Thomas Markle admits staging photos with paparazzi

Kensington Palace prepares for the royal wedding this Saturday amid Markle family drama.
4:44 | 05/16/18

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Transcript for Thomas Markle admits staging photos with paparazzi
Hi everyone I'm Jim economy on live outside Buckingham Palace just three days left now before. The big day now of course that lead to any wedding can be fraught and for the stress. But what's an extraordinary loss few days. We have seen this week that bombshell TMC reports added this week claiming that Thomas monocle father Megan had staged paparazzi saved drops. Has had serious health issues recently and out there is intense speculation that he will no longer be able to walk his old set down the aisle on suspects now with me is an escape the on ABC news. Royal contributes payment. What an extraordinary few days what a story that's been all the twists and just take us through this thought of what we know you and and how this is. Played out. You know wolf this is the week that we never thought we was hit home smoke was seen yet he has not said outlets that the press. In the last almost two gates that she at Macon has been facing Harry. And this week we've seen in every single day on TMC it started on Monday when he admits it that he it's collaborates with cap Pratt saint. And he said he was ashamed what he'd done and he didn't want to embarrass the royal family and with no intent to liberalizing. Llosa said in the conversation he'd suffered a heart attack last cheese that. Because of the stress that he'd been under for media scrutiny and also with his children Mickens half siblings. Attacking distasteful about it. And how how of Kensington Palace responded to this all obviously we are in the final days the trying to make sure everything dates including month. And this story has dominated the headlines how how powerless respondent. It's been difficult for them I think. Kensington Palace like to have control over the narrative and we've seen really every step of the way but this wedding. And then insist on this that this relationship with team seed that was completely buried everything else rewards. Course he said late Sohn chief state that he checked himself into hospital from chest pains. And he paean to carrying an operation that of course meant he could imply salons. For the wedding and we'll know don't be walking Macon down on ill. Kensington Palace have not commented on I hated that frantically against other harm the force today because of course story of will be in town making this month. And symbols of reasoning going to be taking McEntee the steps of the chest hunting rights Thomas I think we're gonna see Dorian now walking down itself. Now of course this coverage has been the frenzied this week that. Let's step back and take it that the vote of the things obviously the wedding is a must story but how much of an impact I think this is going to house. On that that one Megan's relationship with the we're finally on her relationship with this country that she's about promises. It but I think in times of Megan's it relationship with the country. It has been amazing to see how supportive people that you know I think it is one thing we can hold relate city it's family issues and are adding finally run its exactly and I think this just makes. This is a reminds us of Megan is normal she's one Abbas she's going through what is. Really difficult time I think for parents did princess and then working member of the royal family is hard enough. Dealing with a one of the drama and baggage that comes from the family makes it even tough and asked for the royals. Of course they didn't and they strangest punch see we have seen scandal after scandal with a company. From what I hear heparin has been very supportive and understand economic situation. What's in general from eight just like we'll look at it now we just just did this morning be had a few what do you tell us about bridesmaids and page. It was I'm tell us what we left this morning. Yes be. What are we predicted some of them we need that insists on of the State's given announcements Georges and page boys but their a couple of extra names in the mix we've seen carries caught duels. From the Warren family annals of the Bangkok since we sold one of my cousins actually as a Falco and Kate and William's wedding. If you don't remember the pictures you're thinking great boys on the balcony of Buckingham Palace just seeming mean at the time put cynicism sitting this general of the day for the sibling of that go. We also have abandons eskimo green needs children then Mickens places friends and that those fighting over any. And that's the twin boys will be possible part of positive so very much a celebration of both at that friends. May consoles across and one at a friend's been instantly suspects between team to losses. That's making this post. But this case it'll be a really nice mix friends and that it wouldn't. That this type thing about the things will be it will rise today. Although plenty of space which on the street nine then and we will be bringing you all of the developments all of the updates. As the as the days progress and don't forget to tune into ABC news so common sass say we'll be giving you live coverage and funny every d.s house. As it happens. Thanks union.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"Kensington Palace prepares for the royal wedding this Saturday amid Markle family drama.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"55212863","title":"Thomas Markle admits staging photos with paparazzi","url":"/Entertainment/video/thomas-markle-admits-staging-photos-paparazzi-55212863"}