Taylor Swift fans stand in line to see star in court

ABC News' Clayton Sandell speaks with Swifties who came out to support the singer during groping trial.
11:03 | 08/09/17

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Transcript for Taylor Swift fans stand in line to see star in court
Good morning gang its planes and now here at ABC news coming to you live from Denver are actually outside you can see and hear the culprit a harrah's United States federal. Courthouse. For me Taylor Swift. Vs David Mueller trial here. That's been going on is actually day three becoming an idea security around here is is tighter than it normally would be. You've got. It's federal officers who were kind of monitoring and walking around and making sure that. We are all getting along to see their parked here along the street. Lots and lots of police presence but this trial. You can Pelosi. Behind us here this is the media area where all of us have been corralled and into a playpen like. Enclosure where we have our camera position set up. And and all the networks are here ABC NBC CNN there there are all kind of lined up right from the courthouse here in we can. See where people are walking in and out but up one of the things we'll show you here is. Every morning we get here really really early to set up for Good Morning America. And every morning so far there have been people waiting to get in to see. The proceedings. C Taylor Swift see what's going on. And this is the public line up area there are 32 public seats. That are available. And not trying morning we talk to guys and Clayton and ABC. Yesterday to Wear an arm or live streaming iPhone which and it is again. See this were first in line here this morning what time did you actually show up for their. Or thirty. Why on earth did show up here or there colored. Yeah but again I think I details of its biggest fan I'm not to be your tail since you're so you lions and I am the biggest fan. Now is this the first week as it is unpleasant isn't the first time we've been here for the for the trial here yet Jack ever produced the figure of eight hours guy here. Dirk tonight and then act on undeclared. And then her aunt drive back right after this I'll be back to earth the box hopefully Boston a lot on that. I so why why it was so important to come down Aaron incidents this and I can't see. I don't see I've looked at different outlets don't not a there nine an interview Glenn. I guess your personality and I ask and getting closer without having a lot of money for it. What do you think of the case. I. Training goodness you think again and you want to protect your right. But I'm not really filed and aren't locked van I think. We'll that was my question I mean is this sort of gave me. Got you interested in the court process store or bar any fingers at Josie are here today. Cleaning out lines outside line and there at like thirty minutes late for it taken so aren't much different stigma off processing and other. It's been a long way but maybe I'm Italian cardinal didn't get so by the time you get in you'll have been out here leg. 56 hours right now over on the not look exactly 86. But it's giving it's going to be it's worth the wait a gap fight Agassi Taylor expected that we don't understand I don't leg and I don't art at me. Wow I don't avert any apparent I think that's healthy for mama whatever drilling and yet I abandon her apartment to get extra that you're a fan for life. Might. Biggest skills. Really proud I'm you know friends last bunker and I maybe the next proud. There right now our Mamas in the courtroom so you that was the billions that seem a convenient. Well good luck Tammy you're first in line so you have a pretty decent chance of getting things good luck. Hi guys credit they care. I so they are having this. Here's an idea. The dedicated. Aren't here. And I haven't done again here but it looks like probably all of you guys we'll get an eyewitness right now at thirty learning where did you guys come from. Here. You from here yeah I did come yesterday orient this first I did and I dark. And tell me what it was like yesterday being in them. Hi I'm I didn't actually incredible very inspiring you lovingly stand up for her son about a case like that a lot of people can exchange. And again assaulted and she's really very good. Yet on how it's not okay and campers. What's your name is on for eight to ten OK and Nike. And what does she want did and she didn't look at the action spinal seeing an Italian Allen. And leave. What she said I'll make you for coming in recent and love you at one point that we hear all of them make. Cassie bank different I think she looked messy pile seeking comment we have seen him. And have you guys been through. I went actually went to the reds where when this incident happened and I want to earnings meaning. Totally different experience. It's completely every night I got me tied to health news outlets just and it got very misconstrued and I came out but. It's more powerful than going to hear confident you can just hear in person right there are talking about when things are much more powerful and important into the society. And it