'The View' Discusses Highlights From This Year's Grammy Awards

The co-hosts recap all the Grammy action: performances, speeches and settled scores.
7:19 | 02/16/16

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Transcript for 'The View' Discusses Highlights From This Year's Grammy Awards
Read another year at the grammys last night so he and Arnold and look at it as Clinton OG in his little suit last night little purple suit my heart now. I loved the little red planet's but I liked it and I had my eyes act that pats have downsized since. For around the highlight. I gotta say there's something mesmerizing about him and gyrations to you I just get totally sucked area helped us dairy Alan and I I ate I love it I enjoy the I know I get. Final usually watch the moment I watch it from beginning to have not yet happened and any act Killen champions. Keller performances and some German but. Apparently this was the moment that surprised a lot of viewers last night temple look. Okay. Yeah yeah laugh at. And the piano microphones dropped into the piano strings which knocked the piano out of shield. But when you heard it what did you think was. I didn't go down it went dead. And around after I had. I don't limelight you're live TV but I don't I don't you light up my husband and my husband actually sent it to some little uncomfortable that she'd she seemed keeping Donald C that discomfort or say who might going to fire. And I'm gonna fire. At radio city music out and she talks about how she has Inzaghi when she performed lately let me just from my point out about -- there and yes this issue whenever but there's been people that performed at the grammys that go off key that aren't even seen half as well as Adel an extra. And she did not falter she did not called British a couple of notes what ever girl could you consume your butt off and I admire you literally dancing and do you have to I want the girdle you know part of the I was worried because she lost although it like coming on to should lose her voice you know it's like when in fact median debt payment like not funny anymore but now not about flammable. Wait what anybody says it was amazing it was my flat out asks you went in and out after to be easier if we know she did issue now is you know black ops has happened. Out and that's like eleven at the burger yeah that a guy out I love an evident now pay you know Taylor Swift took home album of the year last night and ceased. I'm out. Somehow they did it about their recent sweep claiming he made a fantastic a look at. They're going to be people along the way issue. We'll try to undercut your success. Or take credit for your accomplishments. Or door same. I. But if you just focus on the work. And you don't let those people sidetrack you someday when you get where you're going. He'll look around and you will know that it was view and that will be the greatest feeling in the world. What are they had to have it. Okay. That's why I mean he's been you know kind of going after from last six years on me amendment one would think. It's about time seeing some sense something. Ended last album he says and want to build some of the lyrics I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex why I made baton famous thing you know what when Connie puts you in his rap song it's like when Don Rickles Apple's new to me. It's almost like an honor I'm like well I wished Condit would threaten to have sex with me what a great honor that. I have to tell you what I watched that speech because I watch the styles but it was great thing I felt like she was a little angry like it just came off. Passion have been in a way about it fault with the tone with front actually someone tweet at polling very funny Amy miss that gave broad. I'm it was like when the mean head cheerleader wins homecoming queen and then bash is everyone for not supporting our. If that makes any anti I don't know if that's fair to the girl on me she's been pummeled by this guy for a long time now hasn't really been yes he had AMA anybody on this stage at some point say she didn't deserve it but I know what I listed yet it did Brett. I'm yeah. None none none none on Benton not put her on the map I'm sorry she was actually you know I'm. I like cry I don't know her musical elements is not my style but this girl had what she handed and that's why she would not. But I think I kind of not. If someone is taking unit task and he doesn't all of time when she's not only when he doesn't take away everyone else's sort of made their answers to have. And maybe you know she don't wanna be nice anymore maybe she just tied up and says look. I did that I got here I you knew who we didn't have sex you didn't let me care I'm me and well and I I. She's been so fat and eating it she says yeah. I'm like yeah I'm totally with you and and Michelle I I think she has been a class act she has refused to stoop to his level but I think at some point I always tell my kids bullies prey on weakness. Sometimes you just have to get in her face and tell me up. And Connie I don't believe I've had Taylor as her I don't know I wanna go there because I like turning like her music and circumstance where that can I just. I'm rarely on the side of kind however this man's mother died. And he did not mourn his brother very long and then he went right into the public what's the point of that evening I'm sorry you know when you and she didn't mourn her a long enough for zealots sun yeah saying that he has as soon as she got he went right back in the public eye and those who don't believe me you can not believe me all day but being in the public eye is very stressful and very heart. And especially with Connie lass to keep up an appearance of NAFTA and that when yeah isn't that up for so long that's typical and then your mother got your savior your person who put you through everything and then you go right into nearing can cart dashing have a baby you go here you start this like. There's too much stuff on his shoulders and you can tell people in the industry that are starting to go off their rocker they start Wheaton Christmas. You have to get serious Twitter account is again I was not I forgot I don't. You know it's Larry he's 53 million dollars in debt according to what I read today let me if he has he's in debt what does it hit his wife of the summer she's got some camps. Chinese situation but we also need to to shine a light on Kendrick Lamar because of them. The the proponents wasn't. African not to bring that up you need to still listening and making strides and African American community with his words and bring him back hip ops are wrapped what used to be. This yeah several. And this is why I say. However you get where you're getting and you win the Grammy no wine. No one has the right. To hop hop on the stage at all and tell you knew didn't occur you agree I think I'm. For six years and I know it's you could find about for six years this girl has not send Jack but you talk everybody else but he knows. She not say a thing about him and so I think I can say LK meant you had just say. And I think he did not write anything they didn't make her famous so watch what is it still isn't the god bless her lover but she should have been a little more like ours one of the working rig out.

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{"duration":"7:19","description":"The co-hosts recap all the Grammy action: performances, speeches and settled scores.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"36977672","title":"'The View' Discusses Highlights From This Year's Grammy Awards","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-discusses-highlights-years-grammy-awards-36977672"}