AFTER: The Super Bowl

Ravens and 49ers record breaking game outshone by Destiny's Child reunion, power outage.
13:21 | 02/04/13

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Transcript for AFTER: The Super Bowl
And happy Monday everyone a blackout blockbuster -- beyoncé Super Bowl 47 breaking all kinds of records on the field. With the ravens taking on the 49ers and for all that star power at -- -- keys Jennifer Hudson. Day -- Hughes affectionately known at an exclusive from FaceBook last -- take a look at some of these numbers here these were the top moments from the game ravens win the Super Bowl. Be out -- performing at halftime show and lights go down at the Super Bowl that top moments from last night as everyone is recovering today. Including Entertainment Weekly writer -- Greenwich. Glued to the set one eye on the game the other I am beyoncé everything when she came out last night and the -- game was huge 3431. Some great moments. But a lot of people waiting for beyond. -- game last night. There's really focused on the -- gutsy performance I mean. You just what what -- sheer spectacle that was she came out she completely -- it it's funny how she almost came in as an underdog weirdly. On account of the whole -- -- controversy sushi clearly just felt the need to just completely blew everyone's mind -- Zoe -- for opening for -- last night. Exactly what have they couldn't vote for her either got BI exactly. What are -- -- -- it was -- star spangled banner and easier to say you know these keys that piano I don't know anything that would they can't do when they're together you know obviously you know. That was originally wonderful moment in some ways she can I had toughest job because she'd go right in between the beyoncé on one side and the Jennifer Hudson and sandy -- choir on the other side a mean that was at a very powerful moments -- singing America the beautiful together that was Jennifer Hudson -- -- -- -- probably one of the strongest performances she's had yet. I absolutely enemy you know it's it's it's it's equal time for her because she's like she's about -- -- on the on the ship's -- and I'm sure to have some theories there about raising her with her. You know. To figure out their little bit but just currently kids together mean that that was a -- -- decent thing for everyone -- -- and a nice way to start the game -- a great way to start the game unfortunate for the 49ers not a greatly dependent get out of the the other big battle the fact that. There were. Brothers then hot competition last night and it is it's a great story I'm I'm a lifelong niners fan but you just you and -- -- donning purple about her and give yeah its loyal every -- -- okay with you there eating you know I. I'd love the fact you know Jim Harbaugh and John -- two Brothers are so close in age couldn't be more different by all accounts John Harbaugh lovely man caring man Jim Harbaugh is a machine and cotton carrying -- -- Answer yet -- you -- what it would -- showdown that was I don't know who -- -- in the movie of last. And they're probably will be held at the outlook for the review and Entertainment Weekly and the other big battle last night was not on the gridiron or to see who was -- -- who was -- out diva between -- Lisa -- -- -- But the pads. Huge last night fifteen new ones almost four million dollars a pop all get our attention on FaceBook here's are some of the big moments the biggest ones. When those ads aired. This is essentially the -- the metrics are done when Dodge Ram ran the god made a farmer had. The mentions on FaceBook when that ad -- went up a hundred in 51000%. When they air taco -- -- young. Mentioned the Taco Bell backed up a 141000. And -- miracles they mentioned the tide that went up 132000. Again in the ads aired. Crazy so which ones scored which ones fumbled we have Matt Miller from the association of independent commercial producers Matt -- -- with us today. Clear side where we entertainment last night we -- -- some really really green adds that had. Had a lot of different messages interestingly enough some of the more serious heartfelt -- is. One over the slapstick humor we didn't have the flatly. Going out. Real Americana as you mentioned. And we had some pieces that didn't really resonate with with the viewers what was what was the strongest ought to meet personally the Jeep commercial with the Pope wrote voice over. That was like at the that brought you to tears unity that was obviously you know look. It doesn't get more American Bryant and G Oprah and the military and unity is sort of can't -- that way. It felt like -- they're okay. More of a heart felt when we've seen that before we seen. Anheuser-Busch few years ago had the applause where the military walk through the airport reading writing and and it you really felt -- your heart. That's -- motion was -- the air with this but. But let's face it it's still had that America -- and it's very important message for our troops showing support -- I -- -- Wants and the fact the Samsung -- an ad with Seth Rogen -- Paul -- about the creation of the -- and take a look about one. I have LeBron James -- you win on Samsung did. Yeah Samuel tablet since yeah. Title -- LeBron James you've got the next big -- that you need anybody it's right down to. -- anyone else. I've got it I'm having breakfast with a bronze is the grandkids -- strand. It's accurate score it's a great you know it's a little its -- Even people. The ad business but still it's -- -- -- -- because of such high star power there right it's a great people you know LeBron -- throw him in there are -- but the story is great writers the two minute story the teaser that came out earlier in the week with was. -- it and it was a totally different piece of this story you know some more they're bringing stories that I think -- -- celebrity in -- really well and let's face for stance on. Last year they went after apple big time right you know take off on people waiting in line after all the attributes the of the 51. The galaxy. And it -- actually -- their marketshare -- -- the number one Smartphone in the world and and last year's Super -- brought them -- and a whole ten points above apple. It works for them. This they're up against a lone black hair and red flag right yet to read a market launching -- -- all right head to head -- that and they actually even got a front of it a couple of weeks go by launching one. That took aim at Blackberry this one just sort of made fun of all the all the suitable -- whether it be pistachios side or whether he you know as even themselves. Celebrity endorsement -- is that they -- a lot of fun with what was in there and for many it showed that piece of celebrity character not taking themselves to eastern right right and saying hey you know what we can have a lot of fun. -- as celebrities. Are