Trump Calls CNN 'Fake News,' Refuses to Take Question at Press Conference

"The View" co-hosts distinguish between unsubstantiated news and fake news.
5:47 | 01/12/17

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Transcript for Trump Calls CNN 'Fake News,' Refuses to Take Question at Press Conference
As I'm sorry while our when Donald Trump had his first press conference since winning the election. But he wasn't we'll talk to everybody. He's shutdowns. And who broke the story about that. Report about in rush having scandalous info I want him. You know. Ignite innovation not give you give us this you know organizational attacking our news organs your organization. Janet got questions our guys are. Quiet they quietness present like I had using get a question they'll doesn't like can you give us the crowd here rooting us and you give us a clash don't be really not an answer to Washington. I do not gonna get you questions and you stake you are fake news Cirque. There's so much demand there's so much in that set have. What impact. I'm pat you know I want to CNN for it for six years and I know Jim Costa he is a an excellent reporter. He is above reproach and the way that he was treated by our president elect was inappropriate and concerned about that exchange that we just saw because it's about freedom of the press out. Rant and and for our president elect to call someone. Who is a journalist from a reputable news organization. Fake journalist and fake news is something that is it's horrifying and they're they're inflating something here there's a difference between CNN and what they reported and what buzz feed reported. And I grouping them together which they takes off and it's okay slightly CNN. This make it into the two in the lead CNN had reported that there was the president and president elect had been briefed. About this. This report author right ask. But his personal behavior and must know they don't think it's even going out and that is sitting in what that it just said there's a report and it was important enough that president elect trump. And President Obama have been briefed on this back once he saw that the it done that and this. 35 page dossier that's been. All the media had no one had reported on it because they didn't have enough to back it up right buzz feet I think some soft CNN and said we're just gonna put it out there lack. When that decision without seeing some money and my not a big that is the site and the chronology IC thank you know first that but he did that however they decided to do that. Now I do think perpetuating fake news when your media outlet are one that has not been corroborated or Chaplin as it was right on about fake news is unsubstantiated. And some say parents who fake noses when you deliberately put something that's Fultz outs and I know you're right perhaps the distinction I want and they. Yeah uncorroborated. Unsubstantiated bag as it I. Among journalists and yet it is not responsible to put it out there so I actually think that I do think also making the distinction. It's kind of a public service that now yeah your right yes Kate muses when you have any intention to miss meat and has been bright warm Iraq news you disagreeing with. Which is often. What president elect trump and Kellyanne Connolly often refer to all media SP yeah which is also deluding the power of and and the kind of injustice that I do I don't not to too happy yeah. A big problem with what bonds he did initially just because they came out and said. This stuff is on verified this stuff has not been corroborated by anyone but here's all the information in you know as soon as that information hits with all of its details and specifics. It's hard to unseat up stopping at heart I'm tired assigns an a far right exactly only the difference there was that was Julianna Assange who people consider. You know he he's allied with Russia this is our odd a bus is an organization that is American not what comes from ops and that makes people think pulled on the second. Your allegiance should be to the truth and our standards of ethical journalist and Julian Assange doesn't live by those standards what I do dollars I looked in to CNN. And I'm a CNN report and there's nothing wrong with it. There's absolutely nothing that I but I also did was I compared what CNN set. With respect to this and what they set about WikiLeaks and they gave a very similar take Arnold which is that they didn't get into heavy specifics. They said these are allegations. If you if you read the report there's nothing wrong so is it getting a contract out to make the distinction yes you can have a problem with Fuzzy. But don't make a generalized statement about the mainstream media group. CNN's stinks jumping that they don't you can't imagine anything thinking I. I any other safe billionaire with a fake tan in a fake university. Then why read about fake. That this thing. Invocation. Of Nazi Germany that he did in one of his tweets it's like Nazi Germany. And that Denny stifles. An reported from asking a question that's right out of playbook of Josep durables okay. Read your history while. And that's you know history he's you know it's my sticking point. And and when you have journalists seeing. These kinds of yellow Thong things that are happened there are starting to look at each other and all you know what I don't care what side. Wine were up we're all journalists yes and where our job is to seek the truth cannot think back. Skype has been unimportant thing that's happened because there has been enough. In you window put out and just. Runway yes and people have to start to really listen when some racist statement is huge question that is at stake because you don't want meeting here and that's. Or as a fake look 'cause. You know it doesn't make any sense that there outlook there's a white slavery ring in the back Bob pizzeria run in the middle of the app of DC that it. That you have fake news that would that you know the that was put wet against Clinton at the idea. That no one questioned it before someone almost got KL.

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{"duration":"5:47","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts distinguish between unsubstantiated news and fake news. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44737960","title":"Trump Calls CNN 'Fake News,' Refuses to Take Question at Press Conference ","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-calls-cnn-fake-news-refuses-question-press-44737960"}