says if it's incredible in the it is coming. We'll also unscripted we're so used to. Seeing a music video or recorded or whatever this is like real life this is finally I mean if anything's admitted the opening theme in the big question. From the point I think that her reactions were completely Q are you could be. We've taken it on the my guy is. When she was you know. Maybe a little of that happening seem hurt even her mother frying pan am. It's hard to watch your daughter actually saw him and Kyle my house and it's very powerful people of a hockey I didn't. Perhaps you guys. As this generated in. And the Florida courts and have you ever bad idea percent Idaho. More I have I think it's experience seeing especially on senior day hops aren't addictive. Yeah I think it's brilliant. Homered. It's verticals. You know I haven't watched as he says he's not court in the the company is like night and exiting. Morning want to. So much more powerful. So positive comments on knowing and watching a movie anything can happen is scripted you're expected to hit with interns you can and of course not I was gonna happen. Hearing aids it's genuine you're wondering and heated up when he got me next blank this sounds harsh but my car that actually he's lying or. She's doing this and it's like it's a very pure reaction and it's it's a very unusual. I'm way to do. So lake people in the courtroom like going crazy that I have been quite you cannot analyze. Not. I'm selling me luck. Realized today. So you're learning to learning a lot of guys unhappy happy with these words mean now I know what they are. And it and apparently there yeah currently. And pat yeah it was here today eat her act and I can't. So you are here yesterday did you come Monday it now salaries and Terry Knight that you can't. So does this is big secret you guys we are you planning on being here more day is sizzling as the music. Or I'll wolf is an is that Canon Diane tomorrow night I think. The other part of its not tiles down into the evening I'm back and let them act. See how much is. Yeah. I'm. The cards again after Britney or anything. Speaking a little early because it's my. I was here I want to keep yesterday. But totally worth that a lot folks. I'm sure you'll go ahead name I would answer every man and they're going to be a lot knowing I had pretty. Don't buy it anyway apparently. Today's Johnny. Had suffered as well that jail mates and in mind heights you. The Laura Brandon Alley you are and I guarantee you have a good luck getting and hopefully the wait will be too much longer taught him and hope for the and and last but always. What time to get news. Makes six would be why are here. I've I was actually at the concert. You're better that I didn't only thirteen hundred. It's your an open war pictures to be here on Tuesday to give creditors a delegate to see him act. It's it's a group you know from members of the three yeah. Did you go to you we knew yesterday was the first yes I would it's it's almost like unity we believe in the opening statements and then he spoke. Burton he went on the witness stand right he added it's. Testimony in the only sort of cross examining him up yesterday afternoon activists are with today. It was it was a cool in and then it was like to see if I'd only be disabled person it's it's very professional news security through professional. She's easily gauge would do you know she's hasn't notes that room where we're. Gage. The president Bertha Lewis marvelous that she's earned that yet. Hopefully the latest on this photo credit card debt thanks well they haven't so that's like his have a picture of what's going on here outside the courthouse. Start to open up for. The media here and we have a big media room where we can watch monitor the proceedings inside the courtroom we can also ago. Inside the courtroom have a a limited number of seats for the press so we'll be doing that not bringing you all the details all the color from inside the courtroom. Here at the Taylor Swift vs David Mueller trial trying to figure out exactly. What happened is it as a jury now two men enough for women. Who are hearing all the testimony trying to sort out what happened at that concert back its when he thirteen. Taylor Swift accuses Mueller of sexual assault he says he didn't do it he's suing her because he believes that she works to getting fired so. The jury's hearing all the evidence is gonna have to sort it all out over the next nine days aren't nine days in total trials. We'll bring all the details on. World news tonight. Good Morning America abcnews.com. You name it and follow me on Twitter we're gonna try and live lives we've a lot of the proceedings this morning's. Really appreciate you guys put them honest and we will population to care.

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{"duration":"11:03","description":"ABC News' Clayton Sandell speaks with Swifties who came out to support the singer during groping trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"49113597","title":"Taylor Swift fans stand in line to see star in court ","url":"/Entertainment/video/taylor-swift-fans-stand-line-star-court-49113597"}