winners in here also -- a winner but there are two to choose a different dynamic could you do you poke fun themselves. A lot of feel good lesson Volkswagen also had a good when as well with that with the whole -- the far end don't worry -- -- -- my take a look at -- -- your thoughts because that deathly habit elicited. Emotional high that with not celebrity driven right. I hate when this -- and the worst though worries about everything will be -- eight. I'm yeah. Trenton about. Just thinking about it comes soon. -- -- -- Its -- minus four million box that's -- you could perform like somebody. This campaign a little. It achieves that we Jimmy Cliff earlier and it was very funny and they played awful lot of them really funny. Viral people did that we're we're hits during the course geared towards it just it was. When that didn't come out and -- -- -- to date in print that early also there's this action people say is racist. Act you know it actually took the Jamaican government to come back go well -- second. Jamaican isn't a race first -- -- it's racist for people who call it racist because that's not who we all. Yeah it's actually a very much fun at Jamaica puts themselves out there as. The land of happiness and it's gonna put it on island time -- you only -- that it actually resonated well once that. That -- -- sort of trumped up controversy blew over. I think people who got how much fun countless that's when it was meant to be Bobby Bonds. GW as well that was -- literature on throwback. The bodies are obviously not shockingly all -- Super Bowl big talking point -- the world social media 24 point one million tweets. During hash tag SB 475. And a half million of those. During -- -- -- them here alone are here now all things super wolf BB Connolly Yahoo! News senior editor Phoebe. The biggest piece of -- night on Twitter. What -- The biggest -- was actually the blackout. That was the biggest peak according to Twitter on it was it was this closely followed by -- he almost record breaking. 180 yard kick -- And then and -- the game was -- the bank that they can third cash. That they're obviously so acuity. Well one of the -- threat there obviously having nothing to -- with the game whatsoever. For the 49ers for cooling down but then obviously clearly ready to make a little bit of a comeback on there. Destiny's Child the reunion I think the people in congress can actually happen that -- drugs and traffic grant. People are so excited about that and you know both Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland took to Twitter as well to talk to their fans South Pacific moment. And single lady is not to say that I was. Put a ring on it last night thinking. Also a big one. Yes yes and then also -- and people felt comfortable talking about it it was something that everyone you know whether you were into the game or not can get excited about talking to put the figure what about the biggest searches on Yahoo! I was just gonna and we were also checking to see what people really Kenyatta beyoncé performed quite well on searches on Yahoo! -- did the superdome people were curious about the location. The black out the lights out and then of course who won the game if you weren't able to -- What which was something which was not about -- -- which was a marketers. Opportunity thrown right in there for that 35 minutes when half the stadium was in that was in the dark. -- you -- talking about ads earlier but but some -- just jumped on it in the moment an Oreo with a great example of -- Oreo. Put out between bright as the black I was going on and sent to you you reminded users that they could dunk -- even with the lights out. -- -- -- -- That was brought and the First Lady as well which whenever she says anything -- people listen. -- at the both the First Lady and the president. -- -- are not always manned by themselves but when they aren't they sign their tweets that are national some Michelle Obama treated out last night congratulating beyond -- And she signed between herself. -- what and end Jay-Z beyoncé last night they had tender moment right they hired a great moment right on beyoncé was leaving stage. That -- Captured beyond his -- capture it's great photo of the two of them hugging and it is shared a widely around social network including by the rapper -- Beautiful embracing you know she nailed it right there she's like I don't care who wins the game because I'm out so the lights in their best they can create thank you so much -- a lot of people obviously ordering on Super Bowl Sunday a lot of us China on pizza and on the phone that we've got Chris brand and from Domino's. Chris how big of a night did you guys have last night. I think so much evidence what the -- more than that I it was a it was a great paper for Domino's you know what one of the things that that we love is just as -- ms. Super Bowl commercials and performances and all the things another thing that seems to be becoming -- staple for the big game is. Online ordering for -- so this about a 60%. Higher increase. Over -- typical Sunday at last night we took about 300000. Orders on line. And at any give in you -- half -- thirty minute window. We were looking get over you know 1000 -- and orders orders during those times so. You know all the stories we're working just as an artist as the guys on the field and and we've gotten some Tucker out. Team members this morning but it you know we're always -- to make. Simple especially for people and and we appreciate people haven't -- part of that. And Chris I gotta have full disclosure I was one of those people last night on the online ordering at the great it's fantastic I need to talk to delivery guy Philadelphia though because he arrived just as beyoncé was taking the stage. I don't I that's all right listen and noble work got a next. Anyway congratulations you guys like you guys had a very good it. Eleven million flights that you've got project that that you -- gonna sell this year right. You have eleven million places about two and a half million chicken wings as is what we're anticipating. And we certainly had a big -- in the great aid and are -- -- our stores are busy but that date you know nothing makes him happier than not being a part of people's Super Bowl Sunday and and we hope that. You know we were able to provide. -- good experience for our fans and customers. Absolutely Chris thank you so much and for that everyone else that's the sucking on those leftovers this afternoon right they're going to be. Nursing our recovery from super bowl -- microwave this chicken -- and it. -- -- first Daryn Matt thank you got so much we appreciate infertile without that that's home licking the bottom of that seven there are seven layer dip bowl. We're a little jealous. Have a great Monday everyone.

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