maybe he's polar. Or there could be other issues why he said that so it's on his political views is one thing a lot of the stuff that he has said have attributed it. Two of the fact that you know he's dealing with a man who struggled so. A mangoes and investing Kaydon. You know I wish him the vision on assembly. At the same time they say he's taken medicine he's taken me as he's being treaty in understand this for ages. At the wrong people around them because it should never get to the point where you don't want both have detained close. Because you have bearishness of the coaches and people call things as how we and isn't the unanimous and love Connie was he knew the housing fan I was a big fan going on distancing him 'cause dropped by EMI's albums. It is like is the same time he's just stunned and angry we and I want to speak on. We respect you for doing that I mean everybody is welcome to have their opinion and say what they feel. We need to say specifically with the fact that you know you've made some valid points about wary. You don't you were one of those in my opinion because I listen to your music. You know you really did bring this this kind of a evolution of of you know part of this. Kind of hip pop culture that we see today and I definitely figures here. A part of act. Part of that his you are that makes. Now I'm just curious because you know you you are very vocal and I think I don't know all I feel like you had amazing year 2018. What I guess people felt like tiger also did very well why you feel like it was it was sold. Frustrating to hear that tiger was like the break out person. Come back as Tuesday and 2000 AT&T. Can be August think it is you know. I imagine those he felt like I had the biggest comeback that's when you see you know and tied it and number income meg in the. Images fakes moments and tied at a record. You know he had a record which would offset from amigos and now in the eyes reckoned but. That's not accommodate you know losing had a record would meet demonized but that show label mate isn't that this veggies the polls and those refugees. You know in his is that when you would give me I was were rose to have our city our roasted Trout and jubilation are rolls from. A boxing match on ESP you know Chris Brown's plane packets of adding idol and trainer Floyd Mayweather it's fillets. V fluids in me knows I'm I want affront new bottom for every by taking my crew is over how articles beast of being in. Have an endorsement deal with fashion over you know with sound card EB. They haven't and brand new wreckage do. We even one to have in a new TV show. All we TV every Thursday and and it's and it cuts who. Had in my home video game console is so according mean thousands sales and one day. Like who might. I'd only had a wreck Idaho movement a wave and that's even a mention mumbled it is coming out these years. Sold what a movie news came B real. Is coming out when he nineteen are eyeing him CPA. Those light I'm not saying that I had a bay year would understand. From where I came from our rules are leaf and a bottom from doubts. Hades and everything to. ABC radio. In this ideal it would kinda do you talk about tied at eight tied to its Travis got that guy Jennifer and tighten. As its we talk about right now. It's like it is stated in my article very man owe him some money. While the Berman all tight and let them grow Burma are always paid me I never you've flown at the Miami papers to the decision paid mob cars. Pave my pores prove my house paid my jury put money in my party. Burma now hold tight and no money packages go did you get a commercial mount publicly insulated it's very maladies that money. S Dennis Dodd destiny he changed your life in gave the opportunity rent with the wind an abyss about parties every. And you go a city owned Menino is just a little things like me that I just don't just don't like. I think I I don't underestimate you bet. Like this has definitely been a very full circle experience I mean obviously we're going to be to a Nina January 7 yeah Yamaichi you have mentioned outs in the. I am because. Is gone beyond my season man I'm so glad to be who we TV news business. Crate from your great to have Foreman. And we long does it had years and years to come of great TV for ER and is this a great place for me to tell my story my growth can tell us Larry. And we teases homes mean make the best TV. And in its name a possible foot of people nonsense yeah. And I got some news things coming council sat to define lamented ended a laugh when men are sent our little mosey on the first check he's our region. Sending million views in the mine on YouTube right now sixteen year old he won't crazy. Salute is wrong. This abuse. And how collaborative. Whopper like this on him he's on the show little Mo. It's and learn. Yeah America's commonality blues on the TV show of Asia. An iPod as rejecting before but I I remember covering so much baca. You know battle Royale that multiples the happened. Your own words happy incidents this by any I was excited. They basically outside Chris Brown Karmi. Newsman because I like the pitcher of cruise she some I was sorry end and those who -- about those broke. And he's like he wanted to fight me cry Ager brought news and at the gym so pick who. A new running came to million dollars us and I'm not fighting Chris Brown for me analysis to achieve anymore and so Flemmi was a union send millions are sick who assignment they've worked. And owned cruise cruise cruise never signed his country. And end the fighting got. Cleared up him allocates they'll now for the as a new music comes from a talk to a woman has all in the pencils no problems when. Reconciliation because Catholic obviously Baird who can't. Jason we needing other wheat and absolutely. And. Home. All my friends is in a man this is is still as is so nice movie you know leave a clip which you can take a ticket out. I love that out just just to make sure because there's been a lot of talk on the blog and before we go. Everybody let's watch in an listening right now via. Well look any type of around. Com I never do says while life changing free. I I'm not judge I just. Because I'm such a real present day I would love to city aideed whose idea that our loved Teddy if I did them enough okay. I have I'm helping others think few woods is. Moon. Mike miles my story is she sounds so crazy to be true so when I talk is sounds crazy. You know kind 800 you know he's crazy was like he owes his affects all of the crazy like my song when number one has because you know when -- worth thirty million. A violent crazy that is so gonna sound crazy today at his present because they never experienced this they came walking watcher who knows him. Anal June who who. John Souza maybe as they drove free from. Sorry I think. Eight. The. ABC than weights and a relay a man it was a wise not comment abused or use those with the Euro gained just in time for the birthday present. Court for each. That's right we see and in every dosing ninth and answer day marriage can't. Pop but this is canceling signing optional and students booed so.

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{"duration":"18:07","description":"The rapper joins ABC Radio to discuss reality TV, speaks out about Kanye West's recent actions, his comeback into the entertainment industry and his upcoming film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"60402016","title":"Soulja Boy discusses 'Marriage Boot Camp,' his recent drama and music","url":"/Entertainment/video/soulja-boy-discusses-marriage-boot-camp-recent-drama-60402016"}