Storm Saulter discusses his inspiring film 'Sprinter'

The filmmaker talks about his award-winning feature.
16:18 | 04/16/19

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Transcript for Storm Saulter discusses his inspiring film 'Sprinter'
Candice Williams ABC radio and again I'm always super excited to have amazing talent talking to amazing talent we have an accomplished filmmaker. Eating right across from me. Storms salt they're the genius behind its rents her. An amazing fan home which act season theaters April 24 attorney for yes and you know is. Run down. I can't I promise you happen. And and they. It also won for jury winner for best narrative feature at the 2019. Pan African film festival. White House. Already here I hate and so. Let's start there. How does it feet feel to have this film already receiving such praise and high honor. It appears a bit silly. I mean you know when you when you put in all the work. You hope that things are gonna connect people audiences cannot. And of the impacted by the themes I think that it. Here are putting about when the when it actually happens when the movie drug shows and during our Q and a.'s mental or emotional people aren't hole all the way only positive and people are crying in the people see themselves in these characters saw. On it's always more amazing and you kind of anticipate some super grateful that the film is connecting to eappen and you know that YouTube or to. Yes it is important I had the opportunity the film won even jazz double of what the film is about because again you know we're talking about it obviously knowledgeable about everything. What I mean you could fill in the blanks you know I I would say this film filed at least it. Between eight eighths on and his mother on you know this this young man turns out to be a phenomenal return the title of the movie. On Al still I think delving deeper with the whole story of immigration and and how. You know when UConn to let's say America to have a better life for yourself and family how that affects the family that you leave the high. I think that's probably the best sadly I could yet again an amendment on the Monday. Well you know you have essence that's amazing cast behind this ion. Before it's and that you know let's start with the motivation of this film I mean what what what was your first thought. Creating this feature. You know what whenever you're telling a story it is a few elements that come together to build out world for one and you the world of track and field Jamaican track and field. Was a space I want to loot to work in and create an active in because I mean it's been dominant so dominant for an interest such a long time it's an amazing space for them. I really wanted to do was tell a story and want a young man who lost his mother but if you can only run fast enough can only achieve resenting maybe you can get back to Aaron may be can bring his family back together com. Also I want to tow. Much more realistic and nuanced story of a mod and ambient family not. Stereotypical. Rags to riches temples Oreo and he's kind of troops that we rely on. More to securities and d.s and a real people this is it is middle of the road on the going to lights and life's normal obstacles which more of us can can relate to a knowing. I feel it's in that simplicity that makes the film feel a bit radical. Not a fast in Mark Warner a hundred meter run up. And somewhat but also Bosnian fast it would what it takes us athletes to next if focus does not have his race meant Hillary and innocent as Ali kind of to arrive world for drama and conflict. And that. Come from mean the theme of trying to get back to a mother is something that I was going to cause I had lost my mom grew around salt I had last earlier than it expected. Analysts they can abort hollow in of those on Elliott could get rocked her to speak to her again and I thought you know as this reality of his young man who peak may be kind of actors you know. Yes I think it's poetic rates at two and happily a you know obviously. I want you guys check out this film when given all the way contains a lot of things that this young and goes through a lot attacked the letter tribulation but yet you know. You feel satisfied when he watches film also are that's definitely a good. You know. It's sold well done and then and I think a lot of it. Comes from the fact that you again have such amazing cast Lorraine to science and Ed. David Alan Grier believer in nodded then as Feldman and I want to say to Segway two seconds because. Immediately we rethink I'm obviously living color and lot of great things that he's done. He he played the cult. And you know the path that we had to get him to again be on target with this acts Manning it was you know it. To hide us and to attach right so we were working very he worked really high. It benefited dated. He's a legend. This virgin who is such a hard worker his energies are it is always up whenever the crew was kind of slowing down he would raise everybody's spirits and I was just so dedicated to get to their rights you know I don't know when you come across people and a tablet and so much. And I just homo and cool and about it in a similar to use in bullet you know to me he's done so much and create in amid such an impact the justices coolest. Most home book and and and and offered umbrage enough so. Is there recruit him to say I'm learning is a dramatic Paula Hollis of course having her presents us lifted all of us and then also there's this is paso amazing and a fresh Jamaican talent you know that. Introduce an underworld to some new. Ours. Yeah now and I didn't keep you make that he did Satan fame bowl now here we talk about that because he does have a cameo in and is now home. When did eating again involved in this and I'm happy that that you would aid the concept argued although the premise of the Helmand something he can relate yeah but how would that process I was. It was many years in the making because I and I'm a director under commercials as well and I had been developing a relationship. We at his team as someone that. They could could be relied on my sponsors like direct self to shoot stuff to capture content of him so we had been working in. And you know on said a year as and gradually becoming more comfortable each other. A question of are afraid of and. They took many years of on getting the script right. And building those relationships with him and with loan was his main that it's on so on who get how often ala. About half an hour with him to shoot at scene. A bullet any need to nearly an Alice how we keeps half the production of into. Well you know it was it was it took. Making his problem solving if to find ways to make it common and thankfully were able to kind of the talk together the right moment. Absolutely and it did and then came into Croatian and yeah definitely very much raised critically acclaimed so that's always a good way to at all only among other but not only that you had some up does support an early stages can you talk about. The support of your executive producers Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith on some athletes how did that come about what what was that conversation like because obviously you've said. Are you were working on his many years come mean I know what that conversation like it hot or how you're able to get such intimate. In support team I mean it. It