Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Accidentally Endorses Paul Ryan for President

The co-hosts discuss Donald Trump's campaign and his manager's comments.
7:31 | 08/04/16

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Transcript for Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Accidentally Endorses Paul Ryan for President
My favorite subject Donald Trump's campaign manager at plum out of foreign. May have made an epic slip of the tongue just hours ago when whites say this is great acts. Your Republican lifelong Republican and conservative presidents in the past for years I mean do I support speaker Paula. Well I supported the speaker and I knew after Mexico may be supporting this candidate for the president to and restore the oh really. Newstalk into the microphone. So Donnelly was getting out of clearly can't and won't run jumping here and there is that we're we're. And I didn't really hang out outside another look. Tomorrow. Yeah. I mean everybody's talking about there were rumors about how they going to. Tried to get trump out of the race and maybe put Paul in their. And that in his own manager. It's as campaign chairman and had a heart every school's. I have not gotten to remind me of an Elvis impersonating. Yeah. Yeah that is an honorable and no matter. Old tired defending this guy Hebert saw this is wishful thinking like somebody please come save beat out Paul. It's. A I it is Justin Bieber has the fan girls Ryan has that in politics there's a group of people are constantly like. Paul Ryan's the scene here. This is the got out I just remind them go back to the Romney Brian ticket is good it says he's a policy wonk. He's great behind the scenes he's a Smart guy. When he's tethering campaigned he did not. He doesn't make the selfish people well when he needs don't hold out that if he takes a backseat he took a backseat to Ronnie so people are looking for someone look. Donald Trump did not the popular support him. This is the got take us. And as but. Which Republican do you think his Paris panic I can't think of when not. But he also does seem as governor Susanna Martinez and New Mexico because fans Taliban don't want panic a lot of people on 98 agony I. I am my friend and I like overnight another analogy but I think a lot of people word we're drawn to him and yes it just say about it. I slip up and I've recently throughout my life have known to slip up my words and I'm not you know. Standing up for anybody on the Republican side that sits but he slipped up. And you just slipped up his words right Kelly is that as well. He just has been thinking about the president I think of it is just anytime. And anything at any time to get taken and that's our way it was maybe a Freudian slip I mean maybe he's actually I think about it an. Kind of came activity but I don't wanna I don't of the litigating that sir I apologize and he might slip to her time dad feels like in one thing it's indisputable and palm metaphor was on GMA this morning interviewed by George Stephanopoulos and he did say that this is become a divide whether or not you're supporting Paul Ryan are not. It we have the Republican nominee who is not supporting Paul Ryan yet his vice president Mike Pence has publicly supported in southern definite this is continent divided. We Indian art is beautiful it's like pull Ryan says I'm still gonna supports prop. And now he and he deserves it. I can't think. All along it took the Republicans so long to sort of get behind Donald Trump and those that get. Have you know gotten behind him he just less than those like just yet this Laffey doesn't days kind of and that's looking about you know an intervention. Program. I want thought that that Donald. Had so many disasters lately that Republican heavyweights are about to stage an intervention now what is that an intervention webinars says look like to they cover the Veras. How I can't. And the interesting thing about the intervention theory. Is that it sounds a lot like the brokered convention theory that they have or when they were trying to get him out. There is. There's nothing they can force Donald Trump out he would have to leave Allentown voluntarily and he's set to Larson says he's not gonna Leah eat I don't I don't think he's gonna mean but judge you're seeing you don't even think I really ever wanted to job he ever want this shop I think. Need to promote the trump brand he never thought he did it again so I can tell you we keep up their sand. Like I said announced again but what. Its and not just fun and it looks like he's gonna take a big loss I guarantee you thirty saw openings coming out Sanders is rigged. There's going to be a story and he will opt out you're not alone in this baby if you like I'm the possibility that he will step aside to save himself this is about it I would like to cabinet out Donald Trump likes it that bad could have I don't think you've got a caller -- yeah I'm apologize I mean now that everybody's out trying to say don't mess with another veteran liked what little tiny. What's amazing is that his people are still on his side acting he messed with the veteran. I'd be mobbed I was child died saving other Americans yeah I. Is the Republican Party was still stands behind this guy what they've been waving the flag how many years now and talking about how we love our veterans we love out veterans. And that still standing behind. I'm no I think a lot of but there's there's a lot of called bottoming you look at John McCain look at John okay if you look at a lot he's still got about Armey he's not there and if you cannot attain said you know. I'll still vote for anybody I had people anger in a vote for Donald Trump I promise you're gonna step up and I don't hear what they do what I. The privacy of the blue mocked what they say that parents know they did the. Fox person could tap yet but it also doesn't know what they do on the boot they can sail they want to that if they don't know what that is definitely they let these people do when we doubt it doesn't matter. Kickoff when he went as the Republican Party decide that country is more important than party. I think what they went up Monday that I'll. The issue is that the the people conservatives people might feel abandoned by the party for a long time they feel like Republican party's not fighting for limited government you've got guys out there like Rand Paul who are saying. Republicans are ballooning debt until they're part of the problem so they feel would be at a party got as before running I'm sorry but that's what he is. Who is our Intel thinks yeah. And Republicans stay home to they stay home and a lot of Republicans and it'll writings like you can kind of a thing Gary Johnson of the and a state apple because they cannot pull for Hillary in the Canon good but affixed a reference I cannot act ample free the one of those people write in Gary Dodds instead I'll I. Every cop. A lot of people they sit you know for that nap like the two most unlikable candidate something somebody said to me it's like choosing between the dabble in the antichrist here it's like according to. But for some of an inning ending maybe you haven't possibility for this particular president to appoint. Three Supreme Court justices and I think a lot of people there are trying to look past the but many eyes out of each of these candidates what is the double though is that. And apple I'd rather have a competent dabble spending and confidence Atmel.

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{"id":41121983,"title":"Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Accidentally Endorses Paul Ryan for President","duration":"7:31","description":"The co-hosts discuss Donald Trump's campaign and his manager's comments.","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-campaign-manager-paul-manafort-accidentally-endorses-paul-41121983","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}