'After The View': May 12, 2016

The conversation continues with Hot Topics including Drew Barrymore calling her divorce a failure.
15:39 | 05/12/16

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Transcript for 'After The View': May 12, 2016
And we our lives. Yeah now we continue talking. Lots to back up next and you live turning recall does lounging eating right now I'm and I realized that they written masses some. She loves between police captain given on an out eager not have a don't you Wear extra slot to. Just not. I want it I want to talk about Lou but more you know separation. She. Got silver in the because. That's topic was interesting today about you'd have a separation and then you go back Reagan and I need you go to the back to the same person sold between the times separated in the new went back what did you learn. I learn that it. Wasn't all about me and I learned that instead of trying to change the other person they're allowed things at a change in myself and if you're always focusing on the other purse and and senate focusing on being your best and who who you should be for that person and spend your perspective is skewed I'm your husband and learn the same thing. The best in the trust and M on the house just. Yeah account that's not like he went that they are being got that answer we are Medicare we've been in and out of there there's nothing wrong thing I cannot accept a statement ties and the mile. By the that a therapy and reading. And and then went home I (%expletive) And canceling my. So this is not therapy that view is yeah she's watching game of cards can I tell them how many how many guys and I. 45 hours this week of game of. Yeah I. 45 hour rain Friday and today add hunting season one to the seventh episode of this this scene. Q my eyes hurt. But you're also watch teen out in 1990 lacks anything else I need to get to the sixty is like an have a conversation with breach. An important conversation on tactics I but I am a fan of Michaels pattern of Latin overseen by ends on History Channel. Did not liking did you sounds like they're pondering and pillaging well. -- let me start the game at odds on it like to do is show at least -- tots abuse women wanted to get to the Calvin Klein and are sick of because I wanna do what is question ask me again I we have a question from Dana Wednesday that Baghdad. You can't pick one. Which tied dashing and would you be and why which car dash you ask me what do we have to look at wearing I would pick the woman and aren't for the moment the biggest that's. I'm. Sure is that why. Oh I know. It's different at. Mom I'd probably be the lowest older shortly. Courtney Courtney she found she that he actually Chloe is kind of fondness yeah I would duplicate Chloe ninety she's yeah she's not so Marmol. And she still ahead tonight she got out okay so that would who would talk would you be there Dana. The wanted to be back thank you dad arcane as a Priscilla on Twitter says with any of the panel consider position in the government. And all bush. If I was not a comedian or. Whenever I am I would be. I hot. I would be a politician I would board run on won't offer new ground tonight. I would run on a on page joking that sarcasm why I quijano there's sarcasm did it doesn't mean we did not work real hard you try to I'm not a Canadian weight of eighty cents pretty I think we don't know what your platform would be witches you probably similar to Bernie Sanders right now. Not what would you class RB I believe in free education for everybody clap trap should get free education and his children screw that. No interest in I'm going to college I went I have a master's degree in everything was frank. Watch on the spray was 64 dollars and term at Queens College beckoned six. Why Donald they've poured down more that's not even register should now that's like. Then a black city. The city university in its heyday. And then I went to Saudi Burke and I got an NA from Aaron kind of caused me nothing. Ordered top exceed four plus plus masked data. On top included you know the bucks extra money always got used books and sell was not that much money. I really had I have no we have and I was brought out it wasn't biased media registration PM like mom can get that major credit card. Yeah it's real and that's what it should bay it should be the city university and state university should be really really really affordable afraid. I don't I don't report but kids like me who knew that the money. But not people like truck and all these rich these hedge fund is want to pay for some hedge funds kids' education wants to go to Harvard. Cough up the million dollars possessed what's gonna collapse you know I my parents paid for about a third of my education to a private school and I think it was just about what five years ago at a pick up my student I'm don't think there's any wrong with a student loan I need. It's not I that's not to daylight view is that I. Like gangbusters in charge elects not what's the percentage like 12% to saw Friday it. But even higher than it actually I mean listen I write it took me awhile to pay an off I was use that I have of the job now but then I was making eight dollars an hour coming out of college okay so. I just. For me a while highly its lab doesn't it. Would you out what invincible I felt a sense of ownership because I knew that I was at just peddling my parents' money out and I was working for myself. And I looked hard because not all of this girls and Americans and she's very Salvador where cart. Each class online all I need another job I had three classes to take this semester that's ridiculous 64 dollars is that it's. Multiples and I'm just like this is and it's not even Friday. It's university and an online study I'm online at academy of art university which is not like a Harvard that's a sisters she's very. August Raymond she really does beautiful aren't atlas you Unscom okay Belisle. I live now. Here I've got hey I don't know what's your secret talent and secret talents. You're still really have a talent. What's your secret town Obama met in this let's say when asked what we know Harry is all right yeah right rate as high as. And that. She can detect early next. Half I think touched my tongue to my house. I cannot send science it's. Didn't. Harry I don't happening and I do this. I think they'll let me think I think joy has the talent to rally people that is well you know yeah I could I could if I was a politician. I had this whole idea are for wrote voting in the way I seldom kills. Here's what evidence they have with the tribes support a stand up and cherries south. A bat stood. Kids clapping you know when I would like Abbott I think that's and we appreciate that you're here Ali sat. What is it cool is a trump supporter could you explain who you are so we can understand. Teenage camera nation now I'm not explaining it I don't get in the politics I just steal. That that we do need to change I don't I have voted for Bob hobby the first thing at it was the biggest mistake of my life why why why yeah why wasn't a and I reckon a hot at all. Not or cannot he wants about Obama can't. What has done to the hospital systems and when he met sorry hospitals out of business. You can't get an organization from medi tech any type of team that needs you have no idea locals are behind the seat is just like any