AFTER: The Super Bowl

Star of Bud Light's epic commercial discusses his life-changing night on "AFTER."
3:00 | 02/03/14

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Transcript for AFTER: The Super Bowl
I'm -- company -- -- ABC news that a special report after the Super Bowl the big game an unlikely choice. A defensive linebacker being chosen MVP. He talked about at the official ceremony this morning. But first quick highlights from last night. It. Talks victorious last night -- based on your football and -- it's also based at night of the year. So from a controversial to the heart warming to the downright. Grows frankly it was a commercial night to remember. Taking a look now at some of the big. Winners from last -- to want to bring in our guests from the post mortem of the big games and dealer from and we can senior editor at Forbes sports money might a -- and gentlemen thank you so much everyone's bright -- -- And somewhat -- this morning right. All right it's what are the big winners last night because obviously the Seahawks -- the great big winners but. Advertisers. It was their it's their cash -- right and it is they they spend years. Months anyway popping into the think the big one I want to go to for the Budweiser puppy that one everyone -- them right. -- -- -- -- -- It I don't know if you're making the bureau did make me want it out of -- yes executive -- I think one felony so if you're like yeah knowing exactly who was selling something but yet no adorable music mystery. I think cowboy in the -- problem getting him. Budweiser goes great with they really do you know the horse is -- -- the statement about the -- think ultimately it's their bill and you guys that we rated each of these -- and how did you that's where this one. We loved him I believe this is -- -- A 32 spot the last night and we -- -- But -- 32 spot the last night. Four million dollars. Advertisers get a return on their investment -- I think if you're talking about something like the Budweiser had the answer is probably yes. But I would say. 80% of the ads or thereabouts really have no impact on revenue I think what you're looking for when you spend in all this morning is suitable land is the home run. Sure right -- -- -- -- between shops to make the best possible. It is our hope right and -- -- the -- on -- -- -- classic has Budweiser was great. Touching heartwarming Coca-Cola also -- -- last night with a bit of a message to as well as the goodness. I like the message percent that's an effective commercial I don't know if I'm really -- -- Coca-Cola. I didn't see it as a winner as far as something that's gonna generate more revenue. I'll -- -- I I thought it was great out of context I think. With Coke's decision to continue supporting the -- -- Olympics in the wake of really brutal anti gay laws in -- In Russia -- it kind of reads as hypocritical or -- -- a little despicable frankly if you're gonna sort of only support gay rights where it you know doesn't cost anything. Right right and there are that there was pretty -- back left as well -- is here with. There was a lot Twitter trends and sort of popping up on us that -- -- something on -- don't you know America the beautiful only sung in English and it was like that look like Bob that was -- -- house -- well in this era of social media also -- a lot of these ads in the days before the Super Bowl losing huge build up in the stuff -- resonates for awhile but analysts and game time booming hits as you said people are tweeting about it constantly. The ultimate -- -- there. Tell us -- -- look at this and he -- last night. We basically -- so this is the first dad went on there and especially with saint a case here I -- -- holder -- that he has and then the follow up with thirty seconds later with him completely tricked out and all kind of is that you know here you know and I really felt you -- like this and the one thing -- I'm glad it -- David Beckham who is in the head between these two. I could not immediately forgot that has called for -- I like cold -- -- -- lot but again I just you know pistachio kind of signs we have something that you -- it's almost generic like how many people remember the name of the product. You may remember pistachios but the product itself the brand. To me didn't seem like it really does something that would resonate after I -- not advertising unique in of itself I'm sure that's at that -- that the whole thesis for the future marketing. I thought as a group. I was really impressed with the auto companies and you know I thought it you know they came back huge this time -- obvious you -- been having financial trouble at Bryant I -- the Detroit the car ads were excellent as a group. You knew the brand into the differentiation between the different cars ran commercials you know the one with Lawrence Fishburne -- progress that was fantastic you know that was great it was surprising it was passionate yet I still knew what the car with a -- that was terrific art weapons go ahead because it's like that while it's -- can call the jaguar gets to January added. I think for those that support the car for the jaguars wanted to ask you about is just a Jack to Jack yeah hundred. I would want to -- one of the one of the auto as those on last night not from Detroit but on average -- -- regardless with Martha -- which. Still practicing with the