US Open Guests Get Served Tasty Eats

ABC News' Charli James and Olivia Smith shows what the celebrity chefs are cooking up.
4:04 | 09/02/15

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Transcript for US Open Guests Get Served Tasty Eats
Welcome back I'm apparently came and maybe he. It operates from the US open right now we're on you don't want to ask Billy dean leading National Tennis Center Ben and getting. Art snap at ground. Inherently you're coming up. What do you think I. Talking about it I was here watch Tenet what I want me these are very. New York dance world begins. Simple ingredients not a lot done. About eighteen. I can't. Heirloom tomatoes good buffalo mozzarella cheese. Good olive oil salt that bird invasion that though let's do it. We have somebody makes the case for us we have to tomatoes coming. Here's the accident. This is smoked salmon flat rate we drilled a flat bread but for the preparation of good salmon pickled red onion capers. We have great food everywhere from the village hall to the problem. Wonderful. No aren't that can't. I'm happy I'm hearing in. Popular restaurant in Miami hungry side of Manhattan. And Ronnie. A little venom. And my outlook. To showcase its. This Norwalk reported there was no question how cybercrime. Learn throat but they don't. Over the line is that we turn. A man as with a bit of red. And here we have a hard and traditional straight talker. You can't eat meat and filing a lot in. Yeah. I don't mean anything. Gephardt aren't happy that I'm in. Restaurant here you like and ten. Hit yeah friend cleaning. Print and on the yeah thanks you know what that Atlanta could average clinging behind me. Now let your foot entering. And we're ready to go. As it did become filled. Broder book Weinberg included years ago we never thought of turning an actual restaurant. That. Making the US government here he's got to come and check out the amazing evening again in not. I'm in here he's currently having world class meal here that you. And yet as it's open.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"ABC News' Charli James and Olivia Smith shows what the celebrity chefs are cooking up.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"33485462","title":"US Open Guests Get Served Tasty Eats","url":"/Entertainment/video/us-open-guests-served-tasty-eats-33485462"}