Steel Magnolia's Joshua Scott Jones Releases Solo Album

Jones talks the real-life inspiration behind "The Healing."
7:14 | 05/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Steel Magnolia's Joshua Scott Jones Releases Solo Album
-- -- -- That is haunt if you're talking it comes from. Country music singer -- for Scott Jones debut solo album called the Healy and benefit -- -- Released June. Third and happy to happen in the studio with us today thanks to stop them by thanks congratulations on the debut solo thank you so so so why don't -- your your fans know you from duet steel magnolia -- So striking and -- on why. Well. You know I think that we just kind of reached a point in the last -- still -- -- -- -- do -- we just kind of do takes two people. We kind of get -- -- point -- wanted to do her own projects and cannons came to. That understanding and and so I -- my own record wouldn't. Here is him. Crystal is you can go from working with -- Lindsay -- -- magnolia and you know at that point you have to has been a collaborative has been given tape take in the in this. It metal in the creative process but in the execution of it as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I think it's it's really exciting and a lot of ways it's kind of like you know when you get a new car you have sentiment for your old car wreck when its -- -- excitement about getting behind the wheel of an Iraq and threats kind of what is and then it's it's also to a ticket a lot of years to get that dog and punish him down. Has -- -- do us I feel like the energy shift. Has become from rather than singing with somebody it's more to the audience so. It's them that's what that's what's really cool -- I think a lot of offensive then responded very positively to the video then -- Christine tell me a little bit about the back story of the inspiration behind. This video the inspiration actually come from up beyoncé single ladies video right you know I'd -- -- when I initially didn't finish through the process recorded the song. This would be really cool to have a black and white seen video. She answers right one microphone adjusted and one shy and that's originally what we're going four. Saying. It came out -- came on its own right I think it's. It's it's cool it is everything in -- Agassi the inspiration -- from beyoncé from us now and I I shall probably reject this. She's at she's very busy that I got to raise kids -- second of his servant and as he -- be opening her referred to his image -- This this album deeply personal I mean really sharing a lot of -- -- kind of emotions and during that you've been going through recently. -- you know really the record is called the healing it's really -- concept record tells kind of a story from front to back and I. I you know I went to rehab in 2011. And I. I sit on the piano in the -- song called just how -- heart breaks. And it's it's pretty emotional song and I mean the whole record comes from that kind of place. But that's really what -- it stems from -- on him and once that came together it kind of every kept everything kind of sprung from there so I thought well. Let's make this -- concept of it really happened -- -- and maybe -- I'm making it sound like -- but you know as it came together looking back now that -- and from that moment. We've we've was there of a breaking point that you had to answer into rehab had it been building up over time. Yeah I think it had I think it it been building up over the years I think just with the pace and everything. The that you know we had and certainly -- -- -- -- -- sent a successful acts like that you know. I didn't have time to really assess much and I think that during that time I did it -- you know you're -- hundred miles an hour and hit the brakes it was it was just -- it was a it was difficult but it it made for a lot inspiration him. What -- difficult under admirable to. Go into rehab and then obviously to us to discuss it and to talk about it but that's also write about it very expressive very -- away -- -- Did you have an -- hesitation about sharing them. Yet -- -- did at first I really did it was it was not something I felt. Comfortable about -- than you realize I got nothing really -- you know I think I feel like. You the records personal and those songs are put it it's -- you get past. The fear of putting it out there it's kind of like it just took on the life of its -- feel like it's truthful. And -- you can make truthful music and -- I feel like people respond in baton. And that's just my story -- where I'm or was you know and so. It's been it's been a long time coming I'm really excited about the record. What -- ever have -- -- and like I said it means it is the words that the lyrics. On are not shallow I mean there is a good deal of emotion and it a good deal of thought you can tell that goes into them. Give -- regrets from any vote from any of the lines -- from anything that that you did put out there and so it's not regrets what. Recording independently the only regrets that I would have is that -- I didn't I mean there's always things he'd go back and change -- but I think that I think we. We hit it on the -- pretty much like -- there's not anything specifically I'd change about. The song in the lineup for -- at a record as a whole. There's a few words maybe -- -- -- now I think just the sound of it and hand the concept it's. It's I'm -- -- so I'm -- I'm just anxious for the fans of my last -- concealment going to be able to transfer them Woburn. And just -- experience -- -- will will we see still -- every area. You know I don't have a crystal ball threat. I never say never -- -- Right now it's really focused on this think maybe focus on what she soon and -- don't really great friends and tell you can still talk. A -- so it what's next as if you know -- Debut album solo act does not. -- is not enough to keep you busy without just soaring you know to touring behind and putting and taken a record in bringing it to life you know. And I've always that's been my thing I love -- performance I love that interaction with the audience and the challenge of taking a new act and and it keeps you busy you know so I will be visiting. There's just. You know there's a lot connections to be made to fans and that's what I'm looking -- -- -- can congratulations guys called -- consecutive third -- -- -- and we certainly appreciate you spent some time with us today. All pulling for you all root for you don't think it's very what should thank you very much. Thank you --

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{"duration":"7:14","description":"Jones talks the real-life inspiration behind \"The Healing.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"23903605","title":"Steel Magnolia's Joshua Scott Jones Releases Solo Album","url":"/Entertainment/video/steel-magnolias-joshua-scott-jones-releases-solo-album-23903605"}