Taryn Manning Is Amazed People Are So Obsessed With Her On Screen Teeth

"Orange Is The New Black" star reveals why she can't wait to show off pearly whites.
5:01 | 08/22/13

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Transcript for Taryn Manning Is Amazed People Are So Obsessed With Her On Screen Teeth
I think there's some kind of special. No serious skinned between independent group home. Since he can't make honey taste and economies. -- -- achieving Peace. Museum. Kelly. News. You can -- Not enough -- is that he. She plays the former -- had prisoner -- Netflix is new buzzed about -- -- the new black but don't get fooled by those mangled T. She sports on camera Tara Manning is one beautiful and talented actress and she joins us now welcome Karen and I think you have the this is exciting because they show it's on my list personally and a lot of people's -- to watcher who watched it it's -- great reviews anything about -- -- think that is. And it's it's it's. Cry it's overwhelmingly like exciting and a lot of people watch it again one sitting -- they've sent. Because you can watch about alliances. -- -- calling it like being brought seeing and I think there's ever did very reasoned -- -- it's died you know that it that it in all came out airlines and it's -- -- kind really agreements here. I don't -- fascinated -- women risen. Yeah and did you come on did we it's -- good -- -- some and that in this you play a former -- -- who is now our religious fanatic if so when you got that description did you think. Awesome because that you know you can add a lot to that yeah I mean I terrorism like you know of -- like. Yeah you get katic typecast in this business -- -- -- -- tackles that -- and it's frustrating it can evaluate. -- and -- that street is -- it's going on here. But I read it and as a whole like the whole script and gain in the -- my heart is like well. This is going to be really get now and I can deal with that it's. Yes so where do you go I mean what did you do researching where did you -- decide to go with the character she's got a lot of different facets to -- line. Yeah I mean it -- -- and Grady wouldn't just mean it like it is really mean I can mean an end. I really wanted to find night I've all the layers and heard and ages at -- tonight free candy she's -- -- and think she's night. Confused 90s is that morning encouraged and -- it's a newer and realized I think she's count all over the place but yet she's bear it thank. Devoted to god and and very nice you know -- did if you're not devoted to and joins us and admits he doesn't like anti everything it seemed like religion. Since he's cracked the -- today. How did they give -- those -- I have to ask and it's just me yeah its so funny and roads sexton not a primary and now when they see -- I think anti terror analyst. Yeah that -- -- and then I'm playing a part everybody. And the edges make. All right now you've had and mixed career and in fact. You mentioned that you were a singer and that you had done a gap that and then content that I remember that rain -- and -- about your music past. And -- there's -- again hasn't Dawson and diet music site. My ain't no passion and they got their name musical -- -- father is musician and brother. And acting king Michael Wayne later so -- and started doing music and -- agent. And then sang about records -- Nvidia -- in -- and this is the violence of war. Benefits dancers as well your grandmother was attacked -- name on the downside that in -- residents and I I did ballet and jazz like -- malign influence. Perform -- -- high school for ballet and and it said today in a -- -- -- hopeful. Ballet. And scholarship nagging doubt -- Ellington and Ohio an act play -- -- plagued. I don't know my life when lucky and I did that in there it's it's August and -- and you and I nearly polite you know that need experience -- very grateful some. I know anything you'd like to do next I. In agony and death really -- look forward -- doing a film you know when Louisville on hiatus and for -- Avaya. New music -- -- -- alone and just would you like to play couldn't complete opposite of what you're playing now on a natural yeah. Ninety -- and fairly light snow yet. I have a comedy coming out that's really saying really get that done a lot of and dramatic pieces. And excited for -- -- -- -- you know I'm not just. The track hinges freeing actually is but yet again -- -- close of commitment and character do you plan comedy. And -- -- mom of theory. I'm -- -- that's very different and a CAs is its existence though -- she's -- is like as Scrooge in no way they performed in. -- -- -- -- -- -- Calm me down and a sweet but -- Manning and oranges the new black new hit series and I like to thank you so much for -- yeah thank you.

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{"id":20040150,"title":"Taryn Manning Is Amazed People Are So Obsessed With Her On Screen Teeth","duration":"5:01","description":"\"Orange Is The New Black\" star reveals why she can't wait to show off pearly whites.","url":"/Entertainment/video/taryn-manning-amazed-people-obsessed-screen-teeth-20040150","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}