Tony Goldwyn's 'Scandal' Scoop

Actor talks about what "Scandal" viewers can expect.
5:01 | 01/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tony Goldwyn's 'Scandal' Scoop
Fans of the hit series scandal know that there is some serious passion between Olivia Pope. Played by Kerry Washington and Toni gold wins character the president of the United States. But the president is married and Olivia has just gotten a marriage proposal so the question -- -- their love survive. It's not -- for tomorrow. Listen to me. Whatever is wrong and -- excellent student. Sooner news aren't just an. -- We Elliott laugh one man may have the answer Tony Goldman joining us that it does what to expect to welcome Mr. President and I think -- does it ever get old being addressed that way -- -- -- him in the he's definitely. -- required in the family members from the line you will play -- to the -- every time -- -- And -- -- relationship like between -- that I mean obviously gets complicated as the season has progressed. Is this going to be some that's going to be sustainable. You know looking to tell you all like it is I don't know according -- -- on a sort of -- that I can't reveal what I do know too much but what a but I don't know much your Chanda me. Herself doesn't decide. How until the very last minute now things are gonna go and and his actors and we just don't know until we get the script so a little bit of head of the -- Ryan I can tell you that. Fitz is. You know having made the decision. After his near death experience rise to. To get. Straight with himself and and you know -- ask some of -- -- -- -- -- best known for divorce ratio. Shot obviously -- very complicated. Dialogue -- a lot of complicated plot twists and turns to you ever gotten a script and said I don't supplement mailed it this believable. Because I think that's why so many people love the show was that there is a great deal of reality to it better job someone thinks this in fact could actually never that. -- -- to such a good writer I've often read the scripts and -- shocked you know. You know boom the next week's episode. What happens is so mind born. And I didn't get the script until. The table read Dave -- -- as the writers are against deadlines and some -- don't get him to last minute real sat down and read it -- -- together cold. And things are starting to -- -- mouth and I thought what. What -- Could always so that reaction shocked but the writing is so good. That it's never. It's never hard to -- your real because that it's outrageous but it's always connected to something. Deeply human. So -- has been so much fun where in a very politically charged charged environment. Do you think the show would be as successful if it -- may be launched four years ago five years ago no I don't because I think people of a real. Sense of how highly charged the political atmosphere is and politics have become their own kind of show business except it's for real. So that informs -- -- such a great way especially being right at the -- election cycle. You know -- the presidential elections past you know falling from best of times per. -- has joked before and you've made you've caught up on this line as well that there is a scandal pace the progress what is the scandal pace. To do the -- of our show right at all there was a rule it's on to lay down from day one. You know that she wants us you have to talk incredibly fast right except when carriers together in the novel -- changes -- slow. So in the first season we -- get emails from her saying I love you people you're not talking past that really via. Ever worry that the message to the script it was going to be lost because of the you have to have -- expedited delivery nobody is it works better you get a better you know as actors. You're right now -- come on top of it but in the first season. You know you try to find the scene -- ago -- wire was working in as soon as you do it at scandal -- suddenly. It works and -- the message is clear and and it's you know it's good challenge audiences -- you do need coming forward when you're watching scandal. Or you'll miss -- management -- Watson to twice. But. You know our brains. Working the and audiences -- it's really Smart kids it's not a casually consumed show you don't you get into it which is why have such a dedicated following that now. We don't spoon feed dealers who you gonna be. On that and and I found myself going back and watching a speech again the seller -- just as an audience myrtle what what just happened I got to watch that again. But the cumulative effect is excited. Tony Goldwyn Mr. President we will continue to watch -- head as a war unfolds and take our notes very dubious way to make sure we're not erratic at every single word thanks so much for joining us today are -- my pleasure.

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{"id":18358399,"title":"Tony Goldwyn's 'Scandal' Scoop ","duration":"5:01","description":"Actor talks about what \"Scandal\" viewers can expect.","url":"/Entertainment/video/tony-goldwyns-scandal-scoop-18358399","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}