target audience -- -- think this car starts going as the deeply is that he pronounces. The GH IBL I can't I can't. What does that matter anyway I think that's like 66 graduate deputy base models and anyway so this -- -- -- Wallace last night obviously beasts of the southern while on what did you guys think of this one this is there. Artistic Q -- -- -- a lot of beasts of the -- -- -- movie actually about the kind of pulled some things from -- -- -- -- while it was contributing how dramatic it wasn't the -- when they teamed up with like cancer research society write this I mean it's not a time machine or cure for -- it's like it's a car. But you know it's it's it's it's moving I'm just not sure why. My take on you know your point which is I think spot on you know how many people that are watching this -- actually could afford that -- I think that's right but. -- know this era of Super Bowl commercials now that we're now in. These commercials -- on not just before the big game but you know they were on us all year round basically people are finding them on line writing stories about -- -- -- in that luxury top notch brand. It's a way to separate yourself from other rivals in that same category so I thought in that sense it was -- -- made -- it -- some bragging rights to say you've had a you've got Super Bowl commercial -- and as to whether it's gonna play actually during the game. Or five days ahead or a month afterwards there -- something that you're gonna get out of it for for a benefit. Slew of what do go to the subway -- -- surprising -- were not a lot of fast food or a lot of food commercials this year but this one. Meet personally and I don't get any kind of endorsements by anyone but this subway this -- -- this was almost like an after thought it was like. Our you know we're or to throw -- Michael Phelps he's gonna talk about this who -- -- -- Friedel high on steroids what what is this product. As you know your point about having many fast food -- I wonder if the super the Sochi Winter Olympics are not pulling some of those types and drive away. And I think that that may be the case now that's not excuse for this -- -- -- -- good -- in the larger heavier your point I think that may be why there weren't -- fast food it's McDonald's huge sponsors are. All of the of the world expressed sure it will this in the T-Mobile -- I think they both look like they'd spent all their money and air time. In effect they couldn't afford to like make a really great advocate just pork reporter. But there's also there are some commercials on -- -- -- medic commercial which is this all of a sudden you get some high paid celebrity come on Wednesday. You're watching a big commercial that's in the Super -- right now and it's just kind of like you know really do I guess we have to be reminded of that after a so. It does it work the second of that kind of approach of the audience. Back to when I saw the one of Arnold playing ping -- unlike you know I've -- economy be -- -- nothing I mean I love the guys movies -- but it. The way that was you know didn't make -- -- really go to that products I think it's either one of those things where it really works big time works like you know. What about what about the whole Americana and the strength of -- -- talk about that Bob -- seen. Is -- -- in the Chrysler commercial. You know the funny thing I couldn't stop thinking about the lyrics to that song which are used to care but things have changed its -- -- like I don't really you know. Give -- care anymore and that everything's sort of silly now and -- It given that people kinda jumped on him for selling out of doing that and it was like an oddly appropriate choice it's often. I oddly huge -- probably giving away my age now you guys -- used Dylan fan and again you know you mentioned if humming the song vote. I think it worked and as angry and you know it's also I think. In this era of superstars only got to go back to -- on Super Bowl and -- -- -- -- first time I saw Eric Clapton going like that nickel over the globe like commercialized oh is like my guitar not selling but. You know that that here is gone but I do these out of the bottle like -- and you know I thought the wait -- it was very good -- Detroit -- just -- through some really hard time so somebody does something good you know. That we've got to cut him some slack you do us on the Detroit voice on obviously route all the commoner president regardless of whatever auto auto company -- But over all though when they're dropping four million dollars and thirty seconds and really getting -- is really getting the bang for this or is it purely just bragging rights. I think Tom Michael -- union -- for his pocket like transformers I think like -- pushing something that's heading heading on a specific date. It's like the launch of that ad campaign launches during the Super Bowl like that is four million dollars well spent the footage was great. I'm gonna go -- -- that he's already fooled me into going to see that those movies again in the theater on the biggest screen possible. So for him for that yes for the other categories kind of awesome -- -- -- I agree a 100% when your point the you can act on the ad right away -- -- go out and make a movie. And I think that's becoming increasingly important now that we're in this year of you know participation by consumers