'After The View': Feb. 2, 2016

What women really want for valentine's day, are you hurting your kids with rules, and more hot topics!
13:21 | 02/02/16

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Transcript for 'After The View': Feb. 2, 2016
Yeah. Live streaming after the view so we're still eat free nepalese. So our. What did his show today I mean we did talk about the OJ Simpson trial anybody haven't seen a more to say about it we knew that series is addictive. Eagerly I I was asking am pretty things might question my husband I have watched the first three episodes. And you know I was in college at the time still I I I remember just about everything but I. We were my husband ever looking at each other during some of the episodes like. Remember that happening so nice and hot much of that he never know if they take creative liberties with that he said it's true he's admitting that they attic was would they were facts and information that we just weren't aware of but they brought to light so it's been fascinated hitting just took it brings you back. In. Richard honestly forgot about it was how. Soon happened after the rod eat. King I didn't and I went racial tension. Of that the time I remember we were glued to the T because we're visiting Wii's go to Pennsylvania in the summer there wasn't a lot going on so. We just sacked irritable someone like watching the trial play by play I just forgot about how teams Ellie was at the time and how that played in just so much of how. It unfold and I am asking you. And near valley girl so in this really happened kind of in your backyard and it I was about eighteen and it happened son and I remember those moments I don't know exactly where I was during bronco change. And I think we all dale. But anyway I enjoy watching it so much and I seen the first full are. I just can't see. Tell nobody had plotted terrible things happened to the dream team yes they Johnny Morris Cochran died about brain tumor I believe then offered actually die eleven the deal zapatero cancer. Robert Shapiro's son had died. OJ's back in jail for unrelated charges yeah oh am. Not well happier now yet now times. Yeah. It is safe and Miss Piggy inner well yeah probably my favorite in her good. And I I love talking to a B thinks. Yeah you might think it I. I'm going to end this study of a man. It's quite different words that you want the parent I I I'm one of the currency yeah hey you pass for what I like this. It's. We can't even say apple is still talking about calls in the window yeah I can't wait dad had the wherever he rightward I had despite the Eleanor right now I'm right. Early here in our season though I thought that your highlight your life moment was meeting Kevin Costner gives I was not. It's it laggard but but the myth picking an RV lot out it was pretty she is funky. I like I I prefer the insult dog. Tip topic do like that backup backup backup Ivan I like this that Ito but that the other one is like I love your dress is nice but we don't plot that's what you got. They saw. Larry it. All right so about time state don't know about my dad I can end up very shortly what he wants certain Valentine has chance if your husband's a watching details. I want to sleep day. That's all I want islands they went saps thank yeah. You've gotten and we talked about that let her know not a love letter I love letter asked for every year I just card that is like pouring out emotions about how bill and yet if you love letter from from Macs or anybody don't just maxed out right evaluate talent and I usually I got my Catholic and here's a little meat and some picnic noon on actually asking you to sit down and write a love letter I'm not a pipe from hallmark to sit down like. Share some thoughts liking it rough date read it I never getting. He's not a romantic type he's truly takes its public his birthday card he rates at one or two sentences and like hallmark carried the load for you like you need to add some euros. I'll sleep but yeah is. Fifteen you. It's looking at home for all those are probably dead asked a bright line I hadn't had little cynical but I don't think he is that if you ever seen her husband and spoken with him he's there. He's like he's been eleven out of ten. He if you will outline you know what may be all right of a love letter to. Do you keep but East Timor of covering the trip and I'd like to see but it would Alessio you busy railway yet he's really honest -- light one tip I can't even though it. Out of ten. Yeah. Saturday I made up critics you're hot my husband's. My brother you're right he's gay he he. Currently she just out you. Now she doesn't all the time. Chindex as a Blatter announced. Yeah quickens my centrally. No still coming out though is one of the first things he said there are three of us sisters and NGOs the baby and when he came out in the same phone call he said to me. And I've been meaning to see this for a long time you girls have known peaks and I was like and different that we had brattle snow. Up. That could get good is that woman next you related to you also know she's not we haven't met yet. Yeah I. So what he wants about times now just tablet now we want I don't mix. Act anything for bounce and say we don't. Really celebrate Valentine's Day is now it's my husband's like can be forced to do something on downtime today and which can get an excuse for a lot of guys I know but but he. Is honest in saying I'd rather do things for you it. Different times throughout the air and he really got us so I we don't. Celebrate my fat husband is to say that Valentine's Day stereotypes women is so often fragile and feminine and what am I that we didn't vote. Now you're not. It's stereotyped women want you want her the my envelope her all I ever wanted. Bottles of perfume I am I want to have him it's the last time I asked the Sunday Kate gave it to make the purview my won't mention that it's beautiful but it doesn't last I need. It's a stick I want to walk through a rumor that men faint sick. Attended some Latvians when they go past my. From might have happened by likening her to that asking too much Amelio I know a lot of her field. We we meet here this is funny. Jennifer on Twitter she says she wants a dozen roses would be awesome with the Ben Franklin you need to update each one is you know what. It just