Super fans turn out for first day of Comic Con in New York

Correspondent Elizabeth Hur gives a walk-through of the fantasy-filled world of New York City's Comic Con.
3:14 | 10/04/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Super fans turn out for first day of Comic Con in New York
It is New York comic con time it is kicking off this weekend and ABC's Elizabeth her is on the scene. Elizabeth hates our favorite time a year people dressed in costumes granny what do you sand. Hi Brad yet here we are at in New York City comic con it is being held at the javits convention center I don't know if you've ever been here but this thing is huge take a look and this show room if absolutely. Not as you mentioned there are a lot of site by comic book fans here some of them many of them dressed. Like their favorite character. And we're just get quick overview up. Even need this feat in view the entrance of this show room and this is just help active and so much activity for people to take part in. Let me let me just give you up quick look at. This is a sideshow or Star Wars and marble where I was seen memorabilia from the movie and people are essentially just. Taking pictures next to it and and hunt is doing I don't. What ever they can streaming live on they're. Face looking into having and doing whatever they can't just to let their parents know hey they are here and marble we have a marble and live on eighty that you. I think they took comic probably this the first. Verisign yeah I'm and argue a huge panel preaching. I'm really a huge fan my amen there I don't look like yeah but I McCain. Does you're talking here what are we going for. Super cool Mary you know common and that my first time here to. Cash be on the lookout for what are YouTube. I never every evening night I'm a beer all day on the be tired and dripping. So we're that they is so hot they hot. OK so let's eat out here. This is what she likes to joke we have a Dragonball. Where there are all these characters. Of stock to the characters are people did this and it's their theory characters and take pictures once again. Where's Waldo here. At we saw plenty of Wonder Woman fighter mad you name it they're all here. Q my right. Section for what looks like again comics and also furthered out for gamers they actually had neither team that a here to play with you if you want to you take a little breather. If the people. Lined up just waiting to again take pictures than it look actually people are here are signing autograph. And given out more memorabilia okay fight anyone dressed up. As someone that they love I'm hoping to catch up and do a quick interview right now I don't see any but again I promise you. You know all of those characters you see in movies aside icon who these. They're here this convention goes through Sunday from what I understand this is the biggest comic con you on the east the second biggest in the country. Again you heard it my first time here just got here that the plan again. Brad and Elizabeth I demand that we see you in some sort of a costume by the end of the day so so thank you very much.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Correspondent Elizabeth Hur gives a walk-through of the fantasy-filled world of New York City's Comic Con.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"58290004","title":"Super fans turn out for first day of Comic Con in New York","url":"/Entertainment/video/super-fans-turn-day-comic-con-york-58290004"}