'After The View': Dec. 17, 2015

Sex at Your Parents' House During the Holidays: Do You Do It? 10 of the worst conversational faux pas, and more hot topics!
13:25 | 12/17/15

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Transcript for 'After The View': Dec. 17, 2015
That was Bryant now were up one of our producers. And he's he's a lovely person but what can I do wanna toss anything Bryant having been sent. Happy holidays happy holidays. He. Adorable is he didn't let him for many years of these traumatize. My. Those present by the way he gave me an on opens board game of signed Phelps trivia I am like so inflated beyond the. I. And I'm if they could tell you that I had it before actually give if you didn't see you know I'm listening and happy Saturday attack but with they would like prisons would have been real independent out of their thing without yeah. And that it'd just tuned in to watch we're actually doing a live stream right now and we have a lovely gifts here is Sarah hangs out. Okay. A couple of hot hot as you know a lot of people admit. To having sex at their parents' houses during the holidays have you know yes I know you had very little nuts she's Idaho that I. I see it. Could put my husband and I have a vague how there's nothing more a sexually going home like eight in the fight locking that door there's nothing sexual about my home in the united demonstrator again I am I. Literally look at I got a thirteen year old Blake at a heightened if height I could never do anything like that hijackers and think I'm all in all parts like I was. Queen bed for like basically my entire life that you can imagine the visual their property. It was not in my culture I about a missing with a little bed so I don't I could not imagine me I could not physically fit another person in that bad much less even an animal. I know that means I. I don't know do you realize this but you when you're having sixty not next to each other the right away yeah. AMP backs so you tell you don't let it that's an Internet and on top of the other business yeah I'm excited about having TT expected. I actually got Isaiah I say it's. It's not as hot and my own house because like if you walk into my bedroom it's silly listing sheets from eighth grade in the same wallpaper so I kind of feeling I feel like I'm very little headlights on the play like him wants house and hides its but it's much higher OK yeah we're going to my grandma's house in Indianapolis. Hi Janet Donne. And haven't had her moment that code for walks up and she can't. I TMI now won't trust alignment that. Kelly Preston forbid like a great there's nothing really more exciting than doing it we have not supposed to so let's let the point parents and in laws like that's girls like her you. The lack even better then I now know. O having not gonna hear anything I had to have us this month. And I love this story because they knew our daily news is listing that the things that people do on a conversation that it totally inappropriate. And I do almost all of that you do not do the fighting with your mouth full do you not content showing with my mouse yeah he's your align and I don't be happy medium well just chill it mr. Pettitte like. Talking with you about something you think he's so much Paula for saving you want to get in at one out for a second. No ice had in a restaurant. I'm sorry I said restaurant here at the table for his two daughters and parents and Max kept talking as husband he kept going letting political and I'm like staring at senator Mike. The world talking in their eating it I can't stop watching it was solely understand my rule for this country and the world is people are animals I find that most people be Abe like animals uncle clapping we can hang out and if this should they don't know how to eat with a fork in my time and again trying to coordinate air like you wouldn't know one thing at a restaurant. I'd hang out with very elegant people that I'm thing I sat next you wouldn't stop of the Pearson play pulled apart like this way don't do that you. I clear opinions do it like no I bet on any continent I held his forks like this hasn't overcome yeah. On the bottom of the pork so quick stab transgressions. Are I don't yet present all the people who chew with their mouths open and look to me it looks like a front loading washing machine yeah. Yeah. As well I'm around his neck when do you check why don't I kind of conversation contact Carol steel. I need to Wear your route begins getting there. Might route begins what I collected ramp back. Hi I have you gotten that while what Tom I was on another show nice to have money talent and Richard Lewis a comedian was on the and he said. I feel really badly about something nice and really do you also feel sadly. Because it is incorrect to say you feel badly. Unless you're blinded your feeling badly and sand hill feeling bad do you feel bad you'll feel badly. So he's and I cannot I didn't mean to him that you are correcting my grandma on television but I did I did you happen if I had. You love of your question I don't drama not say I put the grammar tear and I hate when people say I. I I could care less it's I couldn't care less something good could hear let us with a name like your two months I think. And I'm I don't exactly what might I could just. Careless about the thing I live my life. What about you what's your thing that you all right I feel like do I probably talk over there might make I didn't I do talk over others and I know it's rude and I in my apartment on this show that. A lot say could trash talking. In the back today and that's yet they weren't it would scenic C and dinner at my family expect anything I case iPhone many try to apologize first because I don't we. I don't light the sitting at at. Think but that the people I can't stand the most part we all have a friend that does the nation sends its thing. And they're not even that close of a friend you limit those people like Winnie Julie you're like are you try are we not like what are you doing can they keep going. And they didn't all -- our stop like somebody doing that to you don't yet and I can't spot it does give me to stop talking there's a difference between finishing summoned sentence and Mike helping that would give your life at a loss for words or if that is totally different Europe people something personality or anything they need help say you have put relaxing into yeah finishing in like let me jump in with you immediate few sentences and then you can join me later life my have a problem when someone is boring. And he asserted. Lose it either dropped from her husband he's goes intellect his long stories as long tirade at thoughtful way this goes like this gray is saying I'm delay saying it. I played you know there. And he he gets it he knows what he's doing that's so he's not that's sweet hey may didn't