for you get breaking the worst get some linking give me is a dozen red roses what I'd rather have you not give me anything at all out there is. And I thought I feeling out flat when really it's just eight when yeah it's like if if a dude can't sit and think for two seconds about something other than what everyone's telling him to get in you don't care about me at all even tell math. Your brother Bennett town now slowly I never would have married him if he ever got it dozen red roses our I don't I don't. He I think it's been all its lakes it's just not you eat it takes absolutely no he's not eat anymore like it's later. It's really talk to look now but I am also so pragmatic and like. Currently eight diet and training his. I not grandmother flowers there are some ladies that have them I know I left sending them to my parents to my mom Carmine sisters and again and how we're in no Salt Lake I don't like. He's not I don't I don't rather broad opening let us isn't pretty but no babies breath to bet that makes it acting. Am I right here Gary I and he did compound had to make him but what pretty ones that color repels dirt. A bit of Gerber they liberty is liberty is or create video I never heard it yet. They know what they are we don't have garbage yeah. So I'm yeah. I was. This starve I think is more used in that women have to go contingent out to find girlfriends what do you think about that. That you don't have women always look like we have a million girlfriends it's not it's easy anymore is it used to be what do you think that is well I. I don't need it big group and I think any girlfriends you have I like Mike I have probably one really close girlfriends that lives at my neighborhood and that my college girlfriend that's it I bet that I've likened a nice tight knit group that has known me and and knew me before. I was on the you knew me before GMA so you don't make many friends know why do you friends but I I you know what I'm just that let a loyal person and I feisty but people that don't meet currently over ham -- somebody that has just moved to a new city Patton and maybe they're not working maintenance Viet Cong. And I'm not and other app like ten. Avenues while only if I think what you have in common with another. One man and if you know he wanted to meet for coffee yeah you rather have like four really tight. Girlfriends that keep you honest and keep you accountable and always know who you are people that aren't living in the same thing and they're the cat frighten my girlfriends Lebanon Ohio at her then yeah I'd Michigan now we talk all the time tale. But they have but you have how many real friends you really need three I and say three clap. How high they say want class act now so brilliantly basic things to add to paradigm yeah. Simply aren't aren't available and it can't go out that yeah they are few because they're just like siblings there people you call for different reasons so. I have I won best friend. But then I have about 45 really close friends and there's the girl you call when you're down you're like I know according to go well a classic line I will come home laughing I think you have the other girl that no matter. How long it's been topped out you're gonna pick back up the one you feel comfortable just bawling your eyes out to like I have seasons of for the one that's gonna give it to you straight. The kind of idea is that Herat and yet that I like a couple of gay boyfriends to. Not your brother yeah and then I think every step on other. Having a day and they Ari and really it's our aim like Ed my heart goes out to get deals with the attendance but he loves you know having a gay. Friend is like having a girl from who can do the heavy lifting you know what I think. Get hit on you could visit trying to hit on it happening Fred and I currently brain straight he's he's married but like some straight guys come out of the gates like I'm I'm. Really going to be good to you in secretly they're always hidden and not not married guys but only heart rate. I am married yup again you know that you were like when you had girlfriends were you lights and slightly in all of them in trying to and I got elected and I can't put it. Frank let me ask you what you're getting your life for Valentine's Day she might watch them I'm pretty good sound science and at what and a dozen flowers now. Don't kiss and tell us what you've gotten in the pass. The FT want when. Asked to look up something great that's what should happen surprise now we don't have done jewelry than nice dinners and Broadway shows that she wants something from pottery barn I know he likes of the car. You upgrade. And here's a look at this is good news from the poultry industry for the poultry industry apt because and also for it you know heart a heart surgeons. Because Americans believe one point three billion chicken wings billion amen on Super Bowl Sunday Britain out we have stopped. And wait I'm. It's how we got out of the 130. Well not busy district and this hour we're not hot it's you know where our idea I had. Don't pretend this is going to be lovely daughter how can I just can I just came at you like to eat wing they believe anyway it fairly Clinton. And my office a couple of weeks ago eating chicken and I almost fell over because I heard a crime she heard before he sought. I I heard the let's just say that all that's left is about she eats the car to live chats with what that's the car right. I did the bones found some friends said he eater why can't I. I can't show you and tell you they eat across the center my husband to experience that it out you're wasting so much he can feel like my grandmother. But I get in there at night I'll I'll do it. Yeah. You think about it takes me second but Edmonds said the points right if salacious highlight do you know I'm Carol that part. You know the cartilage that has loved the article textures and crazy by word cartilage downtrend to eat the cartilage I am glad grows there yeah. Know it's. Yes you want how many points it at any bailout. Had thirty points or at what they all left is the Bo lot. All right girls pig out not know casting aspersions on Miss Piggy bank. Oh yeah. We have a lot of those audio and don't forget to hit us up on Twitter and FaceBook will seem to mind. My.

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