always comes back to the story asked the truth in all having a good story and I goods at. It took many years of kind of refining that story ultimately. Any producer rob mile mom got involved with the project and up need to you know get. Scripted a point we need to be and yet a developed a relationship with the over broke. But also allow that was happening. You know I think. The Smiths enough. They wanted to and they saw the value of the you know new voices and wanted to put their energy behind emerging voice and an active voices I think what they were looking for kind of lined up perfectly with us having us on its script. Ambien to put in front of them and one of the earliest champions on the film was Richard Jefferson designed to show denies that produce Santana. Gave us not the strength and energy to get to that point it's. In a film making such a collaborative thing so many people up to come together to make it happen and things are landing in. Ali these folks to get involved at a right time and and I'm would this this this film you know. Yes it's been great and it's great when our folks are thought to have achieved you know so much. The emphasis on it means some meets on. I mean with sprint up us want people get through the door once is Susan Nazi it's between you and a fellow you know enemy would ascend to date and that. He wants because that the Nazis and Tripoli with and you know feeling that. Enriched. It's funny because I feel like this one of the film and mom and love because my parents are from Jamaica the and so you know she came to the US and mean we weren't there haven't been born it was even an idea. And but you know it's built something that's very relatable. Danny culture. Just happy Caribbean American and make an American whenever it's any family. That comes to the US or different. Now kind of changes in northern Canada and you enhance right London whatever. And you know a wants to really. Pride in being able to present an opportunity for their family or bring their -- into that country. And it's this this relationship is dynamic that you have with those. They are now there who don't understand or may not understand what you're trying to accomplish. And then you'd failed so on and so forth so again you know I delegates at universal story which is always a good. And then at the same time I know that you're really a big champion for this type of heretic for films that coming from that Caribbean. Little bit about that you have. New curry the new Caribbean cinema right now a couple of about that in an in kind of how that came about three Buick and really what you're. Looking to focus and yet I mean that came on board also a feeling and the need. Who. Out of Texas that don't some of the barriers to production because lot of folks have great ideas and sisal. We're gonna raise the money you this short film. To show what we can do to build into it and I think and this so much great talented crew on direct is passed in does production folks in. Honoring young I'm a different direct as. And outside communal filmmaking anger taken some guerrilla tactics to getting our film work out. And I feel like that energy has been carrying through and and is. Right no apparent in cinema is on the varieties no question him in short short form feature length films animation on the on the Caribbean literature has been you know it's getting so much praise and then aunts and the Caribbean arts is really. And visual artists like reared its. Fascinating bursting point. At a time when the world's energy is shifting and the entire world is aware and eager and hungry. Are diverse stories and more nuanced stories and not just. Stop seeing a certain ways I feel like. I you have waves of cinema from the world that people look back it is Aaron that arrow I think aero Caribbean some news on us feeling the next few years work. And calm enough there's and be definitive and there's an X it's exciting times around. Not. Only our filmmakers and getting getting into stories developing magistrates what. I think countries are on the sang the value of supporting the creative industries more so Lauren has eyed guys moment if you lose. I mean you know firfer. AZ news centuries you know the music has been one on the forefront and I think. You know now it's like an afterthought when you have you know abuse our Arab I had cartoon or what have you want to call it. Infused with NA pop culture I. Movement here you know and everybody wants. It doesn't take a little he had Caribbean and we had in there their music and in their the culture. Now really is such a beautiful time to eat more of the arts now rates within you know things at BC on it dated gain am loving that element. What what your overall vision as you move forty mean have you thought about next I didn't know that comes out April 24 at 8 AM over. What what is your forecast what is your hope as you move forward because again you touch and it to but I also want. Able to know what you have coming up a wonderful. Networked it. That's what jets a said before my feeling is that in terms of Oregon coach and Jamaican coast since the it has been informing pop culture program on an artist's model to Romero always in and you can appease an image and ask asked nice I think when. Voices of the Caribbean where senior woman in turn up its outward. Act elbows or isn't determined it was narrative that's when will kind of seed a fullness. Of who we are. Com I mean I feel like but it's been a positive thing because people are aware and then we can calm would films likes intact and we noted as a market all over the world for him because it is into the music and if heard you know. This being Iraq vote talking up parked to accident that is in an inner scene the visuals of com. So so I think that attacked a piece is ready for it. My interest is. I'm developing. Adapting a novel on John Cruz doubled my mom arranging distrust novel nominal novel also developing. Series melanoma series in different pilots foreign developing as more and I really want Tom Meehan a group of my fellow filmmakers develop a slate of projects and owning or don't want to predictions that we can just Ternium content need for content is William broader. You know and in I don't know win new audiences to see more Tories need news stories and UVs and find new markets so I'm excited about what's happening now I'm sprinter is obviously a big step towards that so please support the film we are on the if you wanna get tickets and see what cinemas it is that it's go to our website. Enter the film dot com that's all of us social is everything and supporters there. You know we have after call on demand model which means if you want the film somewhere on you can ask them. If enough people and just that you get votes out of a new method to. And that makes sense and and hopefully you guys are gonna demand is because again it's a great story. And we thank you so much for stopping by ABC radio talk to me about it and is lands. And just does except to you as the film continues to spread and these new projects in these new narrative that we are dying to see and dying entity here. And so of course this is Kenneth Lyons signing. Off make sure you check out rates are April 24 hour you know I get in tune with that you not a find out where it's going to be delayed though a these. I can't his links signing off.

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