but I'm. Not. As we like Hannibal Lecter mask and that are on hand and up what I'd say I want nothing makes me crazy one -- wanted to end the very annoying thing that people do and it's clearly coming from an insecure place of our policy of the like. Recognize it and I'm very about it also recommends if we did he Tommy like. You're going to vacations like that's opening bring it up because I'm actually going to Paraguay so think if you are whenever I think the people that didn't yet. Now you look you do that I guess I'm the most polite person sitting here you can yeah. They did you do you that I'm very lovely and did a little bit. The opposite one upping its data mapping studies say you know what I have six months to live in the presently know this emails really bothering yeah. It isn't items yeah but yet people need to be smacks you ask can I get it and not above a full why it's suddenly you are zero or more now Paula. We'll look today she's been tugging at her rob what's and they act act not I'm not 86 would not being and that's the problem now OK so I act kind of love the story they say that four out of five women are wearing the wrong bra size and how do you women have actually batten I'm properly defended her brought classic. Snow up really there's this new apt it's a Japanese app exposed to hit the market in January. You stick it between your breasts and I'm not joking and it has jealous and has its cam rob. And it has like sensors and your restaurant why do you camera didn't you're supposed to squeeze your breath to gather and it went diet and they're like curry and you might yeah. My name recalibrate please please no there's nothing there but Tabitha posted properly measure your breath as using laser sensors and camp Kabul continue the iPhone. Has actually a level built into it's when your hanging pictures and stuff you can use its like stirring things out. I this scarcely had never been fitted for Bryant I'm afraid to be because you don't want to know I don't want to know friends of mine who have been there like let's say they're like a 36. Dean and it sounded normal come out there like I'm thirty Ford triple. Eight should jeans yeah whenever they're cubs say they're as big an IRA have enough trouble finding route map to get like a stem. You know like full. What do you call it hammocks made it didn't like. Look out my and that apple eliminates those let lovely women at these stores to give you a nice sealock you know what I mean like I can't I don't like that you know those short women who just won one exit to me you're not even that I was handing out of the play an active. That's compensation that act and eliminates that relays your ability to try that cannot I don't want that I I don't lady killing me up front I. Yeah. I. When I got my. And not completely picked up the news fantasy moving movie league and here with an update please welcome ESPN's senior fantasy analyst and founder of fans will really. Dot com yeah. You Barry I have no no breast control. Some Nacchio blood given an update on how on how the abuse pant to see a fantasy movie league. It's going great actually so after I appeared on you guys show we had the two biggest sign up days in the history of the site to that was very exciting thank you very much. To the view. Over 101000 people playing in just the view legal loan. But here's if you missed out you can still sign a play were given out weekly prizes are still the opportunity to win a trip to New York to see you guys in person. That's pretty cool still the opportunity when the trip to the Oscars. He decided to play at ABC dot com slash the view or fantasy movie we got complex that news. Very good that's pretty Matt you know I don't Candace is actually in the lead right now for all the casinos she is winning until I did why do you think about why. It yeah. Matthew why we're her picks good choices that. Well candidate something really Smart I think is the he's a strategy for the game which is. She put creed on two screens and she's the only one on the of the host to use create onto screens that movie shown a lot of staying power made over ten million dollars of the box office. Last again it's all about budget and big figuring out what you were. Fantasy movie Cineplex should look like. One piece of strategy it would give is that it's about. What you think we'll make the most money not necessarily if you own a Cineplex in real life what you would want to screen. So sometimes popular culture may not be what your tastes are but it's important no. To figure out what you people make a lot of money at the box that was a that was what Candace did well. Is used screen that the other piece of that. All Somalia he doesn't believe more than one Ali now has about how great. Well I we have thousands of viewers that have entered but by moms complex and I believe there are sent Cineplex I should say. Is in the lead so what did he do right. Well things are they until he used multiple movies on the same screen to he had what we call perfect cinema. Which which was amazing so he he had mocked yet three different Hunger Games. He had the good dinosaur and the editor for love the Cooper I'm number one I was on the show last time. Joy you you mentioned how hate it's about finding those movies that may be under the radar and love the Coopers is one of them. We have a thing on the site where you get a bonus of two million dollars from every time in movie exceeds what it costs. On the site until love the Coopers actually go to make the most money the box up with last week. And actually made the most money in terms of what it cost on the budget so I actually that is what they long day. In Matthew you also I don't want to tip somewhat to take this week now Star Wars is out. So should be just he filling up their feeders would think how what do you suggest. Yeah how other. I was would be awesome I can't Wafer for Star Wars but because it's such a huge movie but sort of obvious what we did is we divided the three days you can take. Friday Star Wars Saturday Star Wars or Sunday Star Wars and obvious clues Friday includes the Thursday night box office. Yet to choose which day. Personally I'm gonna go with a combination of Saturday and Sunday's box office you can't afford all three again it's all about. Working with that budget which makes it a lot of fun challenge and that's the that's a lot of yeah they sent you back here. Thanks very much that the comic. The passing of her. Not I have to enhancements much gasoline filling up now we don't they have to Gump. On home. It is hey. There's okay. Sing us out without only 32 literally I otherwise man wouldn't have. Right CEO Salem commodity do you think I think at these are on our thanks for joining us on the view actors. OK. Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

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