Tom Curren Surfer, Musician on 'Summerland Road'

Surfing legend releases his debut EP after years of touring and working with other artists.
2:54 | 11/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tom Curren Surfer, Musician on 'Summerland Road'
In the surfing world -- current is alleged he's won three world championships and has a record 33 other championships to his name. Now Tom is writing a new way debuting his EP called. Some Overland road here's a sample from the title -- -- -- to have Tom turn here with us today Tom thanks so much for being there. -- sound want to say it bit by bit. At near record. I'm I would say it's a pretty laid back can provide you know. I would say little bit similar do somebody like Jack Johnson somebody like that but few different. Sounds as well and when did you decide you really wanted to make a record. I'm. Been working on songs -- -- long time and you know several years now and have had opportunities to play. With some really great musicians and that really had it and enjoyable time just. Playing and you know writing few songs here and there -- It's being a process that had been working for awhile. -- something that you were also doing on the side when you were surfing for fashion line -- out. Exactly and now obviously -- a legend in the surfing world -- it's also in your blood your dad was a big wave surfer is music also something that as a new -- in the same way. It's hard to say you know I I would say more. Surfing is. Kind of you know agreements growth at the beach. But at the same time -- like really lot of people. I was really. Really enjoyed listening music and I think. In that way you know. It's kind of something that -- grown up with. So I think we'll talk to you -- -- -- they're excited to get to know you now as a musician. But that sort of new for a lot of people but no you I want to as a huge surfing legend and what has a feel for you to look back -- those accomplishments. -- you immensely proud. I feel really fortunate mostly and very. You know I I think that it. Just like anything takes a lot of work and there was a lot of work involved but a lot of -- have been to be. Because I was in the right place at the right time -- so with music. It's sort of an extension of the kind of lifestyle that that we get to travel and you know hang out with friends and -- and guitars and that's where. News feels now part of it feels that a conference thank you so much for being with us today at the pleasure to have you there you.

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{"id":17847428,"title":"Tom Curren Surfer, Musician on 'Summerland Road'","duration":"2:54","description":"Surfing legend releases his debut EP after years of touring and working with other artists.","url":"/Entertainment/video/tom-curren-surfer-musician-debut-ep-summerland-road-17847428","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}