'After The View': Dec.10 2015

Raven's 30th Birthday Bash continues and more Hot Topics!
10:08 | 12/10/15

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Transcript for 'After The View': Dec.10 2015
To add. A little talking crap after share. Probably. That rate now don't. OK so take a break from stalking her ex on FaceBook and pay attention. Because we all live streaming after the show joining us is ravens friend and started aren't just to smell that's just. I'd say crime is today don't you guys I have not had a birthday party like this really. And brother are you a little kid and everybody claims paying attention do you constantly Janet Jackson wasn't there another. Casings and never had one on camera before the last when I had that was major my mom's an a for me there were monkeys and stuff I don't. A lot of stories but it was when I was to anyone no and I couldn't drink so this one has been amazing Janet Jackson gave everybody in the audience take its. It's because they show we do have a couple things that we have to rehearse and landings and I had to rehearse was giving away all explaining the free things that I was gonna give the audience like the needs and well lapses and my favorite executive producer. When it was practicing that's me in the gay cape. Let's practicing and I'll. Superhero going to save the day island right near your awesome hey honey you Lara. Every car that they think if you're concerned you want just one topic accurately. Yes. Yeah. On the trolling the Internet. And I've read it and ran a course this thing about sex until it was interesting people talk dirty to each other bid. Enjoy sex more I can't believe I can do it better. What do you think this can milk out of an air. Mother might be what they're talking dirty can see here he's not talking dirty you read write unit say it and makes you got it makes people happier when they. I mean that besides you know is a dot isn't over yet well Steve sank. A lot of lock up. Mike give me an example with. Hey PG version in Poland on the it's have a hot overnight here with the dictator covering I'm. Never deny any big. I'd like rats had a they have nothing I am not. You don't like it kind of like a that the things you don't talk about techniques it more it brings an industry because it. Being vulnerable to sexual is not something you're I don't know how bad dirty talk I know that I I think I need baby baby you it felt good like no. No no. Life need any day now we're not talking during an idea if I can back there and that I think it's not wrong Joseph do we sue Mayo I'm not. We I have to I'm look feet I am. Aaron are already has another quick apparently. Well I'm continued you'll make a lot of people like to use his cell phones during sex hands him about that at seven. I. I don't know I've done it yeah yeah. During sex you know why sometimes this is no reds on the Internet right sometimes the little video not to watch but. The food what there's there's yeah. This guy on that's sometimes free that helps with things so if you put that up while you're happy. All right we're back at work written can I I had candidates. Yeah. I this day I got so dominant have the phone Ron what is it your husband calling you know what I mean. I. Should note on the I don't I cannot hide. You. Don't. You know he was looking if feisty bomber dad calling the fastest way you're gonna ruin and I think that's right he's the senior them. Like no hair yeah. Not all came on the note he liked my own not calling an anti everything you know her eye on this. Go back you can't go back well you can we can't like five minutes late night he had said he doubted apple lots. I always have my apple attack I love site I have to know the weather in the tournament having sex. They married her alone. I've been married for four years I've been with the got thirty itself Lisa thirty two's I think something do you talk dirty. Yeah I need to hear from you to eat you have to meet color like watching trips face that Sunnis dirt it's. I have not sleeping with your pants and yes a lot of people like that no you don't Seattle what they're happy say it. Predicted transition with little if anything even my bed I love and her. I like my dog to sleep in my bed with me when my husband's gone. Yeah because then I think he's any huge monkey little or your husband are not. Oh yeah. He's ten he told but he weighs more than I did so he's not argue he's I'm sort of better Rottweiler I'm rob I'm warrants a Rottweiler so why I feel safe and protected when. When bounced on and Boras is in bed with me up I don't like course sleeping with that's when we're too. To read you now. I have no dice imam who but if we get back I had an amount of dogs back. Beagle that's the easy and I don't Evan you're getting freaky it's just when your sleeping with the meaning there. Yes it's so sweet dealing only little's speech to get my two Wallace why can have him and I think of how well they're still. I got mine got under the cover every island spot that's him on top that's her and I hadn't began months. We have ten million hours a talking about how much he hated my dog. He had my son was named as net and on the black black and it. Picked me does not know I read this dog. I don't. I become outcome any yeah it would just just yap at me. And I loved dog island dog island and the Clinton went down but I don't like that that I was up my son I have thought with so many dogs in my day. I will be. Yeah. Three. Really matters is Israel at this is not been pretty clean your leg graphic they always end up between my legs more I don't. I'm they are just way. I've got watches it's yeah I'm can feel the warmth and they know that your female act do you have close an agency here feet down nothing emailed I always have female don't I don't mad Max. Yeah it's. Oh yeah. There's there's no. I have met those I think you need. And snapped Tallulah and that Gracie and they shed their annoying you're right it's very the F Tallulah Bankhead right yeah about the you are wrong and none of these events yeah that's what. But who knows to look back at you probably even knows who out there haven't been much Desmond that you know that right I don't make no luck with the every black men in America knows that that action and also how much does not judge me all of listen Jessica compliment because game and I'm a standup comic where onstage they get every single reference angle back to 19100 they still get it. And I think yeah. Three sets that I. On covets being happy does not make you live longer and being mr. Bunnell. Doesn't make you live a short a lot of believe that he liked math believe it sold his business about stress shall kill you when you should be happy at. It's a bunch of demonic. Now wants to live life just banner and my dad and I doubt in my I want. I enjoy himself who have a good quality vs quantity rule link you want quality life however long it lasts I'm not matter what I'd rather have a sure liken that happy with Humana by how many years would you cut the number and I ain't got any lamb like I'm gonna be positive no matter how many and I. Stress can manage. Fest itself and to me any Indiana held different things health issues and their minds that into consideration yes well it had a happy people. Make other people aren't happy they now what I like around you know. Yeah domino effect and like the dinner when you're hospital and you're mean and his like yelled yet yell at people get that they get the medicine you let's look back. People pay attention to you when you yelled people get a greasy wheel gas that's right so malware that was with I think that you could use so yeah. I think America would put into this lotions. And I can only learn how you don't have I have. Larry we'll get. I have to double I want to ask you one thing they could do when you're on hiatus if there's ever a moment like you yeah amazing chef he. Hotter and hotter and hotter you mean yeah. So I can I EYE you know yeah that's that's one of the Internet and ribbons nobody Ali and until you can go yeah. Yeah what he called it fair to heat and I think I was sick for awhile and he came over my house and he may need the best writes it was that fluffy rice he sees in the water remember that yeah. Yeah I think from the all time it's got to want everything to keep. View and he's an amazing when he he'll have to answer your question. Let's go to the question besides the cooking what else did you oh the highest. To travel have dirty sort of political. Everybody around. Yeah. I had so much better had they look at the wonderful thing.

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