Stars come out for 'Dumbo' premiere

The cast and crew of Disney's "Dumbo" hit the red carpet in Los Angeles for the premiere.
2:00 | 03/13/19

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Transcript for Stars come out for 'Dumbo' premiere
We're out the broken out of stumbled CNN Hollywood tonight the life action remake directed by Tim Burton. It's inspired by Disney's original animated film I'm minutes did you almost eight decades ago and tonight we got to talk to some of the cast wouldn't like to be involved in this movie. Here's what the hats today. Welcome being eaten. Mountains used. In the house moon. He is and make this is amazing is such an incredible minds and inspiring and amazing to ask it's amazing that is just a dream team. It was easy because I eat pray not loving he's got his prison on the recommended that huge inspiration to me. And just to see them infants in the nut cracking votes diet. One of the best. That's what I said and he's the way. They could do dumbo. And I think you understand it. I don't lose. You know he's very sensitive about something that's way we are all different you don't need. Dell thinks we have to. Fly over its. Stand you have to you know use that Sadler filing that tendency you can. Obama calls you know I think we all need this week. Chaotic. This is softening I think that takes place in the hearts of more than one reminding them away as a result of how helpless. But also how much it. It's as different. Kind sweet gum always stumble grades certain parts of this film together in a way that they may not have come together wherever his existence. And then hits theaters on March 29 I'm Stacey ten and you're watching ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"The cast and crew of Disney's \"Dumbo\" hit the red carpet in Los Angeles for the premiere.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"61646800","title":"Stars come out for 'Dumbo' premiere","url":"/Entertainment/video/stars-dumbo-premiere-61646800"}