Twin Shadow: Confessions on Motorcycles and Music

AudioFile: George Lewis Jr. adapted motorcycle fight fantasy from his novel into a music video for "Five Seconds."
4:14 | 03/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Twin Shadow: Confessions on Motorcycles and Music
-- I had -- meanings. Motorcycle and it is. Engines like three minutes. Also I haven't been sister there's a -- I used to -- of us as kids. Kind of really brought that image. -- -- -- Okay. -- playing music group. Friends. I learned a lot from being in -- and one thing I learned was that I'm not a big fan of being -- -- I like working on music on. But I do enjoy playing live with the bad it's just leave the politics of being creating music within a group. Is that it's very hard. -- -- -- join me badness -- zack's -- that I had to kind of teased myself. They wouldn't let me and a glass. Learn how to -- and guitar mainly came first. And then. -- -- Kind of data this is actually it is. Thank you John -- him. We had talent show. Music video for so called five seconds. It's based on the story -- -- oversaw it is like. Kind of motorcycle gang -- Fictional news. Com that I wrote. And it's it's just going to be. It's huge motorcycle -- Your friends. Kind of -- being attacked by the officials of this imaginary town. And it's it's kind of like a big fight scene -- -- in action for. I -- just found my motor seventies in my pockets out looking for. I literally just -- It's a good thing community on. It's a ceremony. -- -- I had an accident along. And I was just thinking about it a lot -- making this record in. You know and I'm glad -- -- here. I'm still doing the dangerous thing Friday. -- more conscious about everything. -- kind of wonderful. I -- in my life -- They become more. -- hadn't happened since and this dog in this. I don't wish to.

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{"id":18816531,"title":"Twin Shadow: Confessions on Motorcycles and Music","duration":"4:14","description":"AudioFile: George Lewis Jr. adapted motorcycle fight fantasy from his novel into a music video for \"Five Seconds.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/twin-shadow-interview-confessions-motorcycles-music-18816531","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}