Top Toys for the Holiday Season

These picks are sure to make the list.
10:28 | 11/21/14

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Transcript for Top Toys for the Holiday Season
Get ready to take some notes parents onto his uncle's friends anyone with kids out there because as the segment that we wait for every single year pressuring the hottest toys of the season helping shop like a pro. May be put Santa on a business. We'll wait and see toy insider bomber's jacket of the top that's happy holidays. Santa's got a job security I know. Yet he does but the thing went every star Chris Brown a blue think TV show. A video game read even a witness out. Kids wondering favorite characters home wrecked a winning start with the princess that really does not need to much entered Dax and she looks familiar. Yeah. Or honest the movies and she's beautiful this is snowblower house she wants to come to light so if you just pressure and you might. I. Noticed that her dressed like that's it she's just fifteen different races but. Well I'll call. Hey this doesn't mean what every parent wants interest. If every one will be another. 32 seconds of the Eric good friends all off the course of a naturally so you have to have a certificate records ABC the parent company and it did and as well so full disclosure author synergies synergy all right. At what else do we have. Anti mutant ninja turtles are back they are hot they are more pot this is like this is that what twenty years ago yes. Naming the new series came out here and in the movie came out this that I can't sit under our action heroes aren't little pants. It's met you at Leonardo him he's got lots of different phrases. Real clothes. Lots and into the a lot but he has and guess what that's okay is that you actually get very good at what the president went on this but isn't it up in Dallas. That's there. Cool the construction of these board yeah it's been twenty years since we've had an of these right aren't ate so well and little hands and Lott very cool. So tell us one of the new our series on Nickelodeon then and it's all without public service pops that teaches kids about. Frank Sheehan and safety and teamwork so this is chase chase is one of the main characters and this is a look at headquarters which is in every single episode. So we have a working elevator back here. We have a little fly to get chased Allen isn't a Harry and of course it comes with his little fire truck because he's got to make the rescue got quick and rather in our expenses local it is highly lot of moving parts which is good for parents yet. Yet to stay up until 3 o'clock in the morning putting that thing together nice easy place it for kids to recreate their favorite scenes you're gonna lead some of the stuff around on them because that's my line because I know you're gonna wanna plainly I got my priest or Laurie I got mixed up and is still viewed every Wednesday attack. So what I'm not out this is our topic stop and get better talking will be. Cell we can pull this didn't actually pretending that they got mixed with the whole clean and accurate it could take a look at all the things. We have a Gurney Lemerre rescuing one of our broken toys. At we have light some sense we have. AG machine this is great of this little elevator just to kind of. Everything reach those hard to an average fees and in case you have a bill though. Luck we can take care you say maybe arrow like this. This is fun and work with this one sentiment that he had this look it up 39 down 39 dollars or art out of Puerto okay okay starter shortcut cake until this is like everything old is new again yes but not if I didn't tell you just I smelling hair. You don't my childhood friend had the whole strawberry shortcake Lou I would just go replace these that are coaches I think just to get this out now dinner and this is not frank cherry jam. And this is air cooled stage they are ratio in Iraq that she does she smells is Jerry not quite as strong strawberry. We are glad that there's a hierarchy to also that east suite eight tunes and stage. And it. So I eighth. Rob there some and there are different tracks. And we can only and then right against there's stage plays already this story of the cool thing about like this teenage mutant ninja turtles is that like it helps the parents relate to say like you know. Ira what I had this and that's a little bit when the cameras are. When you're walking down the island you say remember you share with your kid Brian and US yet this well until this looks very cool how can he get you poke out we have missed out harness here to put on your shoulder for little kids but we're just gonna hold himself OK yes he could chip the most popular all of the broken right so kids can play would seek to on the floor at the table but this is battle ready he can channel. He likes to sit on your shoulder and as. He she ratty. Hate me if you think it's. They carried. We need some incurred. The I'm and that's that's very cruel. Or just its about it on this shoulder strap that separate the kid is having an a and I knew but the