Swizz Beats and Timbaland create an online beat battle called Verzuz

Grammy award-winning music icons Swizz Beatz and Timbaland discuss the new series.
4:43 | 04/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Swizz Beats and Timbaland create an online beat battle called Verzuz
Quarantine music fans getting the treat of a lifetime thanks to a new online beat battle music series it's come verses and if you need a real pick me up during this kind of isolation while you gotta get on The Who. Get get in on the fine. Here to tell us all about it is Grammy Award winning music icon Swiss feeds and Timberland think you both for being with us we appreciate it and general and UN Swiss. One the first to feature that online battle during this quarantine you take that off the series by going head to head tell me why you decided to do it. It it was Sutton miss with client Rita had years ago and I Disco that that time in a world going to rule was. The right time admit it was in my spirit I called him a lightning and you know. What we started we should finish we should start now we start now didn't. We just did it we didn't think about it it just click right away. Put it all would cripple people don't put people. Yeah you certainly did in squid that battle went on for hours a lot of greed throwback 850000. People plus watching so I ask this school ultimately won. Well big to people weren't around. And I wanted I would give it chokes in New York City many birdies and all of its first responders in New York City first but I should it be him. The people warm to cold to warm music Warren. Since Meehan timid do an investor who. All of the artist's catalog has been gone up 100%. All of the artists businessmen going up 100 dissent in the people who have been able to educate themselves. On. These particular artist wouldn't guys have gotten flowers. And torn each one. Yeah that's that's also your right everybody will winds actually in civil and I've got to mention some of the names. Who dropped in to check out the battle everyone from Drake. And did need to chance the rapper Dana White how it feels he's all of that support from from the top down. Hum it was a blessed me you know it's it's a blessing to see everybody. Have departed remember him you know. At times when music made you feel a certain way and when you hear. Those classic records UST we give created those records Soviets was really want to shut I like all the creators such is life. John T Austin and Neil. Nobody really knew Jackson did all of the rules great records fit. You know we don't know we gave them this flowers that night and is cattle all went to roof. So did its its Mazen to seat. Option years in joined this waiting we thought it would be jewels. Yet even more so intense with a great news here is you're actually gonna keeping going so who else are we gonna save. Com. This Saturday we have the legendary baby face and the legendary Teddy rally which is going to be. I'm Mazen showdown an amazing education celebration. Because that's who we caught a lot of people call it battles you know we battled them enough to the world today so we want to give people an education and music. Creative celebration experience can mess with verses. Bring to the table we we we plan on celebrating even after the corn changed whenever this is that. I love that it what do what do you hope that there's big take a wait is for every one who joins in and listens. I think debt we means him Phillies and deeply loved. Keeping intentions. And just keep the spirit you know keep this period Ripken and know that we've been to allow. And we're gonna get to this but don't forget when we get out of this load the time we took our profoundly. The time we took out the music. The time we took out for ourselves. Tom I think that's very important for us to hold on to. Timberland what I think. But they fit in the deepest in the air right now I don't want seemed lost cause I don't know we can get super busy. In everything just go back some hard used to be and a new life. Legal to civil war on and in this piece. The local. The lobby and the union and the music the power of music I think that's something that people have re discovered in a way. That they didn't that they took for granite perhaps before it. Agree. Absent and actually Newton. Will you guys are bring in the music to all of us and we certainly appreciated Swiss beats and Timberland thank you both for being with us today. We certainly wish you health and happiness and can't thank you for all your Dylan's. Thank you thank you throw her she's primenews are once again. Our hats are all of them thank you out.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"Grammy award-winning music icons Swizz Beatz and Timbaland discuss the new series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"70146594","title":"Swizz Beats and Timbaland create an online beat battle called Verzuz","url":"/Entertainment/video/swizz-beats-timbaland-create-online-beat-battle-called-70146594"}