Trump Suggests the Election Is Rigged Against Him

The Republican presidential candidate claims media bias and voter fraud are to blame if he loses the election.
3:13 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for Trump Suggests the Election Is Rigged Against Him
The other thing was that he keeps saying that the election is rigged against him. And that last night he claimed that there nationwide voter fraud dead people. Illegal immigrants casting ballots people voting five to ten time. He wants supporters to watch out for this election for that on Election Day. But exactly what are they looking for. But what are they looking for I mean I. That the people. Who actually do this the people who. Do these elections who volunteered or do them for us. Who open and close the polling places who are actually their cause they want to be part of this we send that they're all rich. Yeah by I think he's I think he's drawing attention to the fact that there are cases of voter fraud that how many day in Colorado you have dead people dot multiple incidents in the dead people voting which is really you have no way in West Virginia counties here or Jason went went 181112 and thirteen there are instances it the issue is you have to have faith in the electoral process as a whole so that's not to say that. Dead people haven't voted that non citizens haven't been this has happened. Virginia counties tech are a 1046. Non citizens successfully registered to vote you can look at up and C staff that this has how guys so yeah myself this idiotic. Into electronic fourteen study published by the Washington Post said that more than one billion ballots. Were cast between 202014. And 31 instances of impersonation fraud were found to 31. Out of one billion balance and weighing two it does exist but he's trying to presented as a widespread problem because he has a giant ego and what he wants to do is. If he loses this election and I think he will he wants to launch a career and he won lets people lock and much like they did to Sarah Palin to elevate him and he needs an excuse why he lost. Not forget that other people have claimed the same things so gore actually sued it. When he thought he lost and they went and hand recount juvenile lead that they thousands of ballot box it's they've found ballot boxes that we were not where they was supposed to think bush and NY but. This means. That the DNC was wringing about when Hillary so when they are running from peoples and listen we need to keep an eye on this for years ago. Everybody send a national voter fraud. Nobody's moving things around there's no fraud here and now suddenly because he may lose. He's got everybody else for not listen. If you think there's voter fraud then you need to talk to the people in your present you need to make sure. But when you gotta vote you're not fraudulent use city folks who comment like this they come management company and an intellect that may come back gotten an icon and then they go like. Just sing to me that a man who dodged the draft six times. Who did not pays taxes been minimum of eighteen years he got free media attention for almost a year. Almost mix adding that the system is rigged against check it sounds to me at my sister was written to fourth at.

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{"id":42885462,"title":"Trump Suggests the Election Is Rigged Against Him","duration":"3:13","description":"The Republican presidential candidate claims media bias and voter fraud are to blame if he loses the election.","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-suggests-election-rigged-42885462","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}