Universal Orlando plans to reopen for public June 5

The phased reopening would start June 1 with employees reporting to test the park's adjustments due to coronavirus.
2:38 | 05/22/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Universal Orlando plans to reopen for public June 5
In a Disney and universal those are the big two that people have really been looking at is keys to at least start. Bringing back our tourism industry today universal was the first to make its pitch. The thrills. The entertainment. In the excited. That's what universal Orlando is all about but it's major Central Florida theme parks a key cog in our economy have been shut down for weeks that could soon change. Which we've asked to be able to Omar are beginning on June 1 ballot this would be a gradual capacity managed opening. They chief administrative officer John sprawls presented universal Orlando's plans for reopening the parks to orange county's economic recovery task force. It was the first presentation by major park in Orange County starting June 1 universal wants to start with a run through employees only. Followed by a couple of days with invited guests and some pass holders. Again to me all stressed the systems and made sure that works and then we went out to be opening to the public dungeon that's. That's about two weeks away but universal wars there will be some noticeable changes starting from the moment guests and workers get to the parking lot and the front gate. Masks and temperature checks will be required just like at the reopened city walk it plans to manage capacity as you might expect managers don't want the parks to get overcrowded. Universal has already set up signs letting people know what they need to know about masks social distancing enhanced sanitation. We're gonna close interactive play areas because we can't find a way to adequately. Social distance play areas where children were being. Universal will switch to use virtual line and get rid of single ride airlines to create more social distancing within our ride movie's crazy people. In terms of growth will be keeping artists together we will not be commingling parties at any point. Food can be ordered online contact less payment is encouraged and any menus used will be disposable all of this with the goal of getting employees back to work. Keeping them and their guests safe. It was a proposal that was unanimously approved by large county's economic recovery task force. I I. I. Universal Orlando will start training this weekend plans are now in the hands of Orange County mayor Jerry damning as if he approves he'll pass these along. To the governor for final approval. The mayor indicated that will likely happen tomorrow morning. Reporting in the studio Jeff deal channel nine Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"The phased reopening would start June 1 with employees reporting to test the park's adjustments due to coronavirus. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"70843234","title":"Universal Orlando plans to reopen for public June 5","url":"/Entertainment/video/universal-orlando-plans-reopen-public-june-70843234"}