other. Job not a local mom behind the scenes when you look at that I don't agree with that W so you like single Payer can't like Bernie Sanders asked. No I don't we have price and the you don't want anyone I everybody should pay through the notes. Current and New York company I do agree that OK but what about what about preexisting conditions how to feel about that they speak up. They should be covered up so that's part of obamacare he trans fat cats that what this aren't you got wind change that we don't see behind the scenes like egg like a settler have you worked out wrinkles OK quickly what outs we got to move on just I personally think that may lead businessman because that he's at every four years have we we always complain about people like him to have its taxes that everybody should I. Anything to do it. Of the presidential I'm sorry I don't. What do you say he's like I said he's a businessman. That's what he's put things happen do you want to feed and I don't think it happened Graham what he had just like don't think to wipe really everything he says. Have questions wary do you feel like his job as a reality star has wager voter does that he did not does that and that at all Nat. That's why people speculate no I don't watch and that that's nonsense are you working out. Actually no I got injuries on the covered the this year but I'd seen it'll. Accusing you work if you worked in health care or complex or else you know might my brother is that good when I married my brother out there. Late a year with bullet children has looked into schools she's my sister and their fat back. With anything but as a social worker that's what I did I could see where money is needed and we are not getting. My husband works an opera pop of the homeless. There's so much more money that is needed that we're not getting any appeal that he's got to know obamas up a lot of things that haggard didn't love reached it with everything also. I think I got out I sit down. How then she asked in the night or art I just find it interesting that you go through that because there's always there's wit every decision even he missed chip. I'm happy but my nature so this isn't like there's always going to be unhappy people but then there's going to be happy people and it's. I don't know having a country with so many different. My stats if any one or all of us will ever fully happy because there's always going to be someone that's angry so how do we find happiness. How did. Look at the good we always look at the bad that's why instant brand and Twitter controls not only listen to the bad people can you hear all the basics of an act which he wished. That's a problem and I think as a human culture we need to light. Dean on the bandwagon of that everything's going to be perpich all the time was just take the good for as long as it. I don't think I'm take them off. A Madeleine. I have got married and now not Mary Read them Abdul is Abdul who. I'm married the Phillies I'm skipping marries because she's saying this amounts to go ahead Mary that. Sorry I'm sorry. Sorry but with programs like oh that's. Hi I'm if you Audi a way to see eighty performer who at me what the former gallant about what is so. Needless name now. I would go I go out an eyewitness to The Rolling Stones. Oh yeah baby. And have I think today we'll play our Def Leppard. That you sex life again. Around three. I thought I had a bad way this elegantly Chela. The generations here. Mugging and I'll pay until you. He wants to do another topic instead of more questions. At a time to a topic OK OKMR drew Barron. I'm sorry Brian so rude at the Mike and is now I don't. Okay. A home if you have any advice for young on March from the archenemy and institute business will would be. Run Sanwa. In show business advice from an entrepreneur in the show business understanding to business first yes Russell Simmons he's the he's one of those guys who does. Yeah. If you had Harris yes but I am also an entrepreneur or I have I've had multiple business that I had merchandise and things of that nature I think the thing is that people forget is that it is a business. And entertainment I think people wanna be celebrity first and then substance later so it's about being on time. Being on time being on time this early teens aware of what's going on your surroundings also be and nice but not being taken for granted. And having your stuff in order it's a business just did you come in not tie on. Crying and you've had your work Heidi I didn't get a yet your paperwork. Together because a lot of times people commit don't have their paperwork together they hope that just there you know seeking get demand and it's not always that way people like their business. Okay hot okay. Thank you up zero. So OK so perhaps half a foot bed Drew Barrymore. Is going through a divorce right now. OK I thought she was happily married but I guess you. Things did not go well and that she says that what she realized it was over she felt like Australia. Not divorced. And I believe that I was affinia that I am because it didn't work and that's why you want to fit you failed. But its head also why did you get divorced. Because it didn't work out I don't have I only have a I'm pretty big but. I know until at least day I mean do well this was her third marriage so my big he's kind of felt like she's tried it and it hasn't worked. But I know it sounds cliche but just because she failed doesn't mean your failure you look out louder at that particular as thank you your you fail sensible like you know. But there's a distinction not a success you failed yeah I you are not a failure it didn't. I I understand him as in general I'm not a failure person and that your tax bill Mariel I think Chelsea had failed but you are not a I don't think angry at never been and then. Divorced I've seen other people divorce and l.s had divorced need it to you I know that. I it's hot hot. You know I had a thanks that's because you actually listen to yourself. Listen I'm not saying that deflects it happened it broad experience. It was certainly from may but I still maintain that when you have a marriage and you have children. And you can't make it work you have failed at their aunt that damaged well you have failed. It's sad but true federal tried and failed to try to carry it just that's how many don't do that I have an ally Drew Barrymore a lot of fun and then there's really. And is she had a very my childhood that girl she to have very typical child that you realize he comes from a family. Of the most famous actors and in this country the Barry Morse. I mean out of you can look them up to Google her grandfather her father Ahmad the the whole family. Google eBay do you know I'm triple. Now if there's not build an event and it's gloomy baby yeah generation. Would play the flame and it ain't. So you think that's a raven I love Lieber blames. Let's actually I was on this show one time thing it is arguing that the Dalai and so there aren't really went we have to go wow. So thanks everybody likes this caucuses has no rhyme or reason silence. The best is like wondering air raid meandering right but so but thanks anyway it hanging around with us. And you know you don't you shouldn't forget to hit us up on Twitter and FaceBook OK we'll see you tomorrow it's Friday.

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