kids can actually. I don't show I mean we need to make an alliance adult adjustment. Dallas didn't like that who have had very little boats and stuff and just look at the top very stamp out. Barry thigh Baring consulates you to this peace might threaten to up video games being a great way that kids have. Favorite characters some expected to be yet in the kids and adults lot Sammy happen paper craft a neighbor a little action figures. When I looked out the keeper craft kits actually building with our. The elements that they see in the scheme that has a couple of episodes now we can flat flat you and it'll all organic remember right so very very cool and of course kids love the favorite character secure we have Steve on the horse. And these are iconic characters in the mind crap game. That's. Re stacking staffers because they're so like the whole mind press box is not 1990 reds at great item to get to kids and they're gonna sit and they're gonna fault and you know we're gonna let there are two of the video games it was an accurate yes. Yes there toward self. The family movie everyone this holiday season need heroes sick right so this is Bain acts and this is here out. Acts was actually built to be a nurse robot that he around reprogrammed him to be a crime fighting robot. So we can pretend that we are flying. He's got lights and action and this is how he writes in the movie and of course he's got his arms shooting. Analytic act that say yeah. A little I don't what do you. You hit the side what's what's where it lie down eight well he launched office who's got one that does want to fly. All right let's use but that's what happened economy sound got good and that's all you need immediate hit. That's. A fun fun toilets at the thing is that you've seen these movies if you want to see the movie 151000 times which children's children yeah. This can be a next alternative. Yes that's what it's about it's about bringing magic home. Star Wars the new rambled a year and a classrooms. Looking back yes this is that these this is the election so what's the iconic shipped from the new series this ever 900. Pieces when you put this together. Comes with a mini figures they're born and figures. On and it's got that hot and it's got a little things of the here. But most important if you just push that down accordance it should and it comes with shooters. Cool there well I mean this is 900 pieces autism is how long did this take you to put together I had help us. There. They goes is that is that they do come with incredibly Vito constraint and they did I mean in there are no words to the kind of instructions that I like a look how cool this is a light and that means everything that M aliens. And he not been lost them now what else that's okay very they would just lost one apparently now and 899. That's at technical work global assemble that one later on other I. And his odds are that was. I've Sid this one is about 79 dollars a good night. Okay. Want to introduce you to feature X carols so these are regional pop stars. They on lines into or you can help either on beautiful mind inspired have been ranked OK and they each come with an instrument. More important look at their whole act. Still lots harried they're beautiful and there is lot airplane with the dolls each given strawberry shortened to bitterroot. Another that I have a fragrance but I mean that the claw he agrees there. In different kind of stopped and there are episodes and original music videos that the kids can watch online but is that they've newer as yeah I'm this isn't it they came out late last year. So now you're seeing their new toy at their new music and kids are learning all about the each ex girl very cool okay and then finally Asian. Yes just idling Disney infinity yes tell all about taking his toys. Putting in my head case and bringing him to life. In a video game. So last kidney launched Disney picketing legally your favorite Disney characters this year it's all about marvel superheroes two point now Brent. And when you play this video in their to waste a Platt. You can play in a place that node which is structured like kids will go through there are challenges and will do whatever the game is instructing them to do but there's also toy box note. Where your meshing together all of your favorite characters from Disney World them marble work out. Kids create the environments. They create the adventure and then play. So it's as so that you're taking the physical toy and they think it's created in a virtual said yes so whenever toy goes on the base rent that's what shows up in the game. Nothing and we know we're headed lower right. I'm stuck pressed him by the end but not well we have come out that it definitely Abdullah the get go wow factor and thankfully we have people like you that are out there are doing their due diligence to find out exactly what the hottest gifts for this holiday season. You will be any yet. With any of these toys were checked toy insider thank you so much for stopping by Toyota and hasty exit.

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