'After The View': Feb. 26, 2016

The cast of 'Fuller House' joins for a q&a before the premiere on Netflix.
16:04 | 02/26/16

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Transcript for 'After The View': Feb. 26, 2016
OK we are live streaming after the view and we're keeping up with the full house party going on right now Andrea barber and jedi sweetener sitting at its. They'll send out there I'd bring your family to work day yeah. I feel that way to an adjustment you to. And my family unit that it. Can't isn't here that you have something for until an audience idea around to members of our Roddy and are about to win exclusive post stirs up while our house signed by all other. Every. Eat and see if you're one of them re tending your scene. I'm under our I have no we never went on in oh she want does anyone have any when have a. Car and oh yeah. And my guy. Much of this learned that they can't read it sent now nothing happens. I'm Terry I know I would ask you but I want to ask both of action early and you guys spent a lot of things are so close you really are like salmon out just asking you out you live on the West Coast. But during you know the original the original season did you guys hang out much during the offseason and has that continued through the seems late in each say you. What was afraid she said he never left in you it's hard to go home and you never left him you guys have really didn't close contact this whole time. Yeah I mean we have been friends and there for each other's you know weddings and births of children and and you know deaths in the family and like all of those important life moments that you share with handling he's been there. For each other's an inferred you know the rest of them sort of legacy cast if you will. We have shared all those moments together and and then had fun traveling in the the first. Series full house and infant traveling together and all kinds how many kids between the preview now. To me. Kids act out that at that right yep yep. US economy or talk on Kinney gamblers wardrobe because. That way is such a fun part of the show and it was like almost scary thing I chronic everything Jack. Did you have a say in what you know are without like wardrobe people kind of putting is lacking things like how to network. I'm really wacky wardrobe stylist Roberta back in the day she was living vicariously Cilic purple hair it's like she's. Still. His son and easy out at and I'll have a yeah I love the wardrobe back of the house but on Fuller house. My organ in the may mean it's it's so much farm proved and I love the accessories at and seen the bacon egg scarf everywhere to meet any of their home with you argue that. Not yet they kind of hoping for a season to go back and steal yeah. Your denial is amazing fact from hype and sharks eating my ears yeah Irene. 880 area of Baghdad I'm very for the Fiat will we have some Twitter questions because you know Twitter is the end all be all ID on Twitter says did you take anything from the sex. Can we talk about the first one maybe this was well. This is why I can't take in my name my pillow purse and these days tell person event over the air is linked on. John and yeah. And flew Madden mean. And I just thought arm in a lot of was so let's say. I am innocent I am mister bay here. That idea why is all wrapped up in a bag and I don't have a dog that I can have any you know. You know I'd like about it so that hasn't the poke holes in it and we can bring. Yeah okay gas at an efficient and Dave and mr. would check that also got eaten by his doctor that's like yeah like I I'm not he's heading. Anyway Jenny Allen Lichen green and mr. Winn chop yeah cards and which is ready yet it is fed don't get a dog if you were on a show because it out and and and television never billion deal in army did your mother like Fred Savage did with his jacket exactly my mum on. Have everything your mom grandmother and everything but she put in the basement and on that flooded so that's another. Army is. It's an open in the basement don't have a dog and just keep it in a vault just like have a good. Idea old everything everything right my mom has every photo ever taken on Polaroid is easy. And solar lights and a Polaroid wall every member of the true yeah now is on and then let. Never. I'm real life eight Spock has actually have them put them out of named thunder and white your pick an oddly flat and I am in real treatment plant at some nice island when things but. She had they don't understand it and we have right now than they don't know what that out. Candice from Twitter or not you but their impact apparently and other Candice out there besides you but you're might wanna know they can't as the kid is into it asks will there be all new catch phrases on Fuller house. There are few new ones from the new kids yeah on the show but we have our. I won't never die yeah question about have a question about those did you next month and yourself was it like an impromptu just happened there was at a writer thing. That writer thing I know that for Stephanie how everything came about and it was like the seventh episode or something. But we did commercial. And. EBay when in her commercial. And Stephanie went with her and stepping wound up stealing the commercially each day. You better not steal my position on yeah. Madonna have cards yeah. And ended Stephanie solar way in the binge felt really bad she called that the office and she asked for mister Cote boat in this. The sentences say that shouldn't want the job they hung up pottery that was the first pictures and rude. And an endless and Lorenzen was definitely got in Nathanson that's circle everyone I think that's human in me I mean it's all that he acts. It's a great yeah I'm. I don't hate him it's one of those things like OK it's an incredible compliment that that many people have watched the show. That no it's so well and and kids. Tell me of them like I said it all the time I had my mom telling you decently in its new breed and its spotting it's cute annually and yours truly I caught. I dinner so many things about full house that I mean growing up with that I know I'm so sad to watch because it's like. Bringing back all these good memories from when I was young and I I think everybody feels that way I think it's trending number one now Twitter Fuller how. If god. Free America and everyone I talk to loves if they say they've gotten emotional watching it that it. They were funny so I can only to see and I'm really happy that you guys and a lot of people's lives like that's what they grew up with you guys were friends of people I have a question here's what's gonna Twitter but. When I went back it