'The View' Exclusive: Senator Elizabeth Warren Discusses Campaigning With Hillary Clinton, Trump & More

Massachusetts senator discusses why she supports Hillary Clinton for president and what she really thinks of Donald Trump.
9:05 | 06/28/16

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Transcript for 'The View' Exclusive: Senator Elizabeth Warren Discusses Campaigning With Hillary Clinton, Trump & More
Don't trust says. Make America great again it's just know it's can't even the front of his busy hands. I think that it. Look at him in that head. Senator Elizabeth Warren continue to add tax tunnel jump engine giant Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail for the very first time yesterday. We've got to live right now from DC hello senator YR and can tell. Now and we have. Questions raise nominee picked this up you know 'cause for years even saying you didn't want to run and now we're hearing that you might be being vetted for Hillary's vice president. So my pleasant did you tell them that you didn't want to run Allah has found that change started as it exits feel indifferent. I don't yesterday. Was not about vice president yesterday it was about having a chance. To get out there with a woman who is going to be the next president of the united. So you know everybody is talking about you as the VP but I I just. I was in just because I just thought well maybe you change your mind because you see that there's a possibility but I see me not you not answer the question. In that Ryan that's yeah. Senator Warren says Pollack parents thanks for joining us today hope when you can answer this question I want ask you. About Hillary up back in February she said quote of one of the debates you will not find that I have ever changed and you are vote because of any donation that I have every seat now. Back in your book you devoted a couple of pages in your book two this bankruptcy legislation head. With the then First Lady Hillary Clinton she pledged to stop it she did it then she flip flopped when she was a senator you blamed it on campaign contributions. Can you unequivocally say that she has never changed a view based on donations. She has said now that she regrets that vote. And I appreciate that but that's what she has also sad and she has run for president is she will put more restrictions on Wall Street. And that she will veto any legislation to roll back any of the financial reforms we've put in after the last crash. You know when you compare it won't. With word on trumpet in the Republican sort though it's already offered his big wet kiss to Wall Street. He has said hey guys if Iconia and I'm on a roll back all of those financial regulations. Close thing naked tool hard for the banks to cheat people. Or to think that's a huge difference and one reason I want to be out there to campaign for Hillary Clinton. I can't even the two you don't see I dive so what made you choose to endorse her and support her. Up so low multiples. Call. And has been fighting for children pretty much all her life. She's been fighting for women she's been fighting for families. She's been fighting to level the playing field she's fighting for always. Who don't have a voice in Washington. And. I CNN's she's she's tall. She's Smart. She's got a steady hand. And I think she's got a good heart. And that's what we're me. But not. There chilly high. And here's a big wet kiss you know pick up and and it now you know you're one of the most outspoken critics of Donald Trump and where enjoying it and so was Hillary I noticed said. You couldn small a small and secure money grabber a bubbly and insecure man. Enjoyable every single well he. Do you think that these attacks have been affected now at all. I'm seeing it it's the Republicans waited what age to linked. To go on the attack after Donald Trump. And completed until he had basically seeing is the nomination than a bunch of percent. He's not ready to be president of the United States that man is dangerous. That can't holds a bunch of youths that are really horrible views. Still like for the Republicans want might view on that he has I'm not wait. I've. Senator Orrin this is sunny Hostin and I'm just thrilled that you're a woman that kicks butt and not taking name. Yesterday trop called you a fraud and a racist for claiming to be native American and he also said. That you use this claimed to advance your career or even called you Pocahontas again yesterday. Former senator Scott Brown said you should take a DNA tests. How would you like to respond. You know. Swamped will say they're getting themselves dot braille. What I'm why. Most people my Brothers and I learned about who we are from our families. And people who have hired me for my jobs work on don't have all snack. I'm didn't have anything to do that in fact they mostly didn't know about it. What this is really about. Is can they bully me into shouting. Can you just being Nancy and lost an ugly enough and throw enough stop in my direction also. And just go back into the shadows and the answer is. No not happen. Okay. And there aren't necessarily means Aaron thanks for being here this morning what do you think the most important issue of the campaign will be. I think. 600 gallon. To whether or not we're building country all of opportunity. Just for the folks at the top. A country of opportunity for everybody. You know. My daily salt carpeting he sold fencing he ended up as maintenance mean my mama worked a minimum wage job seniors when our family just try to peoples of one. Yeah I ended up going to a commuter college that costs fifty dollars a semester opened a million doors for me. I'm the daughter of a janitor. Who ended up the United States senate I believe it's. Scary part. I'm worried. I thought American is disappearing at those opportunities are shrinking now. Today for example. 70% of kids graduating from state schools. Have to borrow money to get there in the United States government is making a profit on student loans. Fat is more along and we need to fight back against that. Social Security. Social security and we need to protect and expand Social Security. Fourteen million people count on Social Security to put food on the table and a roof over their hands. It's the kinds of things. We've got to get out there and fight for the people who don't have an army of lobbyists in Washington who don't have an army of lawyers. Just say strong and hard. We are in America but in guests an opportunity. An America that believes in the future not just for some of our kids. But believes in the future for all back here. The VP question because some people think that America's not ready for all female ticket. You know I worry about that myself because this country may say oh my god to what summit wants you now. I think that I would love to see it but I don't know that it would mark what do you think. Don't right now I'm just focused on getting one woman elected to the White House. What it was like yesterday. We walked into the next giant attack have into the lobby of a giant train station was all set up with all kinds of people. I want to along with Secretary Clinton. With home up and people start cheering. And I see. She is little girls are seeing scenes. He's very very senior women keep people holding Thong I'm with her go Hillary. People holding signs say girl power. And I stood on that stage with my arm around the woman who will be the next president the United States and. You know you want to comment hang out with us anytime you're in New York as we like avenue in his last talk about because this is going to be going on for awhile so I think he'll be around to. So I thank you choose senator Elizabeth Warren.

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{"id":40189513,"title":"'The View' Exclusive: Senator Elizabeth Warren Discusses Campaigning With Hillary Clinton, Trump & More","duration":"9:05","description":"Massachusetts senator discusses why she supports Hillary Clinton for president and what she really thinks of Donald Trump.","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-exclusive-senator-elizabeth-warren-discusses-campaigning-hillary-40189513","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}