in the ads themselves you know I think what was with a back command where they -- thick of the -- days before they can -- how they -- the end of the -- to be -- and stuff like that's who you want the consumer engagement that's why things stands absolutely right. You know movies I think -- very good category forcible it's because you act on it immediately. Plus the new product as well the same time where it's like everyone knows about -- everyone knows what Chrysler to when I was about to -- -- -- that these are existing products. At that -- -- reminders to brand enforcer as opposed to a movie which is something that's going to be. Knew that we haven't seen it it's you know kind of introduced to the market car to think he's a similar sort of animosity and -- and the new product I think that's where you're going for the -- when you're taking it very high percentage of your advertising budget and betting it all on this admirable if you and I go back to the original Macintosh. You know which is -- -- want force they're going up against Microsoft and they're trying to bring -- a whole new generation of young users and they're saying. Were not your father's computer you know we're something -- that it was a huge -- -- go back to the first godaddy error. Same thing you know we're new we're new companies -- -- -- -- -- network. I think is although I think some of the companies probably glad that they push their hands -- at a time because. A lot of people wanted to beat the traffic after at this. I know that's great -- and I think if you don't know right you don't you don't know. What the halftime scores and started right. No group yeah. All those at the role in the fourth quarter of those guys Lego man goes four million now -- and Peyton Manning should personally program for older residents were not with Europe and I -- -- to try to figure out exactly there was an actual game going on less than a -- was well this -- what appeared to be anyway. I'm so -- -- statistically where it was impossible. For the Broncos to actually make any kind of recovery and I'm pretty certain. It would be into the first quarter I I I I'm guessing -- happens it's -- just sit down. But he made it 24 point recovery I can't remember when not to know on the last night -- -- -- I don't know and I think once I think once they got that fifth touchdown every -- right. Time you know put out it's about exactly wet -- -- that party edgy he's played a threat. But as any of reports that you guys so much appreciate and ad week sent the only thank you guys really appreciate that. So you don't last that -- is ads was from Bud -- and that is where one unsuspecting. Football then that's great got taken. For the ride of his life take a look at this. -- -- Okay because it's okay she's she's -- -- -- Twins yeah. -- -- -- You just can't take -- -- Schwarzenegger and the sudden -- -- -- -- -- -- And republic -- -- and Don Cheadle. Obviously along. You know with anything else that was happening on this night of mystery so the guy at the center that had -- Rappaport is joining us now here -- We'll cook up and smiled at one -- in -- -- it's -- how this whole thing happen. It's just so while -- jobs -- regular 27 year old -- -- in a Manhattan and you know trying to pay rent anyway that I can sell. You know another source of way to make money for me is I do some focus groups -- I can fit demographic profile and they happen to give -- and for somebody -- -- to fit. And went through a series of focus -- -- they can understand my personality in the kind of guy was. And I've seen that I think the bill so after the second round -- -- if they liked me. They're bringing back for the third focus -- would you be the super group. And they give me a thousand dollars to go out for the night -- be more social atmosphere and I did not know what to expect but I knew we needed that thousand dollars -- It was at a thousand dollars almost kind of like that kind of like it ministry -- -- like what's going up that -- -- -- -- A beautiful woman woman comes up and gives you a Bud Light and you literally have no idea what's gonna have no idea in fact they walked over to the bar I was. Mattel ordered a cooler. Now that another place part of that was one of the women who had interviewed -- one of the prior focus groups and -- walked me over the bar. We happen to sit -- talking for a while she had to go outside and take a phone call and there -- the women you. You know we've now -- in -- across abuses beautiful girl and that's kind of how this whole thing got started so. I really had no clue is going on this is really. But it -- he bought out by Bob -- -- they've really. When in their youth they reduce that dissolved for me because but -- is doing a vote mr. You're seeing Michael Douglas of the game right that is exactly senate let me out -- -- got -- think it's -- be injuries and its allies like -- -- -- -- -- with eyes that were followed. At any point look at your liking him and you shouldn't listen in clearly you know I mean you when you get in the back of a stretch Hummer I mean I don't know what -- Saturday nights like -- the -- and like that for me but. I know I know something is up I don't know what is going on the last thing I'm thinking is commercials -- shot. But I know that -- -- -- took me because of the way that I acted in the two prior focus groups