A Hot New Boy Band Gives Pop Music A New Twist

Well-Strung: The singing string quartet mixes Mozart with top 40 hits.
3:00 | 08/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A Hot New Boy Band Gives Pop Music A New Twist
Okay. Since using. Not the world the boy bands at the cutthroat one. So one group for guys are breaking on the scene -- violins and the classics mixing Mozart and top forty hits from artist like Kelly Clarkson -- Britney Spears. And they recently released a debut video -- out on tour in these guys stopped by today. Tell us little about what they've been up too well stronger -- string quartet. -- -- -- Trevor Daniel I got it all right. Congratulations on the success -- I mean you guys have any idea that this video is gonna be as popular as what it is. We were hoping yeah video biggest enterprise. We felt so first up how did you guys didn't come into existence you guys know which other before the -- start. We did not look at any of us -- each other before we started. I was spending a summer up in Cape Cod. Doing a show and I would play violin on the boardwalk to make extra money during the summer and I started collaborating with director in town and we started talking about -- a group might look like if we found other people that fit the mold and it's so everyone just cut what brought obvious their own backgrounds to this group that -- when -- experts met -- this is gonna work is not -- -- -- or hesitation. There are definite I mean -- all forms a very different she and away I think that the differences kind of maker grew stronger because we bring different elements and different. Backgrounds we have different preferences as far as -- what. Kind of music we generally gravitate to and so it to sort of we hit all of the bases. Of the different. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some pop top -- in the it's -- it's kind of -- there's been in the car payments on the discussions just get right discussions about what song we think will sound good with the group what will translate well the -- hats. Also with our voices. Now we have to figure out he'd put it then and now there's there's a lot of little fine thing that -- To -- and you've done you've covered Italian colleague Robert Kelly Clarkson the Leon cash don't forget to mention cats. Have you ever -- -- is -- do you loves you. Well I mean the them in the -- and -- one of the great match that's what you're -- like classical music with you know. Pop music is so great I mean I think the Republican elected. Resurgence in people taking violence. -- -- -- ORO classically trained your throat yeah we are -- -- to hear this kind of missed going back to what the classics of Mozart and hostages but we think speak we do those two I think that's part of what -- -- -- status is that we mix the class who with the pop to people who come just for the pop stuff like oh my gosh is really your divorce. Yeah this story. -- highs around. The fact that matters is like you -- you guys are getting attention like in every sense of the boy band world and I mean you go to the gym. But what once a month -- -- Atlanta -- to write that but what's likely to get that kind of attention I mean. It's right now it's wonderful I mean do we do we do I mean we we we are musicians and we do we do and it's really great said get noticed for doing something a little different and something that we believe and -- -- -- -- Not Brian I don't mind right I don't mind ethnic and -- -- We got to finish up our summary in Provincetown a complete -- and then we have a lot of touring planned for the fall you guys -- going to London UPS -- in the mountains and we're doing the West Coast also and December. Now and the December movie's lead heading out west are touting Joseph west's -- film that's -- job would not go away. Well listen guys continued success you you know -- -- yeah definitely -- strong thanks guys thank you thank you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Well-Strung: The singing string quartet mixes Mozart with top 40 hits.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"19883968","title":"A Hot New Boy Band Gives Pop Music A New Twist","url":"/Entertainment/video/strung-interview-hot-boy-band-pop-music-twist-19883968"}