Tom Hanks: Not A 'Lucky Guy' At The Tonys

Despite great reviews, Oscar winner didn't take home the tony for best actor in a play.
5:04 | 06/10/13

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Transcript for Tom Hanks: Not A 'Lucky Guy' At The Tonys
It was broadway's big night the 67 annual Tony Awards and boy did they go big stars from stage and screen all coming out take part in -- The year's best shows. Neil Patrick Harris shining as the host for the fourth year in a -- delivering an -- opener last -- -- -- -- coupling with. Mike Tyson. But it was kinky boots who kicked -- as the star of the night winning 60 war. Big night indeed talk about highlights New York Post Peter columnist Michael real. Is joining us now Michael. Big night good idea that he big night because the -- after having been Nam and the smaller beacon theater -- the number of years moved back to Radio City Music Hall where they used to be when Rosie O'Donnell most of them. And Neil Patrick Harris wanted to sort of like -- and often a very big way back in the big big theater and so the opening of the Tony Awards show incorporated every show when -- -- And -- you had a -- And quickly and you had Kiki and tell everybody involved. It was like the best of the best of the best of production value that went into that one opening act on believe the -- and Neil Patrick Harris sadness -- -- -- over women had a prolonged stay in a season that's it. We -- the budget tonight and I think even he himself was kind of surprised by the reaction yet. Nearly sea ice Franken is a little sceptical -- -- opens I've heard reports when they were rehearsing it a lot of people in the -- its hodgepodge of all come together. You know really and beyond don't want -- for -- time but I thought it came and went off wherever Wallace for the actual awards -- kinky boots going home -- Walking very highest in six -- and experience lives and yet some big bright red leather boots right -- best musical beating Matilda. Which is terrific show from London time while -- children's -- and frankly. There was no wind right and kinky boots stomp all over that Cindy whopper making her Broadway debut writing scores -- people she picked -- -- Tony award. Billy Porter won for best actor. And a few other awards as well so it was a big night for them and it's -- if you ask -- a year ago what is going to be the big B show of the coming wrongly -- I would have said and anyone covers business Woodson -- -- coming over from London and gotten rave reviews in London to critics in new York and gone -- London -- thought they -- rave reviews. And nobody was talking about heat nobody is talking -- -- -- out of nowhere. This thing comes to sweeps the awards in the sleeper that could arts -- the big surprises fan -- not slow the big shocker to me was Tom Hank Aaron was nominated for performance and nor -- -- last -- lucky guy. And everybody thought Tom Hanks would win one because -- some major movies aren't on its big stars. And to which he performed extremely well in the play. And we were all predicting who's going to be Tom Hanks and I actually to watch when they announce the winner is in the show you know nominees I let's have fun I don't I -- for the losers -- -- -- city. So I live a hell out of -- I was watching -- -- should -- was that is it wouldn't be nice they say and the winner is Tracie let's whose -- visual and it was just this. Terry. -- Tom Hanks plays out he's a pro he recovered quickly he applauded for Tracie let's is a fine actor but. I would diverted Tracie let's before -- but I just love that you could see that moment in his eyes where if not what it did I miss you here. This next year with writing an actor -- -- bet Midler yet outlets it's in the tube. Best known performers on -- this season Tom Hanks and Bette Midler both were given the back of the -- And Tony Awards that was -- -- nominated for her performance in them. Ali to last an iPod but she was terrific she was -- I can tell you from talking. People posters she was really put out by not be on the there's a lot of variety out there I -- get your -- little bit quickly on -- -- acceptance -- spots because it was very -- Didn't think could -- and again in my life term. And I was pretty comfortable that that. Except that I had this burning -- him to choose just one more. One you'll create -- I said I didn't want to keep greedy just one -- more. And it came to me. To no effort. On my -- Then -- -- -- -- Didn't wanna be greedy but one -- just one more big world on the dress actually looks a little lethal -- -- just seen trot out from that perhaps she's certainly she's certainly aren't bad but mormons as well yeah and also that was really heartfelt. Eloquent a lot of movies each and I think that's really the best of the Tony Awards. When you have someone who speaks as truthfully. And she did how moving it was for her to have one last shot and -- actually eighty years old she's now old enough to really be -- cheap ticket for -- impressive and always great to have your answer Michael real thank you so much for stopping by.

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{"id":19366414,"title":"Tom Hanks: Not A 'Lucky Guy' At The Tonys","duration":"5:04","description":"Despite great reviews, Oscar winner didn't take home the tony for best actor in a play.","url":"/Entertainment/video/tom-hanks-lucky-guy-tonys-19366414","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}