now. Genuine myself and and that's how I had to be that night and you know I just knew that. It gave him -- thousand dollars the -- stupid -- Me myself I want to see how I react and environment right on an -- I could have never in a million years imagine that would have amounted to bits are you kidding me. Inhalers. Elevator dodge you know there was a bomb and -- and and incidentally it's just like the good starts good it's amazing and I'm a huge animal fan I love all animals. -- got they got feel that's great but the the most Don Cheadle is McMahon but I didn't notice it right there -- mean -- Lama walked in on his separated me dungy who have lost again. And that's what I -- look over allotments. It's done but. How are. Until one as well on the radio -- what a great -- This is it so that you get -- have been giving you see that you've got -- cameras following -- run things that and that you walk into to be I think with a the most impressive part that you walked into this table tennis. Showdown with Arnold Schwarzenegger but it what did you recognizes all I knew immediately I think I walked in -- -- all. There's just you know I would -- really thinking throughout this whole thing I was just talking in doing so I. I think I would think about this just evolved into your I wouldn't have been able to rightly hold myself together -- handle this. So I just continuously. Just went along and and then made it happen it -- it was crazy and I'm a big play -- play it. Though that the focus -- epidemic is there would like I what are your skills let you know. Ping pong table tennis -- is that I think one of the questions was you're tennis player and unplanned and I told them and -- and went -- I want to sleep away camp for a long time and you know kind of perfected my skills. While I was sorry can't even imagine you can't make this -- well a news stories that walked into my target that is right. -- all of a sudden then then the though the wall flops down. And you see station one Republicans out there I -- that was just crazy -- law viewed in the third game. I was so happy. That the wall was down and I think that I'm walking in you know this is another part of the experience where I'm standing in the crowd and watching one republic on stage but Arnold is pushing -- up. Up this stage. And I get up there in Amman with everyone thinking Kelly Don Cheadle. Reggie watts Arnold Schwarzenegger and -- when I think on the whispers into my ear he says this is all review. Staff -- I realize this and I start drinking. This was all done for me are you kidding me -- and so many people there for me I'm so thankful and grateful and excited and pumped in the best out of my life moments. It is that it is that is so what and they -- -- -- now you see it back you -- that all the behind the scenes he's at the control room these that these choppers that following you around from place but. That it creep you out there now that you see -- exactly just how intimately people following you around I -- beloved all -- I've -- it's a lot of fun I'm not I'd definitely weird this is -- -- -- -- employers that attitude apparently are that was what -- -- -- the focus. What about that. That is where he had -- -- -- Arce got some numbers obviously got some connections out of this -- I'm hoping so anyway from that he had nice you know every route there's some people who want to talk to me and I'm happy to talk to whoever wants to talk to me chairman story. But like -- investment in my life in you know ought to give chance and this all happened for me. So yeah I would I -- -- -- of -- you have -- -- just -- let's talk about it is that is very close always await -- watch a game last night there -- period -- light output put us up in the Bud -- hotel and loaded -- had me in about fifteen in my family and friends leave we did a big viewing party in their tent where they held the -- -- concerts and everything from the weekend. So it was just so awesome we had a nice little area that they had set up for us and my whole family and friends -- there and I think -- got the pictures and videos of me watching you know. All -- the ads on the big screen watching you I want you -- the entire big shout out and -- so a lot of it's it's. I think it actually epitomizes the -- met yeah if -- -- use of the term for that that's so -- in as -- thanks so -- it is. It's -- I want every Iraqi university from a host of Yahoo! training -- I mean this is last night was a crazy night obviously eons. And commercial. -- a lot of traffic. Oh my goodness that's I think it was actually as far as -- instances Budweiser was the number. -- -- the the number one search topic and had to do pollutant but my dad but also with of course the Budweiser with the dog and and the puppy to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 82 is the contrast between those two add that I just mentioned you have a tear Jerker of an ad with with a pot -- -- with the puppy and then you have. -- -- -- -- Here right now all the thing that I as an American like -- that -- -- again. That. It's I was. Very very little of the vehicle that -- what else is -- So what leading to the game that is what you could've looked at at the trends -- -- saw who was gonna win because there were more tweets. For the Seahawks in the work for the Broncos what are it was a slight difference that the point to to to 49 point eight but still the Seahawks with a slight -- there a bigger ads throughout the game. 24 point nine million tweets over all that's up from 24 point one last year. During the halftime -- alone. 