Caroline Wozniacki Criticized for Serena Williams Impression

The hosts of "The View" discuss whether the tennis player's joke was racist.
2:37 | 12/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Caroline Wozniacki Criticized for Serena Williams Impression
On the court and Brazil -- -- -- Carol Wozniacki. Didn't impression of Serena Williams by stuffing -- -- and the back of her tennis parent. Now she's been accused of being a racist because of -- you know -- is missing here I think it's. Should have a chance to -- a look like that how does -- even hold the tennis racket I mean that. That body is in -- and doesn't mean I you know -- This woman who I'm really proud of because she's worked her behind off literally to give which she's gotten -- I don't know Serena and not this. Person was not a -- and started to read -- -- -- friends but it's still inside it does something to me because we've -- may sign -- for so long for different parts. Of our body and to -- Serena Williams -- today as I don't like it. I know their friends and I know Serena has instead they went about it now bodies and made fun of all the time until it's not a -- That doesn't want what has begun as a black woman I've you know yeah. I think -- it's so annoying. I could look this isn't affecting you think if you watch Tennessee -- -- -- -- guys do this as well. Inside stuff that they always do -- It works and what we see like I think athletes are so there abilities are so impressive that when we get. Off of that when he when they use their bodies in -- internally in any get out they -- funny message to like me aren't accepted. We know unless he's got -- she doesn't even have said but I will say that's what's interesting to me is that. That visual all you know is -- it. Is generally seen him with a bone. In their nose and a short little -- like she's got -- and that's why people see it is being somewhat racist because it's it's an image. That we have seen before and I don't ever remember them making -- -- any of the white tennis blast hit him I'm so. We -- back -- the right that they have made an army don't get out on op -- on the set and stamp -- -- -- some guys have -- -- Women have -- so now I'm just so -- curious. YEY. Serena what is it about her. Is it her collar is of the fact that she is not war inches wide. And weighs six ounces and can beat all of their asses when eyes close. It's -- -- -- -- is not like it this is something she can say this is genetically who got created her to be tenure making fun of it yeah its arts you know. You can make as much fun as you want to see is still going to be chest out.

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{"id":17934977,"title":"Caroline Wozniacki Criticized for Serena Williams Impression","duration":"2:37","description":"The hosts of \"The View\" discuss whether the tennis player's joke was racist.","url":"/Entertainment/video/tennis-player-caroline-wozniacki-criticized-racist-serena-williams-17934977","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}