shows that I've done and I seeded people back guest starred and now they're like Don Cheadle. He'd start aren't you mr. Cooper might well where's my -- he didn't give me what I let me get. Who is your favorite guest star that's now. Out like. Massive do you have one because I know Jerry small liquid on your show and now she's like yeah name journey into high diver who currently that was seen all. Yeah yeah ours it's we a lot of older guest stars and we have Little Richard. And fillets until Aaron yeah and now happens how many eighteen room only. Mickey Rooney yeah I love you just posted a video on his ins to grant like that one of those little Hussein let's hope movies of the Mickey Rooney like talking to the audience and of course the Beach Boys. Play in giants still plays with them as drums with the beach boys and Portsmouth yeah. Tommy while. Let me. And I'll I am yeah. Are like. Yeah. Now that Brian is a super fan and I paper that she got amnesia and did you watch at 3 AM when he came out I watch at 4:30 this morning Heidelberg Dunlap unless you bar cracked and leaning. You guys watched Candace on the view evidently what it what have you thought that's up arms out like when you herges doing this do you think it was a weird mover do you mean you know. I just told Candace after our segment how much have a new found respect for her in what she does every single day this is so much harder than that looks on teen me and I'm so I don't feel I would. Three mothers to make his sister were super proud ever and and they you know it's it's incredible to watch her get up here in and B she really it's. Amazing I'm Jessica. In the audience has a question. And if you're eight FSF. And what's question. Well first it's not a pleasure to be here with you guys I grew up watching full house favorite show. Hey listen you're welcome and I just wanted and now for a Fuller house what your favorite episode. Pump is and we're seen. My favorite episode as the finale which a lot of people might not have seen yet unless you are one of the people woke up at 3 AM it has been watching ever in Atlanta and you out at our they have seen the whole season already but Yang in the finale it's just it's a great Epperson for me personally because it's so funny and I get to where really really really pretty dress. And they haven't seen him that day you kill that scene it's the tapes and C and if you watch it when when you watch and a Mike just. Vaccine is so fantastic you couldn't even rehearse it because of all McCain and when. How much indebted to my enemy in Atlanta I'm net yeah. Here isn't gonna. Yeah honestly a no holds here at will by the time you do it three times yet yeah. DN thing episode episode three is kind of my favorite I think it's. Meal and we had so much funding and I think it really exemplifies sort of what this show is about which is these three women and their bonding and their farm and the weighted balance each other out. I just I think that would and now Mac and I'm back I'm Dancing With The Stars or and that happened down there. What my favorites are winds is the Mexican wrestling yeah. Haven't around stunt and Ray Allen and yeah. I know mom and they are jumping in the air to move. Saint one of my boy's that I thought was in the ring. And there's just one end and I looked at Karen I was I watch the routine with bike and do all that I mean I just did yeah is. Like and love working out I'm glad doing top minor or Spartan races like that's my thing some might. And wrestling downs about risks like high for sheik yeah I'm Alina the whole time she's doing these and highlight my reaction was genuine sounds like. You is she telling me David she's tiny but she's mightn't we also let's Sunni from hinted I think that right soon need to from Houston we have a question yet. So I've been watching as far as long as I can remember and I watched the first episode of Fuller housed at the franking here. And they made me feel the same way. That's like full house did some. Some might question free all it is. Life now is the funniest fan interaction you pad. Money and I red onions. And not scared yeah Gary. Yeah. I remember being a kid and having someone follow me into the bathroom and ask for an auto. Autograph and stall was in his really weird like I am IBM. Might look if I could not hang in it. Phone numbers separate girl yeah. I quit battling nine or ten and like this moment I can hire and I remember I'm notwithstanding and then was like. Not. This pretty good when your kid really winner at Dari you know. Care when your kid you're only that person on TV they don't. Mean this show is soul. And Enid has permeated so many people's lives that the Peebles on Elvis current and all of us that. In my living and I know you and so they feel like Satan you know that sort of that's how you India that would here and I know about an Alley say that you you have you have movie stars and as a movie stars go when you have a television star someone who's in your house on your screen. Every day angered growing up with and that's a different kind of connection. And someone that you see on the peaks in the eye and and definitely have a question and we're gonna backs the guardians. Do you guys have the same writers ands. Full house did the same producers or is it just the cast that's the same because that also you have to you know give it give props people behind the scenes as well. The original creator does. Franklin created full house also created Fuller house boggling and Tom Miller our original. Produced executive producers on the show and now we have a couple of writers that are the same just a field. And then a few people don't like our script supervisor is their pension oh yeah and here's a couple of of people it's. Is pretty cool we have a lot of people stop by this sat on the that are still working on the Warner Bros. lot that our crew our breadth and they're just they thought I'd say hi from knowledge and act. In another audience question for you we have. What's your question yeah well I grew up watching apple has and that's or even later veils. So this is completely unreal. My question for you is you're so Leon Wenzel has started what was the first moment that you really felt like this is a big deal. And right now like a pretty tiny suburb. I used to go to ballrooms. Or convention center is indeed he's autograph signings and I remember going when I think it was in Camden and went to pay. And I'm not kidding pulling up to the mom but driving on the freeway and there were cars that were ditched on the side of the freeway because ax it. Was so packed and there was no parking in the mall.

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