Team USA dominates Thailand in Women's World Cup

The U.S. scored a record 13 goals during their first match of this year's World Cup.
3:12 | 06/12/19

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Transcript for Team USA dominates Thailand in Women's World Cup
Some guys let's talk about the number thirteen and that is the number of goals the US women's soccer team scored. Against Thailand in their first match of the thief women's World Cup in France. Thirteen to zero the most goals for a single game in World Cup history it's it's very appropriate to you passed angles right here is though. I want to bring in ESPN's Kate Martin grabbed. A former people World Cup champion and she's in Bristol Connecticut. Kate and just start in the team received a lot of criticism worth celebrating their victory in their number of goals a life. Well I think it's fascinating is that at Roland critiques soccer and it doesn't like soccer big big argument is it's boring there are no goals and now that we get goal as their complaints. That people are celebrating about these goals. So I understand that people are unaccustomed to seeing such as joyful celebrations in a soccer match is really just thirteen goals ever happened. But you have a couple players that are celebrating for different reasons and explore player's son Briggs is our first World Cup start and first World Cup goal and Alex Morgan. Reached a record scoring five goals tying Shelley Akers with the highest number goals scored in the World Cup game so many records were broken. But if you're US team and here is soccer fan in general you are happy that you are dominating the headlines you know in a lot of ways there's no such thing as bad press. Absolutely and given that you've been in these high pressure games before what went three your mind watching this total blowout. Hit well what I sell is a team that was relaxed and was really trying to come together and celebrate other strength. I sought a team that has had lots of distractions the roster came about a month ago. A lot of time there is tinkering with the lineup and they found a lamp they want to go with for this game. And I side team that was really trying to come together and I think for them it builds momentum and confidence in a positive emotion that is so critical. To build in the group stage part of a tournament. Yet and so lots of people are watching and weighing in even presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand she tweeted. Yesterday she said here's an idea if you win thirteen to zero the most goals for a single game in World Cup history. You should be paid at least equal lead to the men's team congratulations so. Kate opryland. Obviously and gender equity still on the top of everyone's mind as well yes. Yeah I love that people are paying attention like I was going back to and I my first point is that everyone's now talking about it so that's a good thing. Further the soccer the sport and also women athletes in general. And it's going about the gender pay thing there's so many nuances to it that it's really hard to give you a 22 SoundBite. So that's a likens am glad more and more people are watching I hope that interests continues to grow and just before we let you go on what's up next for. The US women's soccer team who are they up against next. On Sunday they face Chile who put on a great performance against Sweden those four teams are all in the same group along with Thailand's. The united Cecil continued to Trey. To win the game but also its winds were tools against Thailand and goal differential matters in this tournament. So they're gonna looked at outscored but three wounded in score at least two were more. Right ESPN's Kate mark asked thanks for joining us we increase in that.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"The U.S. scored a record 13 goals during their first match of this year's World Cup.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"63663128","title":"Team USA dominates Thailand in Women's World Cup","url":"/Entertainment/video/team-usa-dominates-thailand-womens-world-cup-63663128"}