Spice Girls 'Proud' of 'Viva Forever' Play

Band members attend world premiere of the stage show based loosely on the British pop group.
1:31 | 12/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spice Girls 'Proud' of 'Viva Forever' Play
-- girls walked the red carpet last night reunion of sorts. It's time for the world -- launch of the new play war the vote for ever. -- -- -- -- proud and I didn't think. And yeah. It's. Every -- -- The many uses their music and is loosely inspired by their life. Group before -- of them want women who form a band trying to make it isn't my name when he sees something that we I didn't I didn't tiny -- studio at. We'll see you again in its -- -- -- cleaning off alone and -- Yeah. Baby yeah. Okay -- My heart out these judges should not found yet but it would be a girl bound with that -- -- -- and cruel and -- had -- him refused to -- the red carpet with her abandoning naturally. Seemed to take on her Alter ego and the math. -- You've lost to be. Other women. Instead showed up solo -- famous husband and he would. It really touches my hall that he needs joyful. It does bring -- philosophy. Behind how limit tasteful Tiffany. No matter how old law more young people with them now I'll help themselves message is still the day. Girl power -- -- thing ever. For Good Morning America and -- -- -- ABC news London.

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{"id":17942547,"title":"Spice Girls 'Proud' of 'Viva Forever' Play","duration":"1:31","description":"Band members attend world premiere of the stage show based loosely on the British pop group.","url":"/Entertainment/video/spice-girls-proud-viva-forever-play-17942547","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}