2.2 million tweets and that's more than the entire state of the union while remember if you're talking about that yeah -- as far as I was concerned Bruno Mars top search trend of the night. More than any other player or any other teams a lot of people interested in mr. Mars and it's great for him because tickets for the second leg of his moonshine jungle tour go until today. He nailed it last night. And he means he's a great entertainer I mean it's like and I think the dudes like three and a half feet tall with that everything that's what got the sympathy he knows how to bring it -- the Red Hot Chili Peppers -- you guys think. -- -- People on Yahoo! are searching why Red Hot Chili Peppers and I agree to I thought it would have been cool you were incorporated more than once on the market brutal -- two albums -- it actually present at. I think they should it either have a few more songs haven't perform a few more songs or even how -- all over the point. Yeah well I I it's jet maybe generations collide I don't know that -- It it might and that you the national what actually -- -- for the cover higher ground that would have played right in -- Bruno strength it would have been an awesome national -- TV and we're the grandest stages but but I negatives don't want to see in the new one song. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- former secretary of state for First Lady -- though. I think probably so that I with the best -- he's -- -- She won absolutely. Oh with a tweet that was -- -- over 54000 times and we read it so much more fun to watch box with someone else being -- and -- fact that. Abstract favorable no idea what she's -- is not referring to fox. Is there and at all not at all politics -- -- -- -- the she -- afterwards is that. It was a joke guys relax they didn't need -- political by that but still it was a joke at the brits. -- -- -- -- According to a different point. But the court dealt with by the way he -- -- -- he -- felt there in this extravagant fur coat and immediately and -- -- you -- extravagant you know is it could blow up it's going to be exactly and -- the comparison to Matt Moore who happens to. From Seattle as well -- think -- you know how about Joseph name of the Yankee among -- that. Or Basil warhead that's -- if you'd hardly know better next segment yelling at us and let this is where it's from as a daily news got with the news. I love it I mean it would offer its name it. Exactly. That we have the photo to. I believe we have a -- name standing -- that was -- and and everybody was we're calling them not award Ryan would. That's what I guys -- For the seniors. That is street Paul attacked Tuesday exactly what what was the picture and did you doesn't have loops -- -- -- and. -- I so -- this is greeted by Yahoo! Sports because. During -- sports -- as always these. Moments where you want a kind of put your own twist on an recreate an innocent and -- what better way to do that in this admirable self a lot of -- ratings loops through Yahoo! Sports we have one. -- from Daniel K this is Peyton Manning on the phone I believe he was going to own up to somebody upstairs. They haven't -- You can get -- The grammys are tonight like -- -- about it. Still what I do it let what exactly second loop comes from cabin this is the the Gatorade plastered here -- And -- but -- what's Russell Wilson doing getting involved but I think that led to a lot of bodies either. -- guy. I've read your the. And I've -- one is batting face we love Manning this one comes from job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Turns out it went past -- reading when they even. -- -- -- Three Britons as well that's very -- it was very cool we're for teen USA of course that was the end they -- you know but it's -- it's -- by its companies that are -- mom jeans and Corning -- that actually does have a little -- personality and some fun -- they didn't have to spend a -- to deal with and they really I -- for a little that there were kind of -- that put -- conversation the first -- the game obviously. We -- watching the Broncos get blown out. What I insurance Alaska because they also then it has to add -- you know kind of tweet in all -- look at this and this is great. Yeah it really was John -- of course you know from the office it was a commercial air after the suitable and the whole premise was OK we just save 30% by airing a commercial after the Super Bowl the equivalent to. One point five million dollars so here it is in use the hash tag. -- insurance saved thirty. And you could win that one point five million dollars they're gonna give it away Wednesday night on animal so. If you win it. Do I mean on. Yeah. Tell me what it looks like things -- I had in the figures point -- comment on my guys we really appreciate it rob weavers thanks so much you know treatment of that. In rap what they're producing a lot more you let that thought hey yeah that that's not in the light of the give you a best morning after the I absolutely that you appreciate that. There's been ABC news -- a special born again that -- in New York after the super.

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