Teen Heartthrob Nat Wolff Talks His Starring Role in 'The Fault in Our Stars'

Nat Wolff opens up about the tearjerker that's expected to be a summer blockbuster.
7:53 | 05/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teen Heartthrob Nat Wolff Talks His Starring Role in 'The Fault in Our Stars'
The fault our start hasn't even hit theaters yet but it is already breaking records trailer just just the trailer mind -- has become most -- video in YouTube trailer history. If that's an indication it's gonna do. We're -- have one of the stars the films that wolf. With us in the studio today welcome congratulations on this -- -- today when a trailer -- just kind of the teaser of the whole thing. It's that much published it was mostly mean -- I'd like an apology to creativity counts and I liked it a lot there was the 45 seconds of nothing but how it had shot himself he's right yeah I know -- needed I -- -- I was on like the trailer. Yeah the committee that. This -- already been called tear Jerker of the summer this is -- -- be the absolute blockbuster but when you read the script -- I mean obviously you don't take a part of what you think it's been successful but at this level. I mean it yeah I mean I had no idea was going to be such as. I mean I knew that the book is a phenomenon realm but I guess I had to I guess they just put -- -- my head because it would remaining too nervous you know living up today expectations of the fans of the book and so they did have somebody taught me right after I got the part and -- That you can play -- -- an airport sounds like. -- And he said. That's a favorite here don't mess it up. Really again I don't know pressure please don't let my dad we'll tell what you characterize it so -- play them Isaak who introduces. Gusting hazel -- but played this this blind. There there and there -- -- is. Is you who had is blind in 19 he's whose cancer survivor. And then he goes Klein and the other -- gets dumped at the same time. You know in the movies he goes through a lot but he actually ends up being kind of a comic relief for the -- some. And it in the end your -- -- the end but you're heartbroken. Through all of this ordeal and you take out revenge. As best you can -- went on the tell ya I wanna play this. -- They're -- and they're not my head is the only problem -- from -- -- I think she is index is here it's not -- OK not ones I hate thicker. -- -- -- -- have five dollars. It's there can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- nine of the acting Ritalin auditing I thought accelerated. With the fifth. The children. You're -- they -- like that I mean in reality. I'm Europe pulled anything off like that not -- -- the the best part was actually oversaw I never -- until I watch the movie because I had my blinding contacts and from creative arts I was actually -- -- is expected -- -- prepare for the role. Actually went out with my mom to the park. And I close my eyes and put on sunglasses. And we -- exit date trees is I think you help me like you -- my mom people up send more sympathy for me now from. They'll buy it -- you know me in the parking line of I'm Whitman month -- that -- -- And we through I threw exit at. Trees sticks in the art until -- -- -- the -- intently until the cops came in and they really did as they are today you are watching over there -- Positive to get out of here yet well let's and I mean you know mothers will do anything for their sons -- their -- we have -- surges but -- -- great chemistry -- with him sticking -- did you know her before. I didn't but I was a huge fan -- -- you know I a I'd seen the descendants and I'd seen spectacular now I just think she really is. Either the best or one of the best actresses of her age -- really and blows me away she's so subtle but but so grating and we've become really good friends. You've also got our -- theaters right now you've got Palo Alto James Franco and Emma Roberts mean some serious star power -- US and -- that we start we first introduced to the is the sharing tips with each other words it is it is are -- -- we all we -- each other -- Not really mean that technical thing about -- as I asked and you know I said I know that take care you're supposed to be you right. But I said Dumont supposed to be and he said I think -- -- need to use the devil vision. Like -- council study that dealt version and I -- that's Kuwait thinking about it that's truly care here's elect beside him. Point. You've got new generation Hollywood yourself you Coppola and Roberts Jack Kilmer. Do you -- do you see this kind of camaraderie building among other actors you guys so lucky -- -- it's is that you can -- -- Friends -- somebody. Aaron you know but it's never as good you know it's much easier -- -- actually friends that the person. And you know as gray Orton and Jack -- lived and she is mom's house for the directors mom's house -- -- in the garage. And I like that because it was you know I eaten jacket never acted before and I never -- -- that was so. I -- so different from me Alan and so is it to have that kind of support we really did become best friends downfall -- really did become super close friends change cancels I've just been. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've been ridiculously -- so between filming movies when -- -- you also have a band yet again rather since we were. We were kids were actually -- just a huge huge fight two days ago but usually we're like really best friends. We have to fight every two years than -- had one -- two days ago. Separate comment but yet we have we have a band and -- reconcile differences we've reconciled yet I mean. The thing is like me being -- -- the actually made us so close -- like. We're. You know it's even more than a brotherhood we really are best friends. And -- You know there's no one more talented or. Crazier it was it was is it creative differences mean to -- -- -- feel like he's overshadowed by your success no -- -- he has he has so much of his own success I think you know we both. -- -- -- -- let though it's not content after the event and we both loved his music musician actor we both want to do those things and out sections -- write and direct outs is like. Any profession that's creative -- is like better than anyone else I know that it you know. But down. But we met Jay -- we said -- was huge fans viewers we just -- -- I've been so good and and we ended up talking matter bandits and he's really excited in the housing and -- schedule you know years. Your life right -- this beautiful blonde model walked up to music all the once again and they're talking we never had cancer. That scheduling has become a hard thing what I -- less than an exodus of Velika a beautiful blonde model what different view and then your scheduling -- guilty and they're behind. I mean that's what is trying to tell us yet nobody getting we at Tucson we ISI Palo Alto to school. And I sign stuck in love with Rios and then. And we have two songs that just came out and then we have two more -- genes that that -- like. One is inspired was inspired sort of bye -- John -- books and being in that. That that. World the last station road in and one is actually in a little tiny bit of Fulton starts very cool that we'll collides with -- -- -- -- -- success stay out of the parks with eggs in your mother's dying out of Fiat company -- around. Banks that.

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{"id":23902411,"title":"Teen Heartthrob Nat Wolff Talks His Starring Role in 'The Fault in Our Stars'","duration":"7:53","description":" Nat Wolff opens up about the tearjerker that's expected to be a summer blockbuster.","url":"/Entertainment/video/teen-heartthrob-nat-wolff-talks-starring-role-fault-23902411","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}