Stars of 'Long Road Home' on their new miniseries

"Long Road Home," starring Kate Bosworth and Michael Kelly, is based on a book by ABC News' Martha Raddatz.
7:36 | 11/08/17

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Transcript for Stars of 'Long Road Home' on their new miniseries
Everyone and I and then he has soc weight with ABC news coming to you live for the second my extremists stand up for heroes. We're here joined by some pretty special people mark their Kate bonds lower. Just one cent at that used it dying. Other I mean it is my home. You guys you know along our home is premiering this evening so Martha like kind of ask you what. Led for you to turn this into something that was televised since it was based on the book. Your program I am in the original story was an ABC news and I interviewed those soldiers right after the battle ended June. Interviews them like share intimate detail and they're saying you're connected to that story for ever. And then we get these fantastic. Actresses like Kate Bosworth to play the family members do. She's very modest about this but she has been a wonderful wonderful advocate for veterans network connecting with the families. U you can't please you can't tell you. She. Any thinking it down any she's just such an incredible woman. Her husband Troy it was deploy aid from foreign and switches where they lived and she. I just feel very honored to play her and I and I and I keep reiterating comments. That I'd be all honored to be a part of this whole journey because we live in a time where it. We've become T desensitized. To the humanity. Of what these people are giving for our country and and we need to become more connected to that you know and if this if this certainly her book does this up please please go pick up a crop because it is brilliant and powerful. What that means there is issues really are well let but I you know this evening that was made it is no treatment it and smelling. Sweatshirt when you have had. He wore in the last thing she yes I saw that in the trailer watched it earlier today. Well you know it really. You you don't I think we we lost. Sen said had been the kind and meaning of what marriage is and family and the fact that this isn't just you know 42 people were killed in Iraq. This this is really what happens. And we need to that we need to honor that need to remember that and they have particularly now. We bring anti immigrant their mind telling am sorry I don't. Michael Kelly. And you weren't my. I may be easing. Alley ways at the timely preliminary and that was now lieutenant general so. Like the wind. Is not. As I'm trying to learn from her. I. And you. Thank you aren't quite right now lieutenant general. He had to play guy who has. Looking over his shoulder and think and how they do it took it to the point right when I first met a lot of the soldiers. Mark and and a couple of sodas. Kick off party could at a little honky tonk in Texas. It is those is that there is taken you're not in Portland tonight is Michael Kelly is winless in their right. In my body mass. They may get there is got to be guided it was they is it hard enough man. Really wanted to ask you guys is how did you get ready typically it's kinds of rules. You know there's such compelling actors how did you. Get into character. Is blatantly. Talk about the fact that you know between Martha's in this perhaps there is coming towards part that we out so. It is instinctual in immediately drawn to this story and not compelled to pilot. Personally I was able to speak with dean at length that is either speaking parents acting with her Dalian. I felt it patter with all the times I was reading the really lucky that I. You know he's working with someone who was as open and generous issue lies with her life. And that murals on merit sheik who was born four days before her husband deployed. Is very excited you follow him on aids program. Yeah. I'd. Yeah. Doesn't end here. You get a unit did these. In. Doing well I'll well. And and is art and Mary. Odds economic them leave a happy. Day and then you really hurt actor I didn't see you right there you know. Get into the. It's I don't think you never really as an act Jerry you know as a guy. Who plays cops and obviously that now he never really be ready do you police stepped into the soldier's boots back. I think work. When I first but Martha Jimenez over the producers they're right we want you to get the essence. We will you play the essence of the game excuse to that's they would. Island or innocent man is against enemies in incredible incredible man still. Serving and you know today and tomorrow night I just think the wrought so I landed trying grabbed his that's. The way is usually looks you in the highly toxic and may cause your brother the little things that he didn't fit that made a big difference in the manner you guys and they want things. Are we go we're getting those lights flashing they weren't that Bob Woodruff foundation stand up for heroes and for me that. These worlds coming together and Anthony's wonder follow actors. And the cast and the crew in the real soldiers who were here tonight who are part of this long right now. Come and see stand up for heroes and Woodruff foundation and appreciate even more. Our veterans and the wounded warriors the bottom we have done so much for over the years eleven years eleven years they've had this. That you guys and and in the past. I think how to handle on our home is meeting this evening Aaron evenings you're not watching this thing here are. You are sorry. He got hurt. At that. Moment he. Some. I. This weekend's Tuesday actually out. At what ever you still the why I'm writing it down on its wrong I think it's fine with it. Not right now. Well we're about your rap guys because data for heroes is about to start but. We are joined by such incredible people this evening's stand up for heroes. Going alive. So how did for many as does not made ABC news thank you also lives regulator.

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{"duration":"7:36","description":"\"Long Road Home,\" starring Kate Bosworth and Michael Kelly, is based on a book by ABC News' Martha Raddatz.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"51001771","title":"Stars of 'Long Road Home' on their new miniseries","url":"/Entertainment/video/stars-long-road-home-miniseries-51001771"}