Co-stars and fans remember TV icon Luke Perry

Co-stars and fans alike have shown an outpouring support for actor Luke Perry after he died from a stroke at the age of 52.
2:18 | 03/05/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Co-stars and fans remember TV icon Luke Perry
In Hollywood the treaty is continuing to pour rain. For TV star Luke Perry after his sudden death yesterday. ABC's arena who that is live in Hollywood and her Mena. What's the what's the mood like there. He's at the actor Luke Perry best known for his role as Dylan McKay on nine two when out passed away yesterday at the agency beats you. He was rushed to the hospital last Wednesday after suffering a massive stroke. He just didn't recover front he was surrounded by his family those last eight up until the end including his two children his fiancee his ex wife. Siblings parents a lot of close family and Kerry rose to fame. As that bad bowling heartthrob Dylan McKay in nineteen Leno and more recently in the last couple years as eight data heartthrob. On the CW Riverdale as a Freddie Andrews Archie and his his father and cast mates from both those shows and numerous projects throughout the years. Having sharing their love and support on social media where the actor. It was a shock to solve many as so many people who stand leans in and his day sentencing mean. I remember watching him on 9021 else Dana later as would nine or ten not allowed to walk outside at Ulanova just wanted to see. Look very and the and the rest of the gang. I think we're we're looking at a tweet from Patricia Arquette there are saying. Tweeting Luke Perry irreplaceable beautiful and that kind human being incredible friend generous actor and it. Things we heard about loop hairy it was just reading yesterday that. He was on the flights in there was childhood and screaming and crying on the plane the entire time he got up and gave that you know child a balloon he apparently carried balloons with him. All the time while flying just to you know handed out to kids on planes of these are just some of the sentiments that we heard about Luke. Perry and stories like that again anything stand out and handy and handler every one. I mean all the studios he worked with the president PW they all shared a message yesterday saying he was a great role model to all those younger actors on Riverdale. Giggled cast mates nothing but nice things to say about him he was an activist during the writers strike zone. Nice he will beaten severely man's. Absolutely and running through that live in Hollywood forest thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"Co-stars and fans alike have shown an outpouring support for actor Luke Perry after he died from a stroke at the age of 52. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"61484813","title":"Co-stars and fans remember TV icon Luke Perry","url":"/Entertainment/video/stars-fans-remember-tv-icon